Oh boy, that was
an exciting game. [LAUGHTER] Was it ever. To say the least,
to say the least– OK, so some of you
were here in 2010. Who was here in 2010? I gave you a flag. Yeah. Yeah. And you took it with you, and
you showed the Russians, right? Yeah, yeah. We brought it all over
the Olympic village and actually it was
just so awesome, because like
Uzbekistan, Finland, Kazakhstan, like you name it,
they knew you and loved you. Really? Yeah, they were freaking out. They were loving it. And so it’s just such
a joy and honor for us. I mean, we were like so stoked. I don’t know if anyone has
seen the reactions of the fans when they watched us win. That’s what we’re
doing right now. [LAUGHTER] Like we are so stoked
to be able to come here. [APPLAUSE] Yeah, thank you for having us. And we wanted to come back
with the gold for you. That’s right. Well, you wouldn’t be
sitting here if you hadn’t. [LAUGHTER] I’m kidding. We’d have you no matter what. So has it sunk in
yet that you actually are all wearing a gold medal? I mean, it must take time to
really let it sink in, right? Yeah, it does. I mean, I don’t know if it’s
really sunk in with us yet. I think it’s been a
pretty whirlwind journey. It was obviously an
exciting Olympics for us, and we’re just so excited to get
home and share this experience with everyone that has
supported us along the way. You know, let little kids put
the medal on, let everyone take pictures, and just really
give back to everyone that supported us
this whole time. Yeah, well, that’s a
great thing that you want to do that instead of
just kind of like, I won. [LAUGHTER] So you fought for the
equality for this team. Tell everybody what
you did exactly. Well, I think for us
really it was just something in our program
needed to change. There was a lot of us that
have been around for a while, and you know, we’d seen
things or experience things that it just kind of
enough was enough. And we put a world championship
on the line and said, we wouldn’t attend if we didn’t
see some major cultural changes in our program in regards
to women being treated with a little bit more respect. And so this team– [APPLAUSE] We’re trying to motivate
people through sport and inspire and continue
the dialogue for equality. But we needed to
prove our worth too and came back with the gold. So we’re pretty
excited about that. [APPLAUSE] You proved it. You proved it. So what goes into training? What do you do to prepare? We have a very rigorous training
schedule, seven days a week. It’s wild. So you really have to prepare
your body in the nutrition category. You’ve got to eat a
well-balanced diet, and for me it’s eating clean
proteins and Chobani yogurt. And I’m just so excited
because Chobani is actually giving people free yogurt and
giving back to the community. I heard. He was on the show the other
day talking about that. (HOARSELY) So everybody
get your yogurt. [APPLAUSE] (HOARSELY) It’s really good. All of our voices are gone. I was going to say. Are you not talking
because you sound like her? Because is it from screaming? [LAUGHTER] Did you all lose your
voices from screaming? Yes. We wanted to share
it with everybody so. OK and so some of you were
in the ESPN Body Issue. Who participated in that? OK there’s a picture that
is so well-choreographed– [APPLAUSE] And there’s another. Oh god. That one took a while. I mean, you had
to hold that pose long enough that you’re
hiding every part that you needed to hide. Yeah. That one took a while to
get the clean version of it. We’re back with the incredible
US Women’s Hockey team. So that was Maddie
that blocked that. So you’re the goalie. I can’t imagine more pressure
than that particular moment. What’s going through your
head, and what are you feeling? I mean, I’m actually
pretty much a scaredy-cat. But when it comes to goalie,
it’s important to stay calm. And just looking
over at the bench and seeing my teammates
with all their energy, and just seeing their support
made it so much easier and confident back there. Yeah. I mean, you are the hero. Like, you stopped that– [APPLAUSE] I mean, clearly it
is a team sport. So it’s all of you. And Jocelyne, you
scored the point, but then if you hadn’t blocked
it, it wouldn’t have mattered. So it’s pretty invested. I have a gift for y’all, but
I hear you have a gift for me first. So I’m going to give
you my gift afterward– we’ll see whose is better. [LAUGHTER] Well, nothing can
compete with yours, but we have a team-autographed
stick for you, Ellen. Oh, man! [APPLAUSE] And you have your
very own Ellen jersey. Oh, thank you so much! You just bring so much joy and
so much life to other people. You’re someone who is so humble. I mean, it’s evident. Like, your job is just to
encourage other people, and we just want to be a
small part of that also. And so this is a tiny little
gift that is to thank you. Aw, thank you so much. This is awesome. Thank you very, very much. And I now have to learn how
to play hockey, [LAUGHTER] because I’ve got a
jersey and a stick. So all right, so here’s
my gift to y’all. So there has only been one
Jersey hanging in the studio, and that is Drew
Brees from the Saints, because I am from New Orleans,
and I love Drew Brees, and I love the Saints. But starting today, the US
Women’s Hockey team Jersey is going to be hanging there. [APPLAUSE] Congratulations. Congratulations to all of you. You’re awesome. We couldn’t be prouder of
you and happier for you. And just keep spreading
the joy and helping girls. And thanks for just
standing up for equality and showing that we’re
supposed to be treated equally, and sometimes you just have
to stand up and fight for it, and then they say, oh, OK. [APPLAUSE] Hi. I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things, like ball-peen hammer, and
also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities, if
you’re into that sort of thing. [SCREAMS] [BLEEP] God [BLEEP]