we’re here with Marty Kapoian of the
Elmira College men’s ice hockey team coming off a win over Wilkes University,
here at the Murray Athletic Center. Do you want to talk about some of the
adjustments that were made in the middle of that game because it was kind of tight early and we broke away there at
the end. Yeah, we we just got on our forecheck check harder. We noticed they had a lot
of speed coming into the zone so we just tightened up our neutral zone gap a
little bit for our D. Got the pucks up quicker you know, one-two out and forecheck hard hard, and that was kind of the name of the game. But yeah, our team bounced back there
quick, and yeah we got the dub. your Your first shaving cream pie to the face in
your career. Do you want to talk about these first couple games of the season
and how you’re acclimating, the other freshmen are acclimating to the game? As freshmen you know, it’s nice to come in and play some games. Get in
there, get in the lineup. I think all of us are taking advantage of it and are playing
good. We know that a lot of returners came back and it’s hard to
crack that lineup, so we’re making the most of it. As an experienced team in the
league, and playing teams like Kings and Wilkes who’ve been in the league for one,
maybe two years, it’s nice to have that experience and lead us to victory like
that. So yeah, it’s good locker room chemistry and everyone’s
playing their role. Couple of goals for yourself tonight, do you want to talk
about what worked on the ice and maybe how those plays worked out? All my
teammates, Pat for forechecking hard, starts the whole play up. D with a nice move
on the blue line throws it in front of net I just happened to grab it, shoot it
quickly, but it all starts with Pat’s hard work down low. And then the second
one, Ross came in there quick, made a beautiful pass between the defenders
legs. I just was cutting back door because I know it’s where he likes to
throw it, tip in. All the credit goes to my teammates for that one. All to my teammates, so thanks to them.