Hey. Girl: Hello. Sorry to disturb you but we’re doing a street interview and I was wondering if I could ask you a question? Girl: Yeah. Awesome. So.. Alright, you ready? Girl: Yep. Alright, so the question today is.. We’re just asking girls their favorite sex position? Girl: Oh god. Umm.. On top. On top? Girl Yeah. Why’s that? Girl: Umm, well it stimulates the clit better. It’s what sorry? Girl: It stimulates the clit better I’d say. Stimulates the clit better? Girl: Yep. Nice.. Girl: Is that all? Sounds fun. Girl: Yeah.. Yeah. Girl: See it’s like, you wanna say something interesting like reverse cowboy but really it’s just normal missionary position with me on top. Girl: Reverse is the other way around.. Girl: Anything more? Interesting.. No, that was it. Girl: That was it? Honest? Yeah. What would you say? Girl: Cowboy. I don’t know, cowgirl? Cowboy- Cowgirl. Is there a reason- Girl: On top. I don’t know, I like to be in control. Girl: But yeah. Alright I’m really late for class though so I gotta go. Nice, alright. Girl: It’s gonna be different with whoever it is I suppose. What’s one of your favorite ones? Girl: Guy on top. Yep. Guy on top? Girl: Yes. Girl: Okay, probably from behind. (laughs) So like doggy-style? Girl: Yeah. Any specific reason? Girl: Umm, I don’t know. Just feels good, that’s it. So.. Yeah, I don’t know. What about like cowgirl? Girl: Yeah that’s not too bad either- Or on top actually, I like it on top. Girl: This is so awkward. (laughs) Okay.. Umm.. Girl: Is this even real? Yeah, it’s real. Girl: Yeah? Okay. Yeah it’s real. Ah, so.. So you like it from behind because.. It’s better? Girl: It feels good. Girl: Yeah.. And on top I like it because I’m in control so that’s good too. You like being in control? Girl: Yeah.. Bout that, so.. Girl: That’s why I like it on top. I like girls being in control so maybe do you wanna like after.. Do you wanna take control? Girl: What, now? Yeah. Do you wanna take control right now? Girl: Okay, lets go. Alright guys subscribe if you wanna see me do a prank with a Lamborghini right here. Alright, the question today is what’s your favorite sex position? Girl: Umm, my favorite sex position is.. Girl: I don’t know. Girl: Doggy-style. Doggy-style? Girl: Yeah. Girl: Why are you asking what their favorite sex position is on the street? Why not? Girl: I don’t know. Don’t you think that’s embarrassing? Not really.. Girl: I’m blushing so.. You are, I know. Most people are pretty open about it. Girl: I have no idea. Yeah. Girl: 69. 69er? Girl: Yeah I guess. Nice, and why’s that? Is there a reason? A specific reason. Girl: No, not really. It’s just good. Good. Girl: (laughs) Girl: Really? Yeah. Girl: Ah, doggy I think. Doggy you reckon? Girl: Yep. And what about you? Girl 2: Same. I’m the same, definitely. And why’s that? Girl 2: I don’t know. Girl: (laughs) Feels great. Girl: My favorite sex position? Yeah. Girl: Oh gosh. Okay.. (laughs) Girl: Umm.. Girl: Maybe reverse cowgirl is a good one. Yeah? And why’s that? Why did you pick that? Girl: I don’t know, I just really like it. Yeah. Is there any reason to why you really like it compared to other positions like starfish.. Girl: What’s starfish? When you just lay there and he does all the work.. Girl: (laughs) No I’m not a big one on starfish. Okay. Thanks for watching that video guys if you like it make sure you smash the like button. We’re gonna get 750 likes, we’re gonna try. Subscribe for weekly pranks, social experiments and street interviews and I will see you guys in the next video.