As I told you last time at Q&A I’ve prepared a new challenge I want to tell you what I’m doing to you guys Please support me a lot It is 6:47am I’m heading to the hair shop now I got my make up done Check a script Thank you for your efforts (cleaning up) Thank you The end of the makeup Let’s move on I woke up at 6 a.m. today, went to the shop My first schedule today is to shoot a film of Cupid What is Cupid? It’s a quiz app that CJ launched It was launched in January this year I will be participating in season 2 At breakfast, lunch, dinner, and mid-night time The MCs will give quizzes I’ll give a quiz at lunch time Wow!! I’m so excited to do something new It’s the first day of the day, and I wanted to this moment So I brought a camera Please join my schedule together! It’s my first shoot I was nervous because it was my first shoot I changed clothes and filmed in different ways I’m finally done with the first shoot It’s the first time I’ve done it, so I’ve made some mistakes and made some troubles Fortunately, I think I finished well If you see this video, please download the Cupid app Please solve my quiz at lunch time Then I’ll go to the next schedule Bye~ Next day It’s 5:02 a.m. now It’s so dark out there It’s been a long time since I came out at this time (I came out early for my morning schedule) (Reading a script) (Camera starts to tilt down) Camera: Look at me as well, not only the script Surprisingly, Young-joo read the script all the way Conpaca, Young-joo’s film mate Conpaca: Oh Young Joo! Please subscribe and like, also do alarm setting! (Doing well…!) What do you think of my first impression, Paca? To be honest, I’ve seen your YouTube videos a lot in South America You look prettier in person Make a sad face One, two, three! an angry look Suddenly Young-joo wants to learn to dance Can you do wave? Wave? How’s it going? Is it okay? Let’s do other things not dancing That looks good! I want to do that (What I’ve seen…) (change to another dance) Who was your favorite to be honest? It was you! I’m serious! You were the one among my alpaca friends Alpacas like the appearance like you I’ve heard I resemble alpaca a lot (not normal conversation) This is a new handball entertainment program we’ve started What’s the name of the program? Hi Handball! Every Tuesday at 10 p.m. Please watch it! Please look forward to the Parca and my chemistry 🙂 I’m here to eat pork belly Love eating after finishing work You should try some alpine leek. It’s delicious (put alpine leek on the meat) (Have naengmyeon, cold noodles) Eat it I had a great day Hello everyone 🙂 I came home from a long and long schedule today I woke up at 4 a.m. this morning, went home at 5 a.m I came back home at 10 p.m I came back home 17 hours after I left home It was a long day Now, I’m going to do an entertainment show on the new JTBC 3 sports channel The name is ‘Hi Handball’ I gratefully, I undertake the female MC I’m excited by myself So, I went to Cheongju to shoot today The purpose of the show is to make handball game more attractive There are 14 of the nation’s handball teams I went to meet players every week I’m going to do interviews There’ll be various contents on the show Hi Handall will be broadcasted every Tuesday at 10p.m on JTBC 3 sports channel You can see me growing up step by step I will meet different teams and make interesting contents a lot So please watch it Suddenly, it is a promotion time So, it was the first shoot today I worried a lot I think I will be getting better I’m sure it would be fun It was the first time to visit the handball team It was really speedy and dynamic than I expected It has a different charm from football It’s definitely that there are many different things from my thoughts as I’m getting to konw something new or make a new conversation It would be more attractive than I thought I could understand more Through this process I heard a lot of stories from people who are in different section that I’m not familiar with And it was really interesting So I’m so excited And there are a couple of new things that I’ve started It’s a quiz app! I’ll be in charge of MC of the quiz app I’m going to visit you at lunchtime and give you a quiz If you answer the quiz, you’ll get points to use I’ll give the quiz in fashion, beauty and food category It’s really fun Make sure to log on at lunch time and get the quiz right I’ve got new things coming up as it’s the end of the year I’m so busy nowadays I think I should manage my health properly so that I can’t get too tired It is necessary to control my condition I have been so busy recently like this And, as I mentioned in Q&A video before I talked that I’m taking on some new challenges And I wanted to tell you this in person I want to tell my YouTube fans first Becasue I…. I don’t know why it is difficult to say Um…. It’s not easy to tell I worried Guys, I… before several months I’ve started to learn acting Now I’m taking a lesson This is not the story I can say easily So I was so careful to say It’s a story to be told at some point I believe that you will understand me So I wanted to tell you guys Maybe some would be surprised and some poeple might expect this The reason why I was careful is that after finishing Heart Signal I started to work in entertainment industry I did various activities like radio DJ, reporter, and MC as well I work in broadcasting Acting is also one of the activities in broadcasting I feel like some people could misunderstand that I start acting so easily So I’m careful in talking I wanted to tell you guys when I’m more prepared I was afraid people take it lightly I’ve always wanted to learn (acting) I didn’t have much courage I decided that let’s try it before it’s too late I wanted to take a lesson So I’m learning acting There’s no guarantee that I’m 100% successful in doing this right now But it’s meaningful that I’m doing what I like without regret I’m working hard because I want to try Actually, I’m not young to start I’m about to be 30 I think I’m afraid, too I’m not young, either… This is a field that I’ve never tried Starting from scratch is not easy thing I don’t think I’m just excited of course I have worried What if I go this way and it doesn’t work? Can I make it well? It’s really difficult thing For now, I want to try it So I took two lessons for a week for several months It’s so much fun I feel… To learn new things that I like is so wonderful It is a lot of fun This is what I thought regardless of whether I succeed or not I think it’s good to do what I like to do even if there’s a risk I think there’s a reason why I do what I like to do Of course, there is the reason to do stable work There’s such a fear, but… It’s so much fun At first, It was the first time I’ve learned it I’m learning with my other friends I was not good at it So I was wondering if I could do it well Acting ability is not going up all of sudden It doesn’t improve steadily as well by my standards I feel it didn’t improve at all So I didn’t know what to do But lately, there’s been a change from last time I’m so excited about that I feel interesting when I prepare for the lesson Between what someone tells you to do and what I loke to do I think there’s a lot of difference When I do something I don’t like I’m so tired of working overtime I feel really tired When I work in broadcasting, I can’t sleep much and I’m so tired, but But it’s a lot of fun Have I ever worked hard before like this? I’ve been working so hard every day I don’t think there’s a time like this I think this is the time I’m on YouTube Thankfully, I’m working on another shoot Even though I’m so busy these days I feel like I’m doing step by step I’m looking forward to my future But I don’t want to expect too much Because as much as I expect, I can be disappoint I want to be realistic but I’ll keep thinking in a positive way Even though I start late I don’t think it would be tough Even though I don’t know anything about this when I look back on my life after few years later I don’t want to regret not to start acting that I really want I got a goal I don’t want to set a goal like to do well in a few years Let’s do it all without regret Let’s do my best About 20 or 30 years later, when I looked back on my life, I want to feel that “I’ve worked really hard” “I lived without regret” I want to think like this in the future This is my goal And since I started late, I should try harder than anyone else I just have to be a little bit more diligent and work hard That’s what I want First of all, I don’t think about anything else Just work and study hard. I’d like to learn the basics That’s my goal There are people dreaming of actors and working so hard for the dream I worry that they think I choose my dream so easily or lightly But I’m also very serious I want to try my best Yeah, so I just wanted to tell you about my new challenge I think I’m going to have to work hard Please support me So these days, I am learning to act two or three times a week I’m shooting on a new program and a quiz app I showed you how I worked yesterday and today I wanted to show you what I’ve been up to Tomorrow I’ll take my acting lesson let me show you my lesson as well I’ve been doing a YouTube fan meeting recently I’m going to post a fan-meat-up V-log next week Just as a sister, we talked a lot eating pizza and beer It would be nice to watch I want to be together next time with people who couldn’t join this time Then we’ll meet tomorrow Bye, I’m going to bed I have to go to bed. I’m so tired… Have a good night everyone. Bye!