-Guys, the final season
of “Game of Thrones” premieres in less than two
weeks! [ Cheers and applause ] I can’t wait. I love it. Now, if you watch the show, you know that a lot of
the characters have crazy names. So we decided
to have some fun tonight by going into our great audience
and seeing if anyone can distinguish
a “Game of Thrones” character from a product at IKEA.
[ Laughter ] It’s a new game called “‘G.O.T.’
or IKEA.” Here we go. ♪♪ -♪ “G.O.T.” ♪ ♪ “G.O.T.” or IKEA ♪ -So, here’s how this works. I’m going to show you a picture
of a character from “Game of Thrones”
and give you some names. One is them is their real name. The others are names
of IKEA products. So, if you get it right, you get a handshake
from Jon Snow himself. Ladies and gentlemen,
Kit Harington! [ Cheers and applause ] -♪ “G.O.T.” ♪
-Oh, my goodness! -♪ “G.O.T.” or IKEA ♪ -Wow! Fantastic.
Thank you, buddy. But — but —
if you get it wrong, Kit will just give you
a distant wave. [ Laughter ] All right. Raise your hand
if you want to play. Yes, sir, right there.
Come on. You raised your hand first.
There you go, you can — [ Cheers and applause ]
Come on over, sir. Yeah. -Oh, was I supposed
to stand here? -No, that’s all right. Fine.
You’ll go back there anyway. What is your name
and where are you from? -Ezra Faks from Los Angeles.
-What’s your name? -Ezra Faks.
-Oh, sorry. I thought it was one name.
I was like, whoa. Sounds like it could be
a “Game of Thrones” name. Wow, like, Ezrafaks.
All right, Ezra. Here we go.
Look at this character. Now, is that, A, Flyttbar, B, Tormund, C, Grundtal, or D, Lixhult. -Tormund. -That is correct.
It is Tormund! You get a handshake
from Jon Snow himself. Yeah, sure. ♪♪ All right. All right, Ezra,
back to your seat. Ezra — -Thank you.
-No, no problem. Hey, yes. Here, here. Come on over here. This is pretty exciting.
Here you go. Can you hold that?
-Yes. -What is your name
and where are you from? -I’m Maddie.
I’m from Dallas, Texas. -Hey, welcome. We love Dallas. Hey, shout out to Dallas, Texas.
[ Applause ] All right.
Take a look at this character. Is that A, Qyburn? Is it B, Glittrig? Is it C, Fintorp? Or is it D, Ektorp? -Qyburn.
[ Drum roll ] -Correct answer is… Yes. That is correct.
It is Qyburn. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Yes! -Kit Harington.
Getting a lot of exercise. Kit — I’ll get — [ Laughter ]
Thank you. Kit, I’m going to make you work
a little bit and go up here a little bit just to see —
get a little exercise in there. Yeah.
Are you ready to go? Sure, come on.
This will be fun to play. Here you go. Do you know
the show “Game of Thrones”? -I do.
-All right. Perfect. You’ll be good at this.
Here we go. What is your name first of all?
-Lisa. -Lisa, where are you from?
-San Francisco. -Hey, San Fran!
[ Cheers and applause ] All right.
Take a look at this character. Is that A, Fubbla? Is it B, Dragon? Is it C, Selyse? Or is it D, Skanka? [ Drum roll ] -Selyse. -That is correct!
Once again, get a handshake! That’s Kit Harington. ♪♪ That’s unbelievable. That is Kit Harington
right there. Oh, my. Thank you again, Kit. I’m making him work too hard.
I’m making him work too hard. Should I go over here? I’ll go
in the middle of this aisle. Hey, Ezra, let me through here.
Yeah. -Oh, sorry.
-No problem. Yeah, here we go. Then you could just lean over
the camera and then kick — Oops. Sorry. Hey, thanks for not getting up.
Yeah, everyone — [ Laughter ]
I mean, everyone else got up. All right here we go.
Let just do it right from here. This is perfect. Yeah?
Is this good? -Sure.
-Yeah, here you go. All right, perfect. All right. What is your name?
-Lila. -Lila. Very good.
Where are you from, Lila? -New York.
-New York? -Yeah.
-Welcome. Thanks for traveling
all that way. [ Laughter ] Lila, look at this character
here. -Okay.
-Now, is that, A, Kalkgrund? Is it B, Toftan? Is it C, Sniglar? Or is it D, Jojen? -Toftan.
-Mmm, judges? [ Buzzer ]
[ Audience awws ] Ah, that is not Toftan.
I am so sorry. You get a distant wave. You get a distant wave
from Kit Harington. [ Cheers and applause ] Sorry. Yeah.
You got a distant wave. Sorry.
Thank you for playing, though. Excuse me. Sorry about that. Welcome, welcome.
Finally on the right side. Here we go. Thank you.
Oh! [ Cheers and applause ] You want to do it?
-No, no, no, no. -Oh, just do it.
Just stand up and do it. It’s fine.
[ Laughter ] What is your name? -I’m Brea.
-Brea. Very good. Brea, where you from?
-California. Los Angeles. -Hey, thank you for being here.
All the way from L.A. [ Applause ] All right.
Look at this character here. Okay? Is it A, Urskog? Is it B, Yara? Is it C, Bjorksta? Or is it D, Vallentuna? [ Drum roll ] -Uh, Yara? -That is correct! It is Yara! You get a — [ Laughs ]
[ Cheers and applause ] This is fantastic.
This is Kit Harington. Oh, my gosh. Finally. Well done. Good job. Thank you for playing “‘G.O.T.’
or IKEA”, everyone. Stick around.
We’ll be right back with more “Tonight Show”
everybody. Whoa! -♪ “G.O.T.” ♪ ♪ “G.O.T.” or IKEA ♪ ♪♪