The King of the camp competition that we did
we had really some record-breaking in year record-breaking performances we had
Brendan Ron’s a freshman for us that was one second short of what I thought would
be an impossible record set by Zach Redmond back in like 2010 so he did a
really really good job all three of our weight room records are actual strength
training records are broken by Dominic Lutz and Marshall Moise they did surely
show an excellent job down there Marshall won the overall competition in
one for his class neat Kalin went for the seniors Brendon Ron’s one for the
freshmen and needs in Stuart one for the sophomore so it was really a great
showing but but not just beyond you know and though the winners and the records
we had the numbers were so well improved overall like our shuttle times are how
nice times I mean it was really really promising and really shows that the hard
work that the guys put in the dedication they had during the offseason you know I
know the difference between strength and conditioning that the incoming freshmen
would hit in juniors and what they’re getting now is it’s a big week so for a
lot of them it can be a little bit tricky at first but to see some of the
numbers that some of those freshmen put up it’s gonna be pretty encouraging to
sure definitely definitely and you know some of it a lot of it depends on where
kids are coming from you know there’s places where your kids are exposed to it
or maybe they’ve been exposed to it just you know in hockey growing up and they
really take to it there’s individuals like Brendan Ron’s we just you know
loved it in you know kind of Naturals at it as well and then
you have a wide variety though you have some freshmen that obviously really
haven’t been exposed to it this all before they have to do a little catching
up so you have a wide variety but it was really promising we have a big group of
obviously you know newcomers this year but they all did they didn’t you know
pretty well and having some of them really like Brendan was right at the top
it’s very promising it like I said though the returning players to a man
they all did a really really good job the numbers are so well improved over
last year in this in a spring so a lot very promising in terms of that the
Domino is a leader on this team now is one of the alternate captains I going
into strength conditioning you want to see good numbers from everybody in at
the end of it it comes out and a lot of guys really performed well take us
through what you thought of the strength and conditioning portion of this season
yeah I was something else I mean you go look at our King the camp numbers over
there and we’ve never had numbers like this I know our averages for example and
the treadmill test was you know roughly 20 seconds higher than the air has ever
been so just do a lot of new guys coming in that are already in tip-top shape
compared to teams we’ve had in the past so I think from a strength conditioning
standpoint we’re Lisa my four is that the best spot with them you look at the
freshmen and obviously string of the conditioning the difference between
where they were and where they are now can be pretty big but a lot of those
guys push some really impressive numbers tell us a little bit about those of you
guys yeah they came in and they liked great attitude from the start no one
really seen another wrong mindset one’s a hard worker and you see them coming in
they’re pushing themselves a hearts leak and every day so you can see them how
much improve these guys can make already from then and putting weight on
increasing their strength and also going quicker and adapting the speed on the
ice publishes that portion of the season carry you through the middle part of the
season when it gets too tough you get that long trip to the grind yeah I think
it makes all the difference while these games come down to who’s got the last
push who’s got the extra long and you know when it comes down to a 2-2 game
and the third period or even fueled overtime a lot of
times it’s who’s got a little bit of gas left so I think here we are now pushing
each other to the extreme we’re gonna put ourselves in a great spot going into
the season