HEWITT TRUSSVILLE’S NEW KICKER — IS KILLING IT. TWO GAMES DOWN – AND SIX, PERFECT EXTRA POINTS ON THE SCORE BOARD. THEY’RE THE KIND OF STATS THAT COULD EVEN MAKE SOME COLLEGE TEAMS JEALOUS. BUT*THI* KICKER IS BRINGING SOMETHING *ELS* TO THE HUSKIES THAT THEY’VE NEVER HAD BEFORE. CBS 42’S LEIGH GARNER JOINS US LIVE IN STUDIO TO EXPLAIN. THIS IS HOW GREEN HEWITT TRUSSVILLE’S NEW KICKER WAS… FIRST GAME, SPENT IN THE STANDS – PART OF THE TEAM’S ‘DOG POUND.’ AND TO BE ELIGIBLE TO PLAY – YOU HAVE TO HAVE 13 PRATICES UNDER YOUR BELT. THEN – IT WAS GAME TIME. THE HUSKIES WERE HURTING. “started off, we had really, 3 different guys that can kick some and we kind of split up their duties.” NO DEPTH — “but at one point or another over the last month, we’ve had all three of them, they got hurt, some way shape or form.” AT A PRETTY KEY POSITION. “and Jordan came to me in the lunchroom one day and said, hey coach, I think I can help ya’ll out.” SO ONE DAY, A SOCCER PLAYER – COMMITTED TO MERCER SINCE SOPHMORE YEAR — DECIDED TO COME DOWN FROM THE STANDS… AND LEND — *HE* LEG. “I was like, I just wanted to come kick. I thought it would be fun .” SENIOR JORDAN LYNN IS THE FIRST GAL ON THE HEWITT TRUSSVILLE GRIDIRON, EVER. AND AT HER FIRST GAME AGAINST POWERHOUSE, HOOVER, EVEN MOTHER NATURE TRIED TO ICE HER – WITH A 30 MINUTE LIGHTNING DELAY. “there was a lot of pressure. When I went out there for my first kick, and I was like, oh gosh, I gotta make this. I’ve got to!” LYNN HASN’T MISSED ONE YET. AND YES – SHE’S STILL KEEPING UP WITH SOCCER. “so you’re doing both?” “yes!” “how?!” “it’s – it’s very difficult right now, I mean, it’s the thing of balancing two sports and school. I mean, big time management there.” SHE’S GOT A REMINDER TO ‘STUDY’ WRITTEN ON HER HAND — IF THAT TELLS YOU ANYTHING. BUT LYNN SAYS – IT’S BEEN AN HONOR. SHE’S BEEN WELCOMED BY THE GUYS – AND SHE HOPES TO INSPIRE FUTURE FEMALE PLAYERS. “boy, girl, whatever. They have to earn that spot for us, and she came in here and felt like, she earned it. So that’s how she got the opportunity.”>JORDAN SAYS SHE’S GOT LOTS OF QUESTIONS ABOUT HER NEXT STEP – COLLEGE FOOTBALL? THE NFL? SHE SAYS SHE’S 100 COMMITTED AND FOCUSED ON SOCCER AT MERCER – BUT THAT SHE’S NOT RULING ANYTHING OUT. LIVE IN STUDIO, LG CBS 42 NEWS LCYCCO. TOMORROW: ANY CHANCES OF RAIN DURING THE DAY TUESDAY WILL BE KEPT FARTHER SOUTH