Welcome to HIPHOP PLAYA, where we recommend hiphop musics every Friday. Today, we’re here with Zico. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. It’s so good to see you. It’s good to see you, too. How have you been? I started an entertainment company called KOZ. And I wrapped by my concert, Fancy Child successfully. It was a huge stage. It was. The stage was spacious. It was almost like Blackpink’s stage. Was it your first time performing at the handball stadium? Nope. I’ve done my solo concert there before. It was last year and the title was “King of the Zungle” For Two days. Right. Well, looks like our guest is kind of a big deal. Our goal is to perform at YES24 live hall. Do I look here when I talk? The red dot? Yes. Look at the red dot. Oh really? Is it better that way? It make you look like you’re looking at the viewers when you talk. Should I be doing that too? Oh you mean you didn’t know? Nope. I only look at my guests.. So anyways, when is your album release date? On September 30th. September 30th. September 30th and then another one is coming up. The next month. Do you mean another album? Yes. Separately. Like the double combo. Are they both official albums? Yes, they are official. And you just divided them into tow. Correct. The genre is broad and there are lots of informations I wanted to put in, so I thought if I do that in one album, things might feel too overwhelming. That’s why I divided it into two. Sweet and salty. Can you tell us a little bit about your album? When will this be uploaded? Next Friday. Then I shouldn’t tell you the title of my album. Well, this is my very first full-length album and it’s packed with my ideas and thoughts. The word ‘thought’ is my hint. My own thought. I get a lot of inputs from around my surroundings. Same goes for inspirations. I just thought that there are not much things inside me that I can call my own. So for this album, I wanted to be my own inspiration. That was the idea. – An album of thought.
– Mhm. Well, I’m still clueless. Why is Friday not a good day for the reveal? I need to save that for my teaser. What this is all about, you know? Even if I don’t reveal too much about my album, I thought me just being here would be meaningful. Do you watch our show often? I do. I do watch your shows. I’ve watched the episode with Olltii, Tiger JK, and a few other episodes. Did you wanted to appear on our show? Yes. Really? I didn’t hesitate answering your question, so that means I’m being honest. I think you’re hesitating as you’re speaking. No, not at all. Did I look like I was hesitating? He’s keeping to himself.. Well, let’s keep going with the questions, shall we? What song do you listen to the most recently? I listen to Easy Life – OJPL. I listen to it when I’m driving. Overall, the song feels like, It’s stylish and cutesy but the lyrics are very nervous. It’s very tense. That contrast was interesting to me. From the audio perspective, it’s chill and groovy like Mac Miller. It’s the artist who I listen the most nowadays. And this particular song is my favorite work from that artist. OJPL means orange juice and pink lemonade. How cute. Let’s listen to it. So he broke up with his lover. He broke up and now he’s angry about anything and everything. Makes sense. He also plays instruments. It really does remind me of Mac Miller. Right? They have the similar vibe. I think it’s his voice. How are you feeling? I’m having fun. Do you? Yeah. I feel really comfortable. We film for nearly 2 hours and edit everything down to 20 minutes. You’re holding a pen and a paper right now Oh this is one of my habits. I write as I’m speaking. I can’t talk without this. You’re just like grandmas. Like when your parents are on the phone. – They keep writing something
– Things like flowers or boxes. Like the pyramid scheme.. It’s gotten worse recently, this habit of mine. If I’m holding my phone, I start writing on my phone. When I’m on my Kakao Talk as I’m answering a call, if I see jajangmyeon, I write down the word jajangmyeon. When I’m on my Kakao Talk as I’m answering a call, if I see jajangmyeon, I write down the word jajangmyeon. Is this some sort of disease? I bet your fans are wondering what the heck you’re writing about. I just wrote OJPL. He even wrote the #. Songs with memorable music videos. I bet I’m not the only one here. The video was very impactful. Post Malone’s GoodByes. This song appeared for the third time on our show. So I added on to that. I nailed it. Is there any reason behind? It was just so powerful. From the very first scene. You die and then you’re back alive as a zombie. Which is a tricky concept. It might have turned the whole MV too cheesy. But the tone & manner of the MV had the just right amount of grotesqueness. On top of that, Post Malone showed an excellent acting ability. I think this MV shattered all of my previous personal stereotypes. I think we had enough talks about music… Do you like zombie movies? – Zombie movies?
– Yeah. Recently I watched The Kingdom. On Netflix. How was it? Well, for instance, the scale is broad. I think it’s entertaining to watch those kind of things. I heard it gets even more interesting towards the end. Yeah yeah. I also heard that people give up at the beginning. That’s why I didn’t even started. I really enjoyed Travis Scott document on Netflix. Of course I watched that. I was waiting for it to be up. I waited. I felt melancholy after I was done watching it. I think rappers might understand this feeling. There were tons of memorable scenes but for instance, they sketch out the live studio session and its progress. They start their session with their homies in the villa. And then they finally come up with something and they go, ‘Hey! we’re done’ and then they go off to the club, getting all excited. That’s what’s the song is about. I liked the scene where he got all angry and walked off to the back stage because he didn’t win the Grammy award. His child. With Stormi in his arms. He watches over the audience from the back stage when the Astroworld Festival first started. It’s a scene where he feels a sense of exhilaration towards himself. It was very interesting. I imagined him to be some sort of entity, a non-human being, before the film. But the film made me think, ‘wow, he’s a human being after all’ Especially the scene where he didn’t get the Grammy award, I really felt bad for him. This might be slightly off topic but, the scene makes you think of Leonardo DiCaprio. So you’re all like, ‘Travis Scott needs this award, he earned it’ So the fans are thinking, ‘If it’s not this time, when will we ever see Travis Scott being happy?’ I think we all felt the same way in that scene. I too felt sorry for him. But Travis Scott is indeed a super star. What I found interesting in the film were the scenes where Travis Scott is alone by himself, or him together with his friends. Those scenes made me think ‘He’s a human being, just like us.’ I think you, Zico, are also in that similar position. – At least that’s how I think.
– You do? – I appreciate it.
– Up on the throne. So I’m curious if that’s how you felt. Did you feel like you and him shared some sort of similarities? Well, I guess we both act like a child when something good happens. Like jumping up and down. That’s what I do when I’m excited. Everything is over! For my album, I think the beat came out really good. The loop is sick. I play it and listen to it, I even put in on the speaker before the mixdown. I put it on the speaker and I’m like, ‘Oh my god this is over’ That particular moment in the song which serves my pleasure. That sense of self-absorption. That’s what gets me high. And then I go back to mental breakdown. Like when I’m writing the lyrics and stuff. I’m like, ‘Oh god, I’m never gonna do this’ The song with better featuring. 21savage – a lot (ft. j. cole) Do you like j.cole? I love j.cole. My favorite is j.cole from Young Simba. But I also like the recent version of him too. He’s more like a teacher than a singer now. His verses are unique. They represent j.cole’s own way of discipline. I love the advices he gives. He starts narrating at the beginning of the verse. It’s all improvised. ‘Before I left, I stopped by to see 21 in the studio. He had two of his kids with him right in the studio’ Then he drops the question and then goes back to his verse. The structure itself is a bit conventional. 2/4 is apparent in the process of his song making. But the reason I like it is.. The songs that j.cole was featured in, And j.cole’s owns songs which was featured by the other artists. When you look at the lyrics and compare both songs, j.cole’s songs are always the better. My favorite part is, ‘I guess I was hoping the music would speak for itself, but the people want everything else’ ‘Okay, no problem. I’ll show up on everyone’s album.’ ‘You know what the outcome will be, I’m batting a thousand.’ This time around was when j.cole was very active in terms of featuring in other people’s songs. I think that’s what’s so cool about him. I don’t he settles. Ever. I can feel the sincerity in every line. In fact, I found this question very difficult because there are the old version, the mid version, and the recent version. I was wondering on which period of time I should pick the songs from. So I picked 2 songs for this question. Live Fast Die Young by Rick Ross, featuring Kanye West. I’ve picked the Kanye West’s verse. – I believe this song is from 2010, before Rick Ross started using this kind of sound.
– That surprised me. From that period. The production was done by Kanye as well, and Kanye’s verse is no joke here. When I do some rap making, what I prioritize is the overall form. Not just the momentary skills, but I prefer the overall structure being perfect. I like raps with no elements which interrupts the groove. And this rap by Kanye West has some very dynamic sounds like this, which wasn’t really present in 2010, so it kind of opened up the door. – Kanye?
– Yes. There’s this part. You’re good at vocal mimicry. I can. I thought Rick Ross came back. That sounded exactly the same. Thought he came back. At that period, there weren’t many rap making which moved out of the boundary, such as intended voice cracking technique, so the fact that he did that at that time, reminds me that he’s a trend setter. Kanye started all those. Right. Kanye is Kanye. Songs that influenced you. I’ve picked the recent version. j.cole, again. Middle Child by j.cole I don’t even have to explain it. Anyway j.cole is a bit different from the rappers today. For example, let’s say some outfit is trending recently, and a bit old man says ‘hey, let me try that’, and he does, he looks even cooler than the young. Something like that. Because the body shape is already so good. Because the body shape of j.cole’s rap is just so good, he looks good in any outfit. He did a live performance with the auto tune, and it was so cool, it was a bit of a shock for me. What did you write? Cool live. Just put the Rollie right back on my wrist. But it’s not the image of him. Our image on j.cole isn’t so fancy. But he says Drake gave him that watch. People at that time said, two legends cannot coexist. But I’d never diss anyone without any reason. If I do, it’s got some valid reason. Not for clout nor fame, Not because someone stole my place, nor to sell my latest sneakers. So it really is a song which tells us about his attitude honestly and in a very cool way. In the chorus, it says, money in your palm don’t make you real. It’s just ridiculous. I think you can become a good translator. I love this song too, and I think it’s the Korean version of Middle Child. 36 Dangers by Deepflow. It’s got crazy lyrics. I’m sorry. Come here a bit. I was too excited. Among the rock stars, my fit’s still XXL. The fact that he mentions XXL… Can’t wash off the accent that resembles 1st generation. And the last line is very cool. My hiphop which isn’t hip, is dangerous. Shout out to Deepflow. He’s so cool. When people start off rapping, they do copy raps. Right. Eminem. E Sens for Korean. I won’t say it was a copy rap, but I tried to follow well. We were in the same company a few years ago. – Are we allowed to talk about that?
– Yes. What was trending among the trainees at that time, was to follow Zico’s mixtape raps. Not just for fun, but really damn serious. They really did that? They did it damn seriously. – We tried hard.
– But you sang back then. Right. Although it wasn’t my position, but everyone wanted to mimic the diction. What kind of diction did you want to mimic? Your pronunciation. Like, how does he do that? Let me try that. Favorite mood and the music that suits that mood. Earlier this year, I liked PBR&B, as well as folk music. Music that is calm but groovy. What I want to recommend today is You & Jennifer by Bulow. You and Jennifer. Yup. Who’s Jennifer? My guess is she witnessed her ex boyfriend and the girl named Jennifer together. So she’s like, ‘Fuck both of you. You and Jennifer.’ Go fuck yourselves. Not that I’m having a breakdown. I’m just let down. I think you’re nodding your head along. Lolo Zouai is super popular these days. Dark and moody songs like Billie Eilish’s songs. She used to be an indie singersong writer And now she’s No.1 artist which everybody knows and loves. I think you should add bülow in your list before she becomes famous and popular. I should pretend like I know her. Exactly. Before she gets big. This part is so good. She’s so good at rhythms. I think she loves Jennifer. I wish this song were mine. Jay-Z – Empire State of Mind Wherever you are, when this song comes up, everyone makes the diamond sign with their hands like some sort of ritual. And everyone’s got their faces ready for this brilliance. People are already in their zones. Everyone is fully immersed. It’s a song that can bring everyone together. I want to do the same to my listeners. I want to make them feel emotions other than excitement or sadness through my music. That’s why I want that song to be mine. ‘I made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can’ That part is sick. Personal song recommendation. Arin Ray – We Ain’t Homies The bass riff stood out the most. It’s very catchy. The melody making was also straight. It’s been a while since I came in contact with that kind of R&B melody. Where do you want to travel and what song would you recommend for the trip? Let’s do a retake. Okay. It’s her first mistake. Is this her first mistake? During the 30 episodes? I think you should reveal all the cut-scenes. Yes we will someday. Definitely. Where do you want to travel and what song would you recommend for the trip? It’s been a while since I went on a trip. I can’t really think of the most memorial travel experience. So instead I thought about the trip that I want to go in the future. I want to go to a hotel that’s made entirely out of glass. Where you can enjoy the scenery of nature. I just wanna lie down and put on Burna Boy’s Anybody on full volume. What if someone reports you? Well, the building should be in isolation. Or just buy the whole building. I won’t do that. I’ll just rent it. Do you like hotels or the forest? – What do you mean by forest?
– Like a cottage. – A cottage made out of wood in a forest.
– I prefer hotels. Without hesitation. You make lots of MV nowadays. Tell us a funny story. You worked with Babylon long time ago. He told us a story about that MV. There’s scene where we’re riding horses. That was my first time riding a horse. I think I’m talented in horse riding. I didn’t have the full uniform. So my butt got all wrecked up after that shoot. I barely walked. It got splinters. Thanks for telling us. I went to Block B’s studio the other day. Where? Nanrina. Did you dance? You didn’t, right? I didn’t but my face was there. Please edit this out. yeah yeah yeah yeah. It was for like 0.1 second. You’re right. Yup. You were there. I was so young. 21 years old. I think this was my first ever MV. Oh that moment. This is hilarious. Now that I’m looking back. Please include this. We were pretty young back then. You look just the same, Zico. Do I? Yes. Almost. Except the eyeliners. Yeah. I wore thick eyeliners back then. I used to be scared of you. Why? You were so sensitive. I was sensitive? YES. Without any hesitation. Here’s the studio. I’m a professional. At that time, I was full of passion. I’m a professional, I’ll do my best. They kept showing us Zico’s scenes. Look at this. He’s crazy. You should do something like this. You need to do it like this later. I can’t do that now. Isn’t this you? No. She looks exactly like you. You’re trying so hard to find her. What’s your favorite album? Oh, this was very hard to pick. So I did it the recent version. The other candidates were Thank Me Later by Drake, Blueprint 3 by Jay Z, and Malibu by Anderson Paak, but looking at the physical number of times that I listened to the album, it’s Geography by Tom Misch. That’s a masterpiece. What song shall we listen to? My favorite’s It Runs Through Me. It’s very analogue, but it’s not at all messy. Everything’s neatly arranged. I looked up for all the making videos of Tom Misch working on it, and the working style was generally quite rough. He makes the songs in the room. But I don’t know why, the sound is just so great. That was an amazing experience for me. In what situation can you write songs well? That’s very random. There’s no specific condition to that. It’d be so great if there’s some specific condition. Then I’ll try to satisfy that condition. Maybe some ritual, or any specific vibe, or time, it’d be great. Do you think you can write well when you’re feeling happy? It’s been quite a while since that stopped. Oh, since it stopped? Right. I don’t think I can make songs well when I’m happy. Maybe cause I usually don’t feel happy… That makes me sad. You look happy now. I’m having fun now. I tend to write songs well when I’m feeling sentimental. Best song in your life. Let’s Get Retarded by Black Eyed Peas. No exaggeration, I’m still growing up based on the influence and inspiration I got from this song. That’s the song that made my fundamentals. My roots. I really like the vibes of Black Eyed Peas in that period of time. I enjoyed listening to the whole album, Elephunk. When I look at the production side only, I think it’s the most perfect album. In terms of sound and making. I learnt a lot from this album, and I still get inspired by the songs of Black Eyed Peas. The arrangement’s insane. In MAMA 2015, I did a collaborated performance with BTS. I’m going to show off about it to my children one day. Dad performed Let’s Get Retarded with BTS. That was the last question. How was today? It was really fun. I’m not kidding, it was so fun. I like doing something like this. Usually, questions on what songs you listen to recently and what songs influenced you, can end up a bit disappointing cause you might forget something momentarily. Always. Because, sometimes I’m like, ‘oh, I should have said this song’. I usually failed to tell people what my real preference is, so this was the only time that I could actually spend some time thinking before telling people of my taste. Your favorite among your works. That you’re most proud of. I think this song called Anti is the most well made. Of course the arrangement and the message are good, but more in terms of the development, I don’t think I can make something like this now. What about picking according to the generation? I think Her and Jackpot were pretty decent. I personally am not so attached to the songs that I wrote fast. For example Okey Dokey and Turtle Ship, of course I like them, they’re more like the songs that had quite a big influence, rather than personally endeared by me. The ones that I wrote with a lot of consideration are in the Television album. Like Artist and Anti. I like those. And Fear by Song Minho is also one that I personally like as well. And the new album. Can you tell us how many tracks are there? I guess around 10. So 20 in total? I’m not Chris Brown. Does the album have its own narrative? It doesn’t have a story going on. The songs got their own theme, based on my thoughts. Feels like we’re trying to get something out of you. Can you pick one song that you would listen to in a deserted island? A song that I’d listen in a deserted island? If you have to listen to only one song. In the earlier days, we used to pose this question as a joke. What song would you listen to if you end up in a deserted island? Put That On My Set. Since it’s the 50th episode. Wow, amazing question. I don’t think it’ll be my song. I’m going to talk to myself a lot over there, so I won’t. Boogie Wonderland by Earth, Wind & Fire. Will I be free enough to listen to a song? I need to survive over there. You happen to have a tape which contains a single song. Then that should be something that I can play for getting some help. Then I’ll change it to one of Skrillex’s. But there’s no loudspeaker. – Let’s think realistically.
– Right. No woofer, no loudspeaker. Oh, do you know? If you pluck the earphones in your nostrils and open your mouth, sound comes out from your mouth. Really? Oh, the sound comes out like this? There’s no sound if you close your mouth. But I have small nostrils, so it won’t fit. You’re telling me to demonstrate. Anyway, that just came to my mind. You can listen to the song that way in a deserted island. It resonates in the head and comes out from the mouth. I think that will make me look so miserable. It’s really fun, so give it a try. This is episode 50th of Friday Hiphop, as well as the final episode for season 3. Please share with us how you feel. In fact I didn’t know it’s the last episode. I guess it’s sad and fun at the same time. Please anticipate Soma’s music a lot, as well as Zico’s new album. Also the new season of Friday Hiphop. I’m not sure they’re doing it or not, but anyway. You’re so fluent. Have you listened to Soma’s albums? Of course. Oh, really? I like that one. Zebra. And that one too. Motorcycle. That was the best comment I got on Zebra. Oh, really? I listen to everything. Amazing. I’ll listen to your album well too. Nonsense. How’d you be able to… I mean when it comes out. I thought it’s leaked. That gave me a shock. – I was surprised to see you so shocked.
– It was indeed shocking. So this has been the last episode of season 3, please like and subscribe. – Thank you. Goodbye~
– Thank you. Wow, this makes me feel like a cool kid. I’m doing this for the first time. Please like and subscribe. Isn’t there the notification thing as well? – Please like, subscribe, turn on the notification. KOZ.
– Shall we put in the notification? What’s the purpose of founding KOZ? Out of the blue? Now that it’s all over? Last words! That was natural. I can even say that all that I’ve done in the past was to found KOZ. What’s the goal of KOZ? I won’t say that. Cause it may change. When I say the goal right now and I can’t accomplish it, I’ll end up being the moron. King Of the Zungle. What does it mean? Means that I’m the top predator in the ecosystem called music. Soon it will change to plural. It’s gonna be Kings Of the Zungle. What song would you listen to in a jungle? Anaconda. Thank you~! Thank you. Thank you. It’s hot here. It’s fun.