Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Gameplay Yes Guy Gaming pay attention to what he’s doing holy
shit look at this oh my god I got slammed so hard hello and welcome back to yes guy gave a
we’re back playing volleyball unbound having a blast playing through this game
and in this episode we’re working our way to that Stockholm games tournament
there at the end of December and the last season that seems to be the big one
so working our way towards that now also I played with these settings on the game
I had the graphics settings on the lowest for Oh 33 episodes so for episode
34 can’t believe we don’t know any episodes thank you guys for all the
support for this series and for this channel I’m gonna have to up the
graphics so if this looks a lot better a lot worse it’s because I changed the
settings so we’ll see how it looks anyways if you haven’t seen the last
episode check out the link in the description add a bit of a hmm
interesting finish to that last match check it out anyways we’re hoping for a
better result here in episode 34 let’s get to look at this shit now there’s all
sorts of shadows and shit the sand is all texturized yeah like there’s
definitely a change here alright look whoever planchette cowskin Gorsky I love
saying God’s key I think we’re gonna serve God’s key just because I’m saying
God’s key he’s the guy let’s go pass up boys this looks different shadows
there’s like a buzz around everything I don’t know if I like that that’s a house
to start the game up into the stands nice all right here we go here comes
Gulliver’s ski these new graphics the shadows on everything things coming in
sharp Joe with the slam block totally blocking a lot better recently and I
love it here we go darkness ski come at you buddy they’ll
tear a block the left side Joe watch Big B I’m on that put me on the net Joe whoa
nice turn back buddy got a ski coming at you buddy let’s go
Joe watch the two ball I got you buddy go get that over you are so good at that
Joe Joe what do you do come on it Joe set me yes touched I’m on it yeah on the
net looking for the bounce gone Joe oh my gosh Joe I can’t believe you covered
that I’m on it I peeled and dug that yeah put me on mm
not great line get up there Joe bought the right side yeah I’m on that come on
buddy Joe oh my goodness that rally we did that on to buddy oh my goodness that
was sick you go Garbowsky coming at you buddy watch watch watch got it
Joe so good Joe well done buddy great win
maybe the crown boys in like high graphical settings which I know it looks
that different but all right who are we playing Erickson and Gundersen I
remember these guys – I remember all these names crazy Erickson and
Gunnarsson they can’t both Wow oh my gosh settings equal stamina Gundersen
gets tired but he’s the big guy he gets it almost up put higher than the other
guy let’s timeout Gunderson let’s risk it it besides oh well we’ll switch you
Joe oh I’ll set you I thought about going on – nice bounce Joe well done
buddy all right Gunderson here comes head up
there Joe block on the left side deal I’m on it in the middle that was dumb
you would go pass up gosh it’s one one it’s the first round you Joe found it
buddy I got you covered nice hit Joe Joe is Joe is getting
better I like it alright kenderson here comes buddy we’re
gonna tire you out I don’t know that’s the greatest idea but okay watch it got
it nice dig where’s he going leaving me that line yes I’ll abuse that
block Dundee coming after you buddy alright Joe I don’t want you getting cut
get tired I just want Gunnarsson to get tired oh he’s having trouble on the pass
you Joe yep on the net hundred away big guy nice
roll shot Joe since when I’d rather you pound it but I’ll take the point
all right Gunderson you tired yet buddy not at all he’s not even close to the
entire beta beta me Joe with the block come on buddy nice all right we’ve got
has an 8-iron on so we played these guys before three times but that’s from back
in the day of a full run very hard they both pound on cells got the nice
shot and has a nato rose got the slightly better setting has the nato is
definitely the guy he’s also at a lower point alright has an aid are coming
after you pad pass up Joe you I’ll set you cover it may great look Joe Joe is
automatic this tournament all right how’s nadar here comes buddy get there
Joe Buck a right side cover got it getting good at digging those where’s
one Joe with the cover well done buddy why did I put that over wait wait wait
I’m on it yes Joe Wow
coming off the net turning pounding that line in hard Joe I’m impressed
over 2000 Adar I’m also impressed with my defense I’m getting I mean proving
wait Joe with a block come on Joe damn here good right now buddy don’t
stop please continue oh he’s having trouble
you Joe oh yeah on to gosh that was maybe a bad
idea wait Joe with a block Joe I can’t really
complain because you’ve been so good and I am not the one who went on to for you
my fault you Joe oh yeah definitely on – oops
now I’ll hook them back in the game Joe my bad
yeah I’ll redeem myself gosh she told me like nothing Wow I am folding up Joe is actually
playing well here you go Joe I don’t know why I’m not setting you 500
way buddy nice that’s all I needed to do what am I thinking
alright here we go Joe sorry I screwed these things up let’s iron one for the
wind up there Joe lock the right he’s inside
Joe nice block man that was a fast play dangit let’s I don’t take back the
advantage it’s totally my fault you Joe yeah I’m not going on to your Joe Joe
signing out really well well done Joe well done well done Joe come on now
how’s the Nader who’s gonna get one up Joey you’ve blocked him a few times
don’t Bluff Joe oh I got you yeah get back over gosh where was that that was
kind of funny sideout Joe spinning you yeah on the net found it buddy nice look
Joe you are looking at what’s happening well done
here we go buddy it’s matched fricking ball let’s make a damn day Joe nice hit
lock the right side oh it’s off dig it nice dick Joe take me to the wind
Janice Joe the the only points they got more all my fault
what was I thinking well done Joe you’re my hero joke
I love you Joe that way ready to the Cowboys yeah we’re gonna send these
again yes let’s go who are we playing show me tell me who we’re playing don’t
media we’re playing yep is this show me overplay it’s not working control it or not wording there we go
show me your plane boy Aaron Cantrell oh my gosh how many times we got a
freaking play these guys this is the sixth time will it play them they beat
us at the last tournament you haven’t seen an app so check it out link in
description gosh contra was a guy last time and I totally I one of the guys
ripped an ace and they made a few plays for the win but Cantrell is definitely
the guy they are both out there this is gonna be a fight let’s go Joe yep
nice pass I gotta be real focused out what happened dang it I’m having trouble
yep Joe on the neck I gotta put one away where’s he going dang it that’s two
blocks to start the game I gets a good team
what am I thinking I’m gonna have to figure something out
yes just keep hitting line it or gosh all right Cantrell get there Joe let’s
make a play on him I gotta make a play on him Joe come on
dude it’s not helping anyone sigh oh yeah on the net pay attention to what
he’s doing holy shit look at this oh my god I got
slammed so hard Wow on the net Joe and then doesn’t go
back and plug me what do you think about ok is there a possibility would come
back in win this Joe is there any chance at all these guys are pretty good
made them made them got the dig Joe come on buddy nice freakin hit is there any
chance at all there’s a slight one lock the left side Joe I gotta make a dig
gosh they’re good yeah well we never lost that one pretty disappointing all
plan for bronze it’s a weird feeling order in Tantra goddess like again two
tournaments in a row those guys well might as well get bronze Jo blue to a
plateau music oh she and her uncle the number one ranked team in the world
really two and one against these guys damn it
music music oh she’s the guy to go to but he’s huge
here we go Joe you Oh y’all found that yes that’s just how we drew it up I
found under the net and Joe just puts it over go Jeannie’s great shot me Zuko she
it’s not gonna work forever though buddy pass up Joe now found that yes come on
made up for that first one all right mate let’s get set let’s get some sort
of pressure going it’s not any pressure maybe a bit
come on that off my back found it whoa way off jeez it’s 2 1 come on let’s go
Joe you got found that I’m an idiot you Joe yeah pound again redeem myself
Oh No good thing I’m on that yeah that’s not the sign of his blog jeez I’m
playing like an idiot Joe with the flow let’s try it out I was it a little bit
of trouble watch it go go go gosh it was the highest shot in the world no I
really committed on the Cutty there that was stupid match ball for them and we
fight it off you Joe I should have gone on to not Joe’s automatic yes Joe
why am I not sitting Joe every time alright here we go
me sukoshi I’m gonna bait him into the line roll I’m very cutting gosh I am so bitter so bitter forth damn this game is tough game is hard and I’m
realizing that May is a bit undersized to get up and hit that angle around the
block right with some of these guys a big like May is six three music oh she
like Boyer and Cantrell there’s six seven and sixty nine Wow anyways thank you guys for watching you
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really really appreciate that but thank you guys again so much for watching and
sit all the way through this video hope to see you next time on yes guy gaming yeah Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Gameplay Yes Guy Gaming