We are now more than halfway
through the football season, and things
are really heating up, which means it’s time
for another edition of I Apologize for Talking
While You Were Talking. -♪ ♪
-(cheering and applause) -Whoa!
-(grunting) What’s up, football junkies? -I’m Michael Kosta.
That’s Roy Wood Jr. -Yeah. And as they say,
we’re ready to jam that sweet sports up your veins. -Oh. -That’s not a thing
you should say on TV. -But, yes, we do have a lot
to talk about, Kosta. -Yeah. When you hear the word
“football,” what comes to mind? Oh, man. I think about
Friday nights in high school. -You know? The crowd cheering
my name, -Mm-hmm. me dropping passes, the crowd booing my name, my dad yelling at me, me having to run home
next to the car. “Please, Dad,
don’t take the highway.” Okay. That is also a thing
you shouldn’t say on TV. When I hear “football,”
I think about gladiators -attacking each other
with brute force. -Yep. And in one of last week’s games,
the Cleveland Browns -took brute force
to a whole new level. -Yep. Now that disturbing
and dangerous fight at the end of the
Browns-Steelers game last night. A hit with a helmet getting a football superstar
a big penalty. WOMAN:
It started with a late sack on Mason Rudolph
turning into a brawl. Garrett ripped off
Rudolph’s helmet, and then violently swung it. -MAN 1: Oh, gosh!
-MAN 2: Man. I mean, this is multiple game
suspension right here. WOMAN:
And tonight, there are. Garrett is out at least
through the end of the season, possibly longer. -Whoa.
-Whoa, whoa, whoa. This is the worst thing
a football player has ever done. Roy, didn’t…? Didn’t O.J. play football? This is the second worst thing
a football player has ever done! -(applause)
-Second worst. -Look, look, I… I get that that was bad,
but come on. He got hit with a helmet. You know, in football,
you’re always getting hit with helmets–
in-in practice, during games, at the dinner table
when your dad doesn’t think you passed the salt fast enough. You need to see a therapist,
man. But, look, I do think -if you get hit in the head
with your helmet… -Mm-hmm. then you should get suspended
for being a bitch-ass loser. -(laughter)
-Yeah. It’s like a mall cop getting
run over by his own Segway. Yeah, and isn’t it sad how the biggest athletes in
the world are swinging it out, and the only thing
the refs can do is just throw
a little yellow flag? (whimpers) You know, look,
I’ve said it before, -and it’s an unpopular opinion,
but … -Yeah? this is why the refs need guns. (laughter) That… That is a terrible idea! So, the Cleveland Browns player -has been suspended
by the NFL indefinitely. -Yup. But meanwhile, an old NFL player -might be coming back in.
-Okay. Comeback Kap, the quarterback’s,
been out of the NFL since 2016, after he set off a firestorm, kneeling
during the “National Anthem,” protesting police brutality
and racial injustice. But this weekend,
Colin Kaepernick held a workout with scouts to show teams
he’s still in game shape and ready to make his return. I’ve been ready for three years. I’ve been denied
for three years. We all know why
I came out here and showed you today
in front of everybody. Wow. This is amazing. Colin Kaepernick held
a training session to show the NFL
he’s still got it. Don’t forget, Roy.
He’s been gone for three years. I know. In that time, he could
have graduated law school and been kneeling
in courtrooms by now. -True.
-(laughter) And here’s the thing.
Here’s the thing -that I really find
most impressive… -Yeah, yeah. is that Kaepernick only had
four days to get ready. -Four days.
-Yeah. If the league calls me to try
out, I’d need about four months. Uh, Roy, uh… they’re not gonna call, okay? Let’s move on
to our final story. While Colin is trying
to get some love, players at University of Florida are getting
a little too much love. Most teams have traditions
before a game. Say a chant,
touch a lucky statue, or in the case of the University
of Florida football team, kiss the coach’s wife. And not everyone’s comfortable
with that. MAN: This video is lighting up
social media. It shows the head coach’s wife
kissing players on the University of Florida
football team. It’s a game day tradition. Megan Mullen looks the young
men square in the eyes, offers a few words
of encouragement and then kisses them
on the cheek. Some are calling it gross
and disrespectful. If this was a man doing it, this… this would be on CNN,
this would be on MSNBC. This is just embarrassing, Roy. The coach’s wife getting handsy with all the players
on the team. This is so inappropriate. I mean, look at the way
she’s examining and poking and prodding them.
It’s… It’s like a deleted scene
from Get Out. Yeah, but Kosta… Kosta, you’re overreacting. All that happened here is just some good, old-fashioned,
Southern hospitality. I’m from the South.
It’s what we do, baby! Look, just because you’re from
the South doesn’t make it right. I mean,
you guys also did slavery. -(audience groaning)
-I’m sorry. What? Excuse me! We did slavery?
We did slave… -Are you sure about that?
-I don’t know. I wasn’t there. But you’re the one
from the South, so maybe you should apologize. -Look, all-all I was trying
to say… -(laughter, groaning) All I was saying is, I don’t think it’s appropriate for her to be feeling up
the players like that. You know, you’re telling me
you wouldn’t get mad -if I kissed your wife?
I mean… -Why? Why would I get mad?
I kissed yours last week. -Whoa! Whoa!
-(audience gasping, groaning) That was a joke, right?
That was a joke? Well, that’s all the time
we have. He’s Michael Kosta.
I’m Roy Wood, Jr. -It’s all right. Just answer me.
-Back to you, Trevor. -No, no. No, no, no. -It was
a joke. That’s all right. -That’s all. No, you can be…
-No, no. Michael Kosta and Roy Wood, Jr.,