– And then, I’ll go, Coming at ya! (screaming) (light piano music) The house in this street was the first house that we were in, me, my mom, and my sister. (dog barking) I was just kind of did
everything everyone else did. Like, I like, I don’t know Like, I played on Nintendo or whatever. Or like, had a, yeah, Game Boy. Like, went through different obsessions. I liked to skateboard along here. Like, but, yeah. That was it. Growing up in Crawley is, yeah. The same as anywhere else, I think so. – [Nichola] Oh, she was
a beautiful little kid. – [Erin] What do you mean? I
thought I looked like a boy. – Well, you did look like a boy. In fact, everyone used to say, “What a beautiful little boy you have.” – [Erin] Yeah. – [Nichola] When she was kind of younger, she didn’t have huge amounts of friends, did you really? – No. Oh no, no coasters. – Tended to have just one friend and that was Amy. – Yeah. – And that’s where the
football came into play. – Yeah! This is where I played on this
pitch for the school team. Like, for years and years and years. It’s making me feel a little bit anxious, I’m not going to lie. I don’t know what it is. School is just, I don’t know. I loved the bits that I
loved about it, like, sports and stuff like that and drama. But coming back here just makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong. Oh fuck! I couldn’t get it! (football thumps) (birds chirping) What’s this? I’m still going! What’s she doing? (man offscreen exclaims) (Erin screaming) (man offscreen laughing) How many did I do? – You were really good at football. – And I loved it. – And it was a hard decision, I guess, for you to make at that time. – It was ’cause dad was driving me to– – All over the southeast.
– Like Brighton. – Yup.
– And then having to get back in time.
– In time for me, then – To drop off
– To drop you off to – East Grinstead.
– East Grinstead, yeah. – It was too much.
– Yeah. Yeah. – It really was. So, I think it was Dad. – Yeah
– He sort of said to you, “Erin you’ve got to decide, really,
– Yeah. what you want to do.” – From when I was four
and my sister was six, we would go on the weekends, it was a Sunday, to drama club. And yeah, we pretty much did that together up until, I don’t know, I feel like
she would’ve been like 16. So, it lasted a long time when it was our thing that we did. It came a moment when she dropped away, and I was just like, Oh no, yeah, this is my thing! And it just like, yeah, right. (light rhythmic music) I would have been 18 when we went to Bosnia, which was with Guy Williams. Because there’s this
theater festival called the Mostar Youtube Theater Festival. He was like, “We’re
going to create a piece of theater and we’re gonna take it there.” Teachers have the power to blooming change your whole, like, path in life and I genuinely feel that he changed mine. This is Guy Williams. This. – We did a piece of work that
just kind of caught fire. And that led to, “Okay,
we could go actually, we could go there and
we could do a piece.” And even then still to
2010 so the award’s been over 15 years, it was still, “Bosnia, why don’t you come to Bosnia?”. – Yeah. – Dangerous, scary place to go. And they created this amazing, I mean, honestly, I was watching
it with my wife last night. (drawn out string music) – I knew how special of a
piece it was that we created, but it wasn’t until the flight home, knowing what you were a part of, that kind of community of
people that wanna make stuff. It just had such huge impact on me. When you speak to people and they’re like, “When did you wanna just do acting?” and I’m like, “Well, it was kind of there. “As I was growing up”, but that moment on the plane
home from Bosnia always really rings out in my
mind because it kind of like fed my soul in a way that you can’t unlearn how
that tastes. So, yeah, Bosnia genuinely, genuinely made me consciously go, “Okay, this is it now”. – You went for audition after audition. You paid 200 pounds a time
and she got knocked back. She got knocked back the whole time. And it got to the point
she saved her money to go to um, London, was it?
– Yeah. – London, all these different places. And saved her money to do it, and she just got knocked back. – Yeah, it was horrible.
– And I cried, because I thought where
do we go from here? – I just didn’t know what to do. – What they expected of you–
– Yeah. – How to be, what to say. But that’s what GSA gave you. – So from training in Gilford, – Yeah. to then getting into Bristol– – And then it was Bristol.
– Yeah. I’d never been to Bristol
before my meeting. I remember falling in love with the place, but then you kind of, ’cause Bristol is Bristol, but Clifton is Clifton. And then just staring at the building that is the Bristol Old Vic and being like, “I don’t know”, something just… It felt really magical. I think I spent my whole first year, particularly, probably the first week, literally just beamin’. – Yeah. And I remember lovely you with your lovely little top knot! – It was embarrassing. – Top knot and big boots. – It was so, yeah – It was adorable. – It was so embarrassing. – It’s adorable. – Stop showing photos!
– Now this, this was in the middle year, that was the middle year
touring show wasn’t it, – That’s second year, yeah. – This is “Heresy of Love”
that, that I directed, and Erin and there’s Ryan. – Ryan McKen is , like,
one of my best friends, like, he, I met him at Bristol
Old Vic Theater School, and we kind of, yeah we
clicked really early on, because we both kind of
recognized a similarity in the way that we approached it. – [Whispers] 1, 2 3 (It Came Upon a Midnight Clear) – [Singing] Clear, la. (laughing) (fingers snapping) – And the shield – Are we on that? – Oh my gosh.
– You were the first ones… – We created an award. – You were the first
ones to be awarded this. You can’t be more than 100% but if you could be more than 100% they would be more than 100%. I mean they came with that, they developed that, they pushed that, they took everything that
we could possibly offer them and they, they ran with it. Anyway, your shield’s in there, – Oh my days!
– And your swords are here. – No! Come on! – No! – What did you do? There and then it’s up there – And it always needed to flip it, – And there! I remember that one felt wicked! – That’s really cool, you haven’t forgotten
– Yeah! (Dramatic Orchestral Music) (sword clacks) (yelling) I got you! (laughs) Whilst we were still in our final year of Bristol Old Vic Theater School, all of us were eligible to go up for these meetings for this
show that’s being put on at the Bristol Old Vic called “Pink Mist”. And it was, yeah, it was kind of the best
step up into the industry that we could have asked for, because you’ve kind of got the comfort of being in Bristol which
you’ve been in for a while, but you’re genuinely on a stage for a professional theater
for the first time. And my character was particularly angry, so I remember kind of
like hyping myself up for every show, going and doing,
like, skipping on the stage like, just listening to Eminem, yeah. I’d get my clothes, I’d get my hair done, and then like, just completely getting rid of everything, and just going into your character, which I love, like, I love
letting it all drop away. And right now the
biggest thing I’ve learnt is that the more your life doesn’t revolve around this singular thing, that you’ve put so much
importance on, the better. Like, I think it’s really healthy to know what you want to do, that’s totally fine and admirable, but the more you fill your life by playing volleyball, playing football, going to the pub for a drink,
or going to the cinema, just, other things, you win, because your like ahh! Like, it stays as this hobby
that actually is your job, the more you fill your
life out with other things. – And, to see where you are now, it’s just incredible, it’s just, you know, I pick up a
newspaper, you’re in it! (laughs) – It’s weird
That’s just, for me, as your Mum,I don’t know, you won’t know how it feels but, I just want to tell the world, I want to go out, outside, and shout, (laughs) down my street, “This is my daughter, look look!”. I do, I really seriously do. – Yeah. – You’ve done amazingly,
I’m so proud of you Es. – Aw Mum!