So recently, Gray-Nicolls ran a contest through their social media to find out what people thought was their favourite bat from the last twenty-odd years. The winner of that was the fantastic Gray-Nicolls Ultimate, used by some of the great players such as Michael Slater, David Boon, Matthew Hayden. These things are absolutely phenomenal. So obviously, first thing— they’ve gone with the original labels, which is really cool. They look really, really fantastic, but— the best thing about this is that the bats have come through absolutely brilliant. So, it’s got the original Ultimate shape. Mid-profile, look really good, feel really good. Obviously, that modern twist, so they’ve made the edges a little bit bigger, the spine’s obviously bigger than what they were originally. But, they’ve got the original Hollow Core Rebound System which does exactly what it says— it improves the sweet spots of these bats. These bats… are absolutely… insane. In terms of their sweet spots. Huge sweet spots, Premium English Willow, obviously, being a Limited Edition— they’re only making about 200 of these. But the performance out of these things is absolutely superb. 2.9-2.10 in the weight. Oval handle. Pick ups are brilliant. If you had one in the past, or maybe your dad had one in the past, and you want to grab yourself the modern twist, I definitely recommend that. So come in and check it out at one of our five stores, or get it online at