How are you? You guys go ahead
and grab your poles. We’re going to start
with a nice little warm up, make sure we keep everything
nice and lubricated. So, I want you to just keep
your arm nice and taught, staying in contact using
your hips, lifting your chest. Listen, we all like
to stay in shape, and it doesn’t hurt
that this workout can help me
in the bedroom too. All right, excellent. She need to take
those pants off. There you go, ladies. Excellent.
And then come into a sit. Oh shit. Exit, I’m draw my feet behind. I’m scared.
Yeah, you did it. Would you guys all like water? Yes. Thank you. All right, I’ll be right back. Oh, my God. Girl,
this is a sexy ass class. Listen, weird freaky people
do weird freaky shit. So you missed her showcase that
she did. She killed that shit. Were you nervous? Well, I nervous
that whole day actually. I was like, “Oh, my God.”
Because you know, that was my first show in LA, so I’m like, I don’t know how
everybody’s going to respond, if there’s going
to be people. So who went? I invited everybody. CeCe came.
Tami came with her daughter. That was nice.
They were supportive. I heard Tami’s trying to rap. Yeah, her daughter
was helping her. I think that’s cool.
I mean, that she could admit that she ain’t got it
with the rap no more. No, Feby, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no. You can’t say you ain’t got it
no more. That’s shady as fuck. She raps old school,
and her daughter is helping her. I think that’s a good idea. You cannot come in here
taking shots at people, especially Tami. And Tami got some connections
as well, that could help Feby in this game. Tami’s going to feel mad old when she finds out
what Jennifer told me. What was said? She said that some spy list
pulled something, and said that she wore it
to this event and had all her pussy
juice in it, and then- Oh my God, what? And then he went to go
return them saying that they weren’t worn, with her fucking pussy juice
all over them. Stop. So she had to buy them? Well, the credit card declined. Jennifer, she’s playing
a very dangerous game. There’s this guy in Atlanta that’s saying she’s saying
things about Malaysia as well. What the fuck? Things about her kids. Oh, Lord. He’s saying that the streets
is speaking, and Jenn is putting
all Malaysia’s business out in the streets in Atlanta. I mean, he said some shit girl
that you need to hear from him. I wouldn’t even feel comfortable
repeating it, because it’s so fucking bad. But, how do we know that what
he’s saying is the truth? Did she really say this?
Can we call him? I’ll give you his number,
but understand, Malaysia’s going to be mad.