Hi, my name’s Otis St. Clair. I’m here today
to talk to you about how to play football. Football is played with eleven offensive players,
eleven defensive players. The object of the game is score points. The offense has four
downs in which to score a touchdown. Every time they move ten yards, they’ll get another
set of four downs to get the opportunity to score. The defense’s objective is to stop
the offense from scoring. You also have punt, punt return, kickoff, and kickoff return.
Also you can run the ball, or you can pass the ball. But the whole object of the game
is to score seven points or six points for a touchdown, one point for an extra point.
If you get close enough on your fourth down, you can have the opportunity to kick a field
goal, which is three points. This is the football. I play it, you should to. My name’s Otis,
and that’s how you play football.