Hello, everyone. It’s Luna from Perfect Homes and today I’m at a Cholada land and house in San Sai. I will be showing you this beautiful house. Let’s go and check it out. So here I’m standing at the living room of the house. As you can see, everything is very spacious and nice. You have the furniture ready. You get this comfortable couch. Really nice. And right next to the living room is the dining area, which you can see is quite wide open and it’s really bright. You can get the sun from outside. Really nice. And you also have this cute mini bar where you can sit and have a cup of coffee or a glass of red wine. And next would be the bathroom. The bathroom is quite big. Really nice. Everything looks fresh and new. Big, beautiful mirror. And now I’m going to be showing you the kitchen. For the kitchen, it’s separated from the dining and the living area. You walk in, you have this very, very spacious kitchen. It comes with a refrigerator, washing machine,… gas stove, induction fan, and all the furnitures. Really nice. So this house has a total space of 135 sq. m. with 65 sq. wah. Two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Now I’m going to show you the master bedroom. Once you enter the master bedroom, as you can see, it is quite spacious. You have the beautiful, big bed, beautiful furnitures, and you have the door to go outside and look at nature. And it also comes with this amazing, big closet. Wow… Very nice. And it has one bathroom which is connected to the other bedroom. As you can see, you have the shower area, toilet, sink, and mirror. So this is the second bedroom, and I’m going to be showing you this beautiful office, which you can turn into a bedroom if you like or decorate more and have it as an amazing office with a view. So we’re done for today. I hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you have any questions or if you’re interested, please click on the link below or leave us a comment. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share this video. See you next time. Bye!