Good morning and welcome back to another video. Today I’m going to be showing you how to make a pair of these beautiful earrings. These are just one of those earrings you can make modify like this one I added just a beautiful leaf and kept it really simple but I have so many things in my brain right now because you can turn this into something for Halloween, which I’m gonna do next I’m gonna drop a spiderweb off the bottom instead of a leaf and turn the colors into blacks and oranges. You can also make this a beautiful pair of earrings for Christmas. Possibilities are endless. This is just one of those really really fun quick and easy projects great for beginners and advanced beaders alike. So I’m gonna run through the material list really quick. You’re gonna need some 11’s some super duos Some bicones now you’re only gonna need 10 to make a pair of earrings 10 3 mm rounds again to make a pair of earrings some size 15’s and then 2 drops whatever you choose. These druks can also be 3mm gemstones pearls whatever you have an earring finding of your choice today I’m using just a fish hook and a couple of open jump rings and I want to talk one minute about something everybody’s always asking me about Color theory how I pick my colors. You can buy one of these awesome color wheels and they give you like a handbook that comes with it and that’s usually what I’ll do like for instance say I want to do orange you line it up with the star and then you go right off of each of those red ones if you want to pair so you know that orange would be good with this color this color and that’s how I learned how to do it now you can go huge which I have this really large color wheel really detailed and I found it at Michaels or Joann, you know craft store a AC moore or you can get it on Amazon. So that’s how I really learned how to work with different colors because I was stuck in my own ways with the very basic colors that I used and I’ve definitely expanded a lot more since I’ve researched and read a lot of books about color and all of that so I hope that helps you a little bit. Alright so back to the project. This isn’t like I said nice easy for Monday morning we’re gonna pick up our beads that we’re going to need on some fireline and I went ahead and pulled one and a half yards. We’re gonna pick up an alternating pattern of a super duo and a size 11… 20 times So you want to have 20 super duos in 20 11’s Okay and then once you have that on you’re gonna drop it down leave a small tail. We’re gonna pick up our work we’re gonna tie it in a knot and I want it to grab and it did. Pull and we’re gonna attach a needle right to that tail to get rid of it. I love projects like this that you can modify turn into something so different and I’ll post pictures once I do the little Halloween ones too and Christmas ones I have there’s just too many things in my head. Okay, so we’re gonna take the tail and we’re just gonna weave a couple beads away and I’m gonna exit out just a couple 2 super duos right in between that thread space in between that 11 and that’s super duo I’m gonna pick it up before I pull that loop I put my needle in and I’m gonna pull down really hard and I’ll do that twice and then we’re just gonna weave away and burn. I’m just gonna go two beads away burn down with the tail and then we’re gonna reinforce this piece. We’re just gonna go around the whole thing one time and really take your time because this is where I was rushing before if I’m being honest and I missed a bead and it just throws the whole piece off because I was trying to go through three or four at a time. Ouch. I already stabbed my finger Yeah, so just take your time because you want this piece really really stiff and stable and all it is is tension and I had to pull a bunch of extra thread of course because you know I love reinforcing so we’re going to reinforce after to. So this does not have to be heavily tight, but just definitely reinforced So go through pull down and I’m still trying to go through too many at once just a couple at a time and yeah, that’s all fireline. Every time I try to make my hands look nice and clean Fire line comes along and makes it all dirty but I love fire line. It is very very dirty and dusty, but I love it and again, that’s just my preference wildfire is great too it just it all depends on what you’re comfortable with all right so you want to go through until you feel that knot once you’ve passed the knot you know You’re good. We’re ready to step out and turn and have a not quite gotten there yet you will be able to feel it Yeah, should be yep here I am I’m right on that not if you’re struggling just wiggle you can feel it. I’m gonna actually back out and go through just these at a time and then I’ll go through that one bead and I am using a pretty thin needle today I told you I still have not found that perfect needle yet All right, so I’m gonna step out the bottom hole of this super duo right here. I keep jabbing my finger All right, so we’re stepping off the bottom We’re just gonna make a turn go right into that empty hole and I’m gonna flip because I like to work a certain way. So don’t worry if it looks like this. It’ll be just fine. So we’re gonna start one two, three, four five With an alternating pattern of an 11 into the next space I’m going to go down just a little bit and then a bicone and we’ll do this until we have five bicones so an 11 and then a bicone and we’ll repeat that all the way around and yes, I am using some high tension a lot of force Cuz I really want them to stick in there fit in there nicely. Alright and then once we’ve done that it keeps wanting to grab two here. Okay. here’s our last bicone One two three, four five. Yes, my fifth. We’re gonna add an 11 and now And two three four five of the rounds so we’re gonna start off with a round and then alternate again so around and eleven And a round And we’ll just keep doing that alternating that all the way around and You should feel your piece tightening up right now And I’ll just keep turning and pulling I am determined to find the perfect needle I really am I’ve been blowing through them like crazy Okay last round so we’re just gonna go right through That’s super duo and step out that one size 11 right there and now we’re just going to add some light decoration using some 15’s So we’re gonna pick up nine 15’s Double check here and What we’re gonna do is jump from this 11 right into this one so we’re just jumping over all these beads and going right from this 11 to this one. That’s it. I just wanted a little simple decoration If I could see here, oh my goodness It’s so hard with three lights running and the glare from the beads plus I’m checking every minute to make sure I’m in frame so It’s so funny. I can get this project done in like 10 minutes off camera but on camera I’m constantly making sure everything is okay because I hate that when I go back to edit and I’m way off like I’m way over here or the count is off Okay so 9 just gonna jump from here to here that’s it told you this was going to be one of those nice easy projects sometimes we need that you need a nice very fast gratifying pair of earrings or something a ring or beautiful something beautiful like that. Without a lot of hassle and I like that it’s very very rewarding and you can do so many different things with it. So that’s where my mind’s at today and how you change the colors are just gonna make a huge difference Okay, so I’m gonna put it on a flat surface for just a minute because that’s how I smoosh it down because this is too soft and I can’t get the shape that I want So now all I’m gonna do is weave up just take your time here cuz it’s tight and very slippery and all we’re gonna do is weave until we come out that third 1 2 3 right here that third round and that’s where we’re gonna put our loop for our finding And I’m just like I said keeping it simple, but you can dress it up however you want That’s the fun part Okay, so I’m coming out that 3 or middle bead I’m just gonna pick up 6 11’s Okay, I’m coming out in this direction I’m just gonna come around and go right back through in this direction and then I’m gonna retrace and I always go through three and I’ll pull down three pull and Then right back through the round and then I’m going to retrace that one more time because that’s what’s gonna hold the entire earring so you wanna make sure it’s reinforced. Back down the round and into the work keep going all the way down and then I’ll show you where we’re gonna exit. All right, so right here we’re gonna go through that super duo this 11 right before our group of 15’s and we’re going to run through the 15’s now so go all the way down and up all 9 and then through the 11 and then through the nine and then I’ll show you where to step out so we’re nice and even. Okay coming up on it so it’s this group I just want to make sure I have no tangles in there All right, so we’re going to step out one two three four the 5th 15 and I’m gonna put it again on a flat surface and show you so we’re coming out of this round right here. I’ll pull back a little bit cuz it’s very close This round so I want to find that perfect center so that’s it right there 5th 15 and then we’re gonna add our beautiful drop So I start off with seven 15’s Pick up our drop Slide it down and now I’m going to pick up four 15’s and all I’m gonna do is skip the leaf in the next four Just like this Okay, and we’re just gonna run right up through these three this is how I get it to lay flat so right up through these three and see how we’re coming out the fifteen like this in this direction we’re gonna come around and go right back through in this direction and pull and then make sure it’s not tangled there pull on the leaf and pull on the working thread and there that’s perfect and see how it’s still not secure flat as flat as this one This is what we have to do Reinforce So we’re going to continue by going Up through these 15’s and see how loose they are that’s what we don’t want and that’s why I had to pull a bunch of extra thread I’m not gonna do the whole reinforcing with you because it’s just simply going around all the beads but I’m gonna get through all the 15’s and then show you where I will hide some knots and then you’ll be good to go. Pop your findings on and you have a beautiful quick and easy pair of earrings but it looks like it took a while. That’s what I like. Alright so right around and I’m going to go through this 11 super duo I want to be poking out that round and oh my goodness I’m gonna have to go one at a time here These needles are no good that’s what I’m gonna go on the search for later a good needle. I will take recommendations to if you have any suggestions. All right. So right through this round, I’m gonna pick up that thread space in between the round and the super duo before I pull put my needle through that loop and then I pull down And I’ll do that two times pull hard and then I’m gonna go through that super duo Stubborn and then I would continue now me personally I’m gonna go through all these beads again each and every one that way your work is nice and straight put it on a flat surface No problems nothing that’s beautiful so see how I’m going to go around just throw another knot in here continue just just reinforcing it and you’ll be good to go So I’m using a fish hook and in order for me to get it to lay straight like this I have to add two jump rings otherwise, it’ll sit like this and I want it to lay right nice and straight like this So that’s why I add two jump rings So I’m going to pick up my little jump ring. Make sure it’s open a little bit more slide it right on and then close it up Okay, and then my next one Oopen it up and my earring finding and just attach it right to that jump ring and close it up and you’re done So I’m gonna go back around reinforce and Then I’m actually gonna start on a Halloween pair and then maybe a Christmas pair because they literally don’t take long So I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I had so much fun making these earrings and experiment with color play and have fun and make yourself something beautiful or make it as a gift for somebody. It doesn’t require a lot of materials but I think they’re just beautiful. So have fun and enjoy your day and I’ll see you very soon. Take care. Bye bye