HI Drink
Sure. I spent my whole life
running away Me, too. That just sealed it,
so you can’t back out. That’s all. I don’t think there’s any chance
in hell I’m gonna back out. You wanna seal it again, or? Definitely not. Okay. Maybe tomorrow if I survive. Hey, triggered the alarm. That’s him. As we planned? As we planned. Usos! Samoa I call to my ancestors. This land was nourished. With blood. Now it will be
nourished with yours. Let’s go! Do it. Light ’em up! How long before the
guns get back online? I have no idea. Let’s fight! Shaw. Air command. Bring me the chopper. Please Sub and like Decks! Do it quick, Hatts. It’s in, it’s in, it’s in. Is it working? Machine’s on. We’re good. Let’s go. Hobbs! Go! Go! Let’s go fishin’, Shaw! You catch him, I’ll gut him!