here at top taggert field fans
continuing to pour into the stadium and finding their seats wherever they can as
the Bulldogs get ready to kick off the 2019 season Ferris State kicks it away from
the south end Eric Lynch Bank deep here for the Oilers
will field it at the three yard line he works it up the middle and going to be
wrestled down out near the 25-yard line wenzler out of the gun and will fake the
give to Benson again looking downfield one on one coverage and hauling it in
for the score here for the Finley Oilers to both sides here for Farris datas
Travis Russell will get the start and work out of the shotgun set Russell back
to throw pressure coming verge on for the field goal try about 24
yards away here for perch as the hold is down kick is on the way and it’s up and
good and Ferris State takes a 10-7 lead Prince section in the South endzone
Russell takes the snap Travis punches wenzler across the middle he finds
flowers again comes up at the takeaway this will be
about a 34 yard field goal try for chase Wilcox and it’s on the way and it’s up
at good and we’re tied at 17 left as Travis looking to the outside hooks up
with Wade Wade able to make and that’s what saved awaken zero at six
foot three and about 195 pounds first a goal here from the two they’ll give it
into the hands and wenzler who dives into the endzone for the score now we’ll
wind and the Oilers are going to light up here they’re going to go for it here
as winter was out right side to the they tried to go fast to the line of
scrimmage to try to hit the Bulldogs catch the Bulldogs off-balance they have
to pass play right there at the pull in right here ah Russell able to do so and
that will be the ball game Ferris State opens the year
righto as the mobile I survived against Finland here tonight 24:23