Gunn & Moore Player Edition bats. Lucky enough to have two models this year. This is Travis Head’s model, he’s using the Mythos this year. So these bats are exact specifications to what the players use, so Travis Head’s model. Beautiful bat, this one. Nice and full. Mid-to-high sweet spot in these, but nice and full all the way through. Nice and full at the back, good size edge, obviously what a player wants. So these will come exactly as Travis likes, so his spine height, his edge height, and his weight. Weights come through at 2.9 – 2.10, but these things pick up unbelievably well. They are absolutely amazing. Obviously, being a players bat, they’re made from the very best Gunn & Moore Grade 1 English willow. Also, nice little touch, you get their little signature on the back as well, which is phenomenal. Again obviously, as all Gunn & Moore bats do, comes Ready Play, so it’s sleeved, and with a toe guard. So that’s the Travis Head Mythos Edition. We’re also carrying Ben Stokes’ Diamond Edition. So, slightly different shape in this, but again obviously made from the finest Grade 1 willow. The graining on these are exceptional. So, Ben Stokes’ bat is a little bit different, it’s more of a mid-to-low sweet spot in these, but obviously, players bats are nice and full. Goes down to that sort of duckbill toe. Phenomenal pick up on these. Again, they’re the same sort of weights, the 2.9 – 2.10, but they pick up much, much lighter than that. You would swear that these are picking up at about 2.7 – 2.8. These are absolutely unbelievable. But again obviously, Ben’s preferred spine height, his preferred edge height, pick up brilliantly. Oval handle in these. So, your Gunn & Moore Player Edition bats. Definitely one to come in and check out at one of our five stores, or of course, online at