Hi my name is Otis St. Clair and I am here
today to talk to you about passing route plays. Now every team or every organization has a
passing route tree so I’m going to show you the passing route tree and probably show you
a couple of routes that you can run with your offense. The passing route tree starts with
the wide receiver and goes up like this which would be called the fly route and then off
of that we have our branches. The first branch we will draw is a quick out and that runs
about 3 to 5 yards and then we have a slant route which is also running about 3 to 5,
maybe six yards, going up from there and staying on to the outside we have a deep out, we have
what is called a flat route which is running to the flag part of the in zone and then coming
off of that and going back to the inside we have a curl which used to be called a butt
hook and we would have a post route and then we have what is called an in or square in.
These routes also numbered as well. This one is called a one route for the quick out, two
for the slant, three for the deep out, four for the in and five for the flat and six for
the curl and we have a post corner that I forgot which is the seven route, eight is
for the post route and the nine is the flat route. So that is the passing tree. Our even
numbers are to the inside with the football being right here so if you call an even number
the passing tree, the passing routes are going to the inside so if you call an out route
with an odd number you are going to the outside or towards the sidelines. That is your basic
simple passing route tree. You can make your play book from this tree right here, run your
routes and score touch downs. My name is Otis and that is our passing route plays.