generally the MBA is a leak
where the title favorites are typically veteran squads while franchises playing
with inexperienced players will most likely be found at the bottom of the
standings however during the 1997 1998 NBA season a rare feat was achieved 90
sports nostalgia presents forgotten NBA teams the 1997 1998 Cleveland Cavaliers
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1997 1998 NBA season somehow the Cleveland Cavaliers made the Eastern
Conference playoffs with four rookies who made starts they weren’t a team that
was under 500 that luckily grabbed the eight seed
Mike fratello was one of the most underrated NBA coaches ever was guiding
the Cavs this season major changes were made prior to the season as Cleveland
traded for all-star Ford Shawn Kemp who wasn’t happy in Seattle due to contract
issues and also traded for sweet shooting Wesley person those wouldn’t be
the only newcomers Center is the Jui Nashville gasca’s was going to make his
season debut the 7-foot 3 Lithuanian was drafted by the Cavs a year earlier
however the mounted big man sat out all of last season due to ankle and foot
injuries thus the 1997-1998 season was going to be Ilgauskas ‘as rookie
campaign big z impressed earnest first season and quickly became one of the
better pigment with his soft touch and his decent post moves as for the 1997
NBA Draft this was a productive dress considering for Cleveland was drafting
all three of the players Cleveland selected in the strip made significant
contributions with the 13th pick and calf selected shooting guard Derrick
Anderson was part of arguably the greatest college basketball team ever
the 1996 Kentucky Wildcats Anderson was a solid shooter and a scorer look a
pull-up off the dribble to catch and shoot and occasionally get to the basket
during his rookie season Anderson only started 13 game
what was quite valuable as a team six-man playing several minutes with the
16th pick Cleveland selected point guard Brett the knight out of Stanford after
trading away all-star guard Terrell Brandon Knight fitting quite nicely he
played like a veteran point guard who could run the offense distribute the
ball and didn’t turn the ball over a lot but wasn’t a great shooter and lastly
with the 45th overall pick the Cavaliers selected Cedric Henderson
out of Memphis Henderson’s rookie campaign was strangely his best season
turn his five NBA seasons furthermore Henderson was just a solid player who
could play both board positions shoot from the mid-range play some defense and
gave good effort the 1997-1998 Cleveland Cavaliers
revamped their entire team and won 47 games well Mike fratello was previously
the head coach of Atlanta the Hawks played at a fast pace but for Telo
adapted tremendously with the talent he had with night excel and a point guard
Ernest rookie season cleveland was able to control tempo which was at a slower
pace and ranked number one in terms of defensive rating
however the veteran indiana pacers defeated the young calves who were
starting through rookies in the first round of the playoffs having two members
of the 1997-1998 all-rookie team two members of the 97-98 all-rookie second
team and having one of the best power forwards in Shawn Kemp it seemed like
Cleveland was set up to be playoff participants in the coming years however
that was not the case as Cleveland declined rapidly algaas gaas and
Anderson had injury issues Shawn Kemp’s career was in decline and wasn’t able to
stay in shape brevin Knight really didn’t improve after his rookie season
and Henderson wasn’t the same after his rookie season
to 2017-2018 Boston Celtics have had a precedented success with all their young
talent as young teams aren’t supposed to be winning this much but for one season
in the NBA the 1997-1998 Cleveland Cavaliers finished 12 games above 500
with four rookies who started games all who made significant contributions to
the team’s success we may never see a team with four rookies like this on one
team make the playoffs again we gots an MBA