You know, once you start to have children and once you become a mentor or a father or an uncle, other people depend on you and your decisions don’t just affect you, it ultimately affects the entire people that you surround, so we have to ensure that those kids understand that, and it starts with football. This particular community, football have been that one cornerstone
that people can lean on and you drive to the gas station down the street and you have you know you have someone, hey coach what we gonna do this weekend? Hey, uh you have my son, my nephew on your team. Let me know if he act up, or if he miss practice or whatever, so pride is deep. Guys, Saturday night put the pride of this community
on your back and represent it, everybody got that? (Yes Sir.) That’s what it’s all about. When you have a community that has your back and to see positive black role models out here, that you know look out for em the right way, steer em down the that right path, you know keep em out of trouble, it’s real big for these young men. It give them a sense of hope, sense of pride, and someone to look up to. Train as a champion, stretch as a champion, dress as a champion, walk as a champion, I promise you, you will become a champion. Football is Houston. It’s just the way of life, from little league to the pros, you gonna have a crowd and no matter what, the community has your back.