There’s no room on the mantel for
another Ivy title this year for both Harvard and the University of
Pennsylvania but these two proud programs still want to finish with a
flurry in 2019 as the Crimson and Quakers meet in Cambridge…spreads out to the left Robertson gone to run it for the
touchdown… …leave to experience guys yeah they both
let him go all the snap is dropped ball loose on the ground and Penn will get it
inside the 30…makes the handoff rolls to his right he’s looking for Watson wide
open gets it at the 25 and BJ Watson is into the end zone…of course he had
28 years as a defensive assistant to Al Bagnoli first play out of the
timeout going feet for Starkey and it’s picked off…hand on the ground
this is blocked it might have got off one of the blockers for Penn
by Harvard Daniel Abraham is out of bounds… …snap is good and the kick is too…a roll
out Robinson throws deep he’s got Starkey and he’s got it all
Rory Starkey Jr. touchdown…space and a comeback late for either Darrington or Borguet… reverse pressed outside touchdown Robinson to throw going for the end zone
and it his caught Rory Starkey tipped it to himself…so for Kevin Gehl and Ben Altsher this is Alex Vistpoli saying so long
from Harvard Stadium where the final score was 24 to 20 the Quakers knock off
the Crimson and improved to 5 and 4 this season Harvard Falls to 4 and 5.