Hello! Friends, Today in this Video we are
going to see different Fielding Positions in a Cricket game. I assure you
that after watching this video you can clearly understand the Cricket
Commentary during a match. And let me tell you first
all these fielding positions are with respect to a Right-Handed batsman so you have to reverse this if you want to see this for a Left-Handed batsman. For a
Right-Handed batsman the right half of the Cricket Field is his “OFF” Side and
the left half of the field is is “ON” Side or Leg side. So, here we go with the
fielding position. We have Long ON and Long OFF off. OFF Side that is why “OFF” and Leg Side that’s why “On”. Similarly we have Mid-OFF Mid-ON, Third Man, Fine Leg, Deep Extra
Cover, Deep Cover Point, Cover, Point Gully, Short Leg, Square Leg, Mid-Wicket Deep Square Leg, Deep Mid-wicket. I hope
you are clear with all of them and learned something about Cricket today. SUBSCRIBE this channel to get more from us.Thank you, Goodbye.