U-K Hoops with a huge win over U-N-C Asheville Saturday… left fans at the women’s game ready to watch the men take on I-U. Darren Moscoe This is going to be a hard game to win. The Ladycats, along with hundreds of fans, tuned into the men on the big screen at Memorial Coliseum. Brittany Ford it definitely helps build comradery all around the whole team, the men’s and the women’s. Margaret Goatley I have GameDay on my phone, so I was getting the updates when the Men’s started and then somebody in front of us was telling us they were going to the state tournament, so that’s in town tonight, too. While Kentucky was out on the road looking for number nine, high school boys took over the Rupp Arena floor and fans had to figure out how to keep up with it all. Polley Anderson My daughter goes to Dunbar, so we were not going to miss this. Debbie Hammers I’m a huge fan. I went to the SEC Tournament. I just wish I could be out there with them. All the basketball at one time… had fans relying on their technology. Debbie Hammers I had it live for a little bit, but of course in here you just can’t hang on to it, so I’m texting my best friend. She’s keeping me up- to-date. Dunbar held the lead against Newport Central Catholic… but getting text updates on the Cats was a nail- biting experience. Darren Moscoe I think we’ll get to the Final Four and maybe the championship. Debbie Hammers If Duke can do it Kentucky can do it. After a good run UK fell to IU. Fans say this loss… will take some time to get over. But they’ll never stop saying…. In Lexington. Caitlin Centner. WKYT. DUNBAR WILL PLAY DOSS TOMORROW IN