(upbeat music) – [Jeremy] In Finding Football we’ll bring you the
best football talent, celebrity musicians, unique football pitches. – [Billy] It’s like a stadium. – [Jeremy] And explore the
beautiful game across the globe. – This is Finding Football. I’m Billy Wingrove,
he’s Jeremy Lynch and we are the F2. We’ve created the
world’s largest football
YouTube channel. (dubstep music) – [Jeremy] We cannot wait
to explore this place. – Japan.
– Iceland. – Brazil.
– France. – Mexico.
– Argentina. – Thailand.
– The USA. They’ve literally mastered
totally different techniques. This is like no where
we’ve ever been before. This is well outside
our comfort zone. – Let’s get out of here it’s
not safe, it’s not safe. (hip hop music) – Music and soccer
have a crossover (hip hop music) – You gotta learn and fail
and learn from your failures. – We should collaborate together to create something spectacular. The dream team is here. (groaning)
(shouting) – [Yasmine] Just seeing
how you guys were bonding playing football together. – That’s why they call
it the beautiful game. Every kid wants to
be a footballer. – [Billy] This is
football at its purest this pitch, the people,
true, pure happiness. – [Jeremy] When they
say the beautiful game that’s what they’re
talking about. (rhythmic music)