Well one of their players decided to get up in my face and he started calling me a faggot. The second time when he came and said it that’s when I decided enough was enough and so I went over to the ref and asked him: Hey, I’d just like to let you know that that kid is saying this derogatory comment and he said, I’ll take care of it for you. But he did come up to me one more time. He started to mouth something like he was going to say it and before he could say anything, I just shouted: Go ahead! Say what you’re about to say! So hopefully the ref would see that there’s an argument going on and he would possibly catch it. Calling me that just kind of fueled my fire and made me go out there… you know, make better passes shoot harder, and hit even harder. This faggot beat them 4 – 3. My name is Voight Demeester and and I’m a senior at Penn State and I’m a defensemen. I first started playing hockey when I was three years old when I lived in Canada. My first steps were actually here at the old Greenberg Ice Arena. I’m a third generation Penn Stater. I’ve always had that feeling that I knew I was gay ever since I was younger living in Canada but my first time being called a faggot was my sophomore year of college. It kind of was like a knife right to the heart and it hurt me because I had never really been called that before in my life. I cried for a little bit because… you know, everything became real. After that, I realized that the best thing to do is to keep calm, cool and collected. If you blow up on him, yeah, he wins. And if it is during a sporting event take it up with the officials, take it up with the coach and bring it to the athletic department. By no means did I ever want to crucify the kid that did this but I think that using it as a learning point for schools and athletic teams, I think that everyone needs to be educated more on the proper way to handle things. And I think this I think, is the step in the right direction that we need. Interviewer: And for inquiring minds at home… Are you single? I am single, yes!