big day today guys very very big day now as you’ve probably already seen from the title today I’m going to be playing ice hockey for the very first time in my entire life in fact this will probably only be the second time I’ve ever been ice skating let alone playing ice hockey in my life and I don’t even remember when the first time would have been it was that long ago that today’s video is made in collaboration with Cannon and today we’re going to be using the Canon EOS R and the EOS m 50 to document this momentous occasion now today I’m probably not going to be doing much of the filming because I think I’m gonna be pretty busy having pucks shot at my face so today my friend Tim who is also a vlogger will be helping me out filming but the thing is he’s never used these cameras before so this would be an interesting test to see how easy these are to use but anyway I have booked the Hartwell Arena practice ice rink I’ve got a coach coming down who’s gonna help me out Tim’s ready to go so I think we just hop in the car head over the Hartwell and get this party started that’s good [Applause] [Music] [Applause] like what do I even start with this okay for safety okay more grippy than I thought [Music] [Applause] all right guys we’ve made it onto the ice now my coach coach Tony who’s also my cousin-in-law has been kind enough to come down and teach me some some hockey like thanks so we’re gonna start off as you can see with some goalie moves so far so good I’m upright I haven’t fallen over yet feel like Bambi [Applause] they’re when they’re in your stance okay so this is my coaching so far standing the goal and take some shots are you doing it looks a lot easier than it is I’m like so we’ve done the easy stuff now we’re gonna learn the butterfly over here you’re cutting down the angle okay how does have a heel looks pretty good it feels horrible but um you’re eating their back up upper body like this yeah I feel like a minute splits [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] I’d love some more that’s right I have so much respect for anyone that plays hockey right now so hard there for like 25 minutes 9 goalie session is over now we’re gonna go out onto the ice and see if I can get the puck swap jerseys we’re gonna try something some shooting and it’s an escaping stuff now I think because I’ve been really haven’t really skated I just kind of stood there so now I’m going to try to move around [Music] [Applause] just shoot the coaches [Applause] okay I’m gonna put this ring every week now until I’m so is the day after and I have a broken man this morning seriously I said it before but now I have so much respect for anyone that plays ice hockey it and I wasn’t even playing a game I was just literally skating around and I’m broken that’s it I’m broken like those goalie pads are so heavy well you saw it looks so much easier than it is and he doesn’t even look that easy so that’s how hard that was for me anyway I had an absolute blast in fact I came home last night and I started looking up where to buy my own ice skates because I definitely want to practice because it’s winter now lakes will start to freeze over so I think definitely at least some ice skating practice maybe I’ll get a stick and a few pucks and practice I don’t know leave a like on this video if you want to see some more ice hockey videos maybe I’ll do like a road it’s a ice hockey pro series because I mean you know as you can see I I had potential by one you guys to let me know how you thought I did in the comments below please be kind now I’ve already had a quick look at the footage and I think that this story has been perfectly captured on the EOS R and the EOS m 50 by Tim who did a fantastic job even though you’ve never used these cameras before and I think being able to turn your camera on and just use it is very very big part in being able to tell your story and that must be why canons motto is live for the story because that is very very important so if you want to know a little bit more about these two cameras I will leave links in the description go there check them out but that is about it guys I think I’m gonna go lay in bed for a few days and see if my muscles will will kind of go back to normal thank you so much for watching and thank you cannon for sponsoring this video leave a like on this video if you have enjoyed it or if you just want to see some more ice hockey videos in the future I’m probably gonna do them anyway because this was an absolute blast but once again guys thank you so so much for watching I’ll see you next time see ya