Welcome Rio de Janeiro. Welcome Santa Marta. What’s up everybody? It’s the Vagabrothers. And we are back with vlog number two from our trip to the Rio Olympics with L.A. 2024. The games are in full swing, and right now you can feel the excitement all the way from the stadiums to the street. Brazilians are crazy about football, and tonight Brazil’s national team is playing S. Africa. But instead of heading to the stadium, we’re going to watch it with the locals in a bar in the Favela of Santa Marta. Ready? Let’s go! Now we’re going to hop on this funicular and head up to the top of the Favela where there’s a football pitch and view of Christ, the Redeemer. This is where about 5,000 people live. There’s six million people who live in Rio. This is just a small slice of the city, but we’re going to find a local bar to watch the game in and just see how crazy Braziians get about football. All right guys. Well we’ve just arrived to top of the Favela of Santa Marta. It’s got an amazing view of the city. It’s pretty cool. Little alley ways and very colorful. All these favelas have been originally informal settlements built along the hill side. This one is one of the first ones that has been formerly brought into the city. I’m just blown away by how steep the neighborhood is. We’re just climbing so many stairs. And then also how dense it is. There are just houses and people everywhere. Everyone has been super friendly. Pretty cool These little dudes are so cool. We’re going to get these guys some sodas. Oh. By the way. This is where Michael Jackson filmed his music video, back in the day. Hence the statue. Looks like Micheal. Now we are heading down through the neighborhood to the bottom where there is a bar that’s supposedly really good for watching sports. We’re going to watch Brazil play Germany in the opening games of the Olympics. South Africa, not Germany. Sore subject. Yeah, I forgot about all that. So Brazil recently , as you might have seen, lost 7 – 1 to Germany. We’re hoping for some redemption for their team right now. I know everyone is going to be rooting for Brazil in this neighborhood. What about South Africa, bru? As you can see, there are Brazilian flags all around me, some of those are from the World Cup and others from the Olympics. There’s definitely a lot of pride, but I think that we’re going to really see the local pride come out when we watch the football match. We’re at Bar Do Tota, really typical scene. Everybody just hanging out outside, drinking beers and watching the football match. Soccer is our passion. It’s our religion. After the World Cup, we were really upset with the disaster. I guess half of Germany thinks it’s a new national team maybe the future will have a better day. Good luck, Brazil. The sun is sinking in the sky. The game is on, and the crowd is starting to gather around this pub. So far it’s 0-0. South Africa is playing good defense. Brazil is trying, but so far only frustration. With us it’s 3- nil, which means three big beers and many more to come. What’s the nil mean? I don’t know. All right, Vagabuddies. We have showered, hopped in a cab, and headed over to Lapa. Even though the football match ended in a tie, I think we’re still going to celebrate. We are in Lapa, the bohemian district of Rio. And this is also the heart of Samba culture. So besides football, zillions also use their feet to do samba. So we’re going to do a little dancing, hopefully oil these creaky hips, these Gringo hips and try to dance a little bit. Sounds a little bit weird…. oiling your hips. Let’s go. We’re at the dance floor. A little courage. A Caipiirniha. A Brazilian drink with a little “cachaça” a sugar based liquor and some limes. Damn good Caipirinha! That guys was really enthusiastic and these are really strong Caipirinhas. They’re great. One of the best ones I’ve had. I do throughly believe that Lapa and neighboring Santa Teresa on the hill have the coolest vibes in Rio. It’s never easy to make comparisons between cities and neighborhoods, but I would say this could be an Echo Park or an art’s district equivalent of L.A., but it’s where Samba music is huge. People dance here, and we are ready to go have some fun. So let’s get into it. We just arrived at Carioca do Gema Great samba bar here in Lapa. We haven’t been here in three years. Last time was here was a great night. It was one of those super memorable nights. So we shall see……. Well I don’t know if you guys are counting, but those hips move magically, once the Capirinha was added to the equation. It’s been a really interesting day. We’ve seen a lot of Rio, a couple different sides of the city. There are many more to discover. Make sure you guys tune in. We’re going to be checking out Copacobana, beach volleyball and a little bit of ocean vibes. So stay tuned. 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