[MUSIC PLAYING] Of course, there is no
easy win in women’s field hockey in the ACC. Eighth in the country
and no conference wins can’t sit well in
the craw of this team. Pien Dicke ranging
forward, look at the speed. Pien Dicke in front, has a shot
and scores, all the way home. Pien Dicke. Gallen putting a lot of
pressure on [INAUDIBLE].. And that’s forced a turnover. Pien Dicke streaking ahead,
might not have it here. Greta Ell with a shot, and
she scores for Virginia. Boston College in the area. Backhanded shot. Carrera Lucas looked like
she saw it a bit late. Pass ahead is blocked down
by Pien Dicke, gets it back from Shanahan. A diving Haverhals
can’t get there. And Pien Dicke has put
it on ice for Virginia. 3-0 with 10 minutes left. Game over. Virginia with a 3-0 win,
the number four team in the country to 8 and
1, 2 and 0 in the ACC, may rise to second in the
country in goals per game after an effort like that.