-We’re down to the second… -Dude,
game’s on in five minutes. Got any snacks? -Wings? Chips? Beer? -This party’s in trouble.
[ Doorbell rings ] ♪♪ -Not anymore.
[ Cassette player clicks ] -♪ We are
the Football Party Patrol ♪ ♪ Getting your party
out of control ♪ ♪ So when you need snacks
for the big game ♪ ♪ Call the Party Patrol,
we’ll save the day ♪ ♪ Got the wings marinating
in the fridge ♪ -♪ With the sauce so hot, it’ll burn your lips ♪
[ Wilhelm scream ] -♪ If you need a drink,
well, we got ’em all ♪ -♪ Cheese curls, cheese puffs, and of course ♪
-♪ Cheese balls ♪ -♪ Got a jersey on
of your favorite player ♪ -♪ Got that dip
made of seven layers ♪ -♪ All our friends
coming to this house ♪ ♪ Just use a napkin,
don’t wipe on the couch ♪ -♪ And I brought
15 pounds of cod ♪ ♪ I caught it in the sea
with my fishing rod ♪ ♪ Cod is the perfect
football snack ♪ ♪ Loaded with omega-3s,
that’s the good fat ♪ [ Music stops ]
Sounds good, right? Guys? -♪ Cool, but what about
the chips and guac? ♪ ♪ All I want to do
is eat that guac ♪ ♪ I wish I could
get paid in guac ♪ ♪ Avocado, jalapeños,
how I like to rock ♪ -♪ Then bop a jalapeño popper ♪ ♪ Queso so hot,
it’s a bopper shocker ♪ ♪ Can’t get enough
of these football snacks ♪ -♪ But it stinks like fish,
and that’s kinda wack ♪ -♪ That’s on account
of the cod I brought ♪ ♪ I put it in the microwave
to make it hot ♪ ♪ The bad smell’s
from the fishy steam ♪ ♪ Crammed with phosphorous
and protein ♪ -♪ Maybe we could put the cod
in the freezer ♪ -♪ Or we could eat it,
that’d be easier ♪ -♪ How about we put all the cod
outside? ♪ -♪ Sure, then I’ll bring
more cod inside ♪ -♪ Maybe we could put the cod
in the trash ♪ -No! No!
[ Record scratches ] Nobody’s going to be putting
the cod in the trash! Everybody is going to eat
the cod because I brought it, and that’s the end of it. That’s the end of it! If someone brings a dish
to a party, you try it. You try it. Just one bite, okay?
One bite. That’s it. That’s the rule. That’s the Party Patrol
politeness rule. Just one bite. ♪♪ [ Squishing ] ♪♪ [ Munching ] [ Munching continues ] -♪ So, maybe we were
too hard on the cod ♪ -♪ Now you’re on your way
to a killer bod ♪ -♪ A football snack
fresh from the sea ♪ -♪ Dense, white flesh,
yeah, that’s for me ♪ -♪ We are
the Football Party Patrol ♪ ♪ Getting your party
out of control ♪ ♪ So if you need snacks
for your squad ♪ ♪ Call the Party Patrol,
and we’ll bring the cod ♪ -Cod goals!
[ Squish! ]