Hi guys welcome back to another episode of embroidery hub and today’s topic is how to embroider on Beanies now these are sometimes a little bit of a challenge if you don’t have fast frames So I’m gonna show you how you can do it without the eight in one hoop or fast drapes And it’s pretty simple you just need a few extra supplies And you just need take one or two extra steps to get really good embroidery using your regular hoops all right So there are two things that we have to consider when we are Embroidering on this type of stretchy fabric one is that we have to is their main stretch as much as possible and two is that? Our stitches mean to be able to pop out and they can’t get lost in the fabric because it is so textured so we’re gonna Do that using the following materials? Here we have our temporary adhesive spray And we’re gonna go ahead and pair that with one sheet of tearaway backing that’s gonna help two of them need to stretch and then We have our alpha top topping we’re gonna go ahead and place this on the top of the embroidery to really help prevent those stitches from sticking into the fabric and To make sure they pop out and they look really good here are the other materials that we’re gonna use today We have our water that we’re gonna use at the end of our embroidery and we’re gonna spray that on the opposite apogee That’s gonna. Help dissolve it because it is a wash away topping then we have the Cutout or the printout of your design in my case it’s the test that my design And I wouldn’t have a head and cut out to help me Center my design then we’re also going to use a little bit of tape and I’ll tell you why we’re gonna need this later on and Our of course our measuring tape to help find the center and a water-soluble pen also for finding the center of your design So the first clip step of course is placing our design and I’m gonna go ahead and use these three tools my water-soluble pen my measuring tape and my cutout or my printout of the design I’m gonna start by measuring the length of my hat and it is about eight and a half inches so I’m gonna go ahead and put a mark at the four and one-quarter Mark and that’ll be exactly my Center Now I’m gonna measure the length And that is about two and a half inches, so I’m gonna put a mark at the 1 and 1/4 So kind of making a mark until they intersect all right so now I know that my design is about two inches, so I’m gonna place it right where I made my mark And I also want to make sure that each side is about a quarter of an inch away So we can have it even and it won’t be too high up or too Low and that would be because since our design is two and a half inches and our area is Three inches we want to make sure that we compensate for the other half inch on each side so we have 1/4 and 1/4 That’s about right And that’s about right so all you have to do is just go ahead and place a mark right there So you can know when you’re tracing it on the machine So as you can see this hat is a you can fold this hat over so you have two options you can stitch right through it and hoop it together like this or You can just stitch one side so that You can still fold it over so what I’m gonna. Do is stitch one side, so you can still fold it over so because I’m doing that I’m just going to go ahead and leave my design as in and just Invert it and we’re going to keep it right there as you can see so you could know which way to embroider And we’re going to turn it inside out so As you can see once you turn it inside our out our embroidery is still gonna be facing up And if you want you can go ahead and put a little arrow or mark so that you can know which way You want your design to be facing all right, so now it’s time for hooping When we are hoping our fabric? We’re just gonna go ahead and start by spraying our tearaway with temporary adhesive I’m gonna slide it right under so that I can get the area of Where the embroidery will be And now I’m going to place my hope ring so now I’m going to grab a piece of tape and about I’m gonna say about a quarter inch in I’m going to start taping it from the hop To the tearaway And this is gonna help to eliminate that stretch, and we got this idea from one of our Friends on our Facebook group Kathryn Turner Thank You Kathryn for this idea I saw it and I thought it was really cool I wanted to try it out myself, and I did on this and it worked wonderfully also the adhesive Spray will probably do the trick even if you don’t use the tape But we want to try to eliminate stretch as much as possible So we’re gonna go ahead and try it with that anyway I could have an extra piece of tape just to make sure it’s secure as you probably learned in Embroidery 101 it’s not always the best technique to to just hope to tear away Or just hook the backing without the fabric so with this team it’s gonna help compensate for that So I’m just gonna do one last step before I put it into the embroidery machine I’m just gonna lightly spray my the back of my design with a little bit of adhesive And I’m going to place it right where I place my Center mark, and I’m gonna do this because I? Am NOT able to see as well because of the blue tape so I want to make sure We’re still getting right in the center and that we’re not anywhere off. So that’s gonna. Help me with your tracing Especially if you’re new to design placement alright, so I have my hat ready for the embroidery machine so I’m just gonna go ahead and insert the hoop and Make sure that the bottom of the hut is through the soil arm so we don’t stitch over I already selected my hook so now. I’m just gonna go ahead and trace So now I’m gonna take off my design, and I’m gonna apply one sheet of aqua top Before embroidering and that’s really gonna help to make sure that those two just pop out on this textured fabric All right, so we’re ready to go. Let’s press Start All right, so here we have our finished product. Just finished embroidery now I’m gonna go ahead and remove the tare weight and the up atop and we should be done So to remove the top all we have to do is tear it away It’s very simple to remove The excess we can go ahead and spray with water or we can use snips to get it out Off the top stop now. I’m just gonna remove my tearaway like normal Alright so here. We have it. This is our finished product perfect for a winter day, or a cold day at the ballpark I want to thank you all for watching if you like this video Please make sure to hit the thumbs up button below and to subscribe to our Channel I also want to invite you to our Facebook group Embroidery and custom apparel mastery where you can join other embroiders and myself in it You can ask questions and share any of your knowledge you will find the link to the group below again Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you back here next time