Happy Friday. TGIF, or what’s it called? It’s thank god
I’m famous, right? [LAUGHTER] All right, let’s talk
about my audience. Enough talking– I
talk about me everyday. I want to talk
about my audience. I have the best audience
in all of television. [APPLAUSE] You’re pretty. You’re pretty. You’re handsome. You smell good. And I hear some of
you are talented. So I’m going to let you
show off your talent. Because it’s time for
Hidden Audience Talents. So I’ll cool you
down and see what you’re going to show us all. Connor and Carson
Kline, where are you? [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi! Hello! Who’s Connor? Who’s Carson? I’m Connor. Hi. Carson. Carson. And how old are y’all? 13 years old. 13? Yeah. Yeah, you’re twins? [LAUGHTER] Yep. Yep. Who’s older? Me by two minutes. Two minutes older. All right. Does your boss you around. I’m taller. But you’re taller. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] You probably are
two minutes early because he pushed you out. [LAUGHTER] I’m not sure how that worked. All right, so let’s– what do you do? We do hockey tricks. Yeah, we do hockey tricks. Hockey? Hockey? Hockey. Hockey? Yes. [LAUGHTER] Where are you from? Uh, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. [LAUGHTER] OK, OK. All right, so you’re
going to do hockey tricks. Yes. All right, let’s see them. Those are some pucks. OK. [MUSIC – VANILLA ICE – “ICE ICE
BABY”] Ice, Ice, baby. [CHEERING] Ice, Ice, baby. Ice, Ice baby. [CHEERING] Wow! [CHEERING] Wow! [APPLAUSE] That was amazing! Thank you. That was amazing. All right, stand over there. That was– I don’t know
how we’re going to top– Oh, you’re staying over here. Sorry, I don’t know
what’s happening. All right. So, wow, that was
really impressive. Did you see me throw them
up in the air, though? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] It was pretty high, right? Yeah. And there’s one in
there somewhere. All right, Lyla Tater. Where’s Lyla Tater? [MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] Hi, Lyla. Hi. Where do you live? I’m from El Cajon, California. Uh-huh, and what do you do? I am a freelance artist
and photographer. And I’m also a student. OK. And you have a certain talent. I do. And what is that talent? I can make animal impressions. Let’s see it. All righty. OK, so I’m going to
start off with a horse. Sure. [NEIGHING] [LAUGHTER] You should add a kick
or something, yeah. [APPLAUSE] Yeah, that was good. And then there’s a dog. [BARKING] [WHIMPERING] [LAUGHTER] A little sad doggy, too. [APPLAUSE] And then there’s a pig. [OINKING] [SQUEALING] [LAUGHTER] And then, I don’t
know if you guys know what a zebra sounds like. But it sounds like– [ZEBRA BARKING] [APPLAUSE] I think you found out you
were able to make that noise and just assigned
an animal to it. I don’t know– [APPLAUSE] Are you sure a zebra
makes that noise? I used to have a zebra. Where do you live? [LAUGHTER] I have horses. I show horses. So with all my horses,
I also have the zebra. All right, wonderful,
Lyla, thank you so much. I’ll take that back. [APPLAUSE] I just wanted a zebra. So I got one. Asia Ray, where’s Asia Ray? [MUSIC PLAYING] Asia, right here. How are you? Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too. All right, hi, Asia. So where do you live? Here in Los Angeles. Uh-huh, and what do you do? I work at a bar called
Black Rabbit Rose. Are you a bartender? No. What do you do? I swallow swords. What kind of bar is this? Is that– It’s a magic venue and bar. And what other things happen
besides sword swallowing? Magic. And I also eat fire
in our show, as well. Uh-huh. Yeah. Boys, don’t try
any of that stuff. [LAUGHTER] All right. All right, so you’re
going to swallow a sword. Yes, I need a sword. First, hold on, wait, wait. How do you– [LAUGHTER] Yes? How do you decide that
something you want to try? Well, I grew up in a freak show. Oh, OK. Never mind. All right. [LAUGHTER] Thank you. Sorry. Got to lick it first. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] OK, I’ve seen– It’s a little wet. Yeah, I’ve seen
people lick it before. How in the world does
that help anything? I mean, that really helps? What? Yeah, it lubricates it. I understand– I
know lubrication is. I understand– [LAUGHTER] I know what licking does. I’m saying– [LAUGHTER] You’re making me blush, Ellen! But, like, so how do you even– how do you– I don’t want to try it. I just am wondering,
like, can anybody do that? You just open up your
mouth at a certain angle and it just goes down? You have to train
a lot to do it. Yeah. Yeah. Overcome gag reflexes
and align the body. Yeah. Yeah. All right. OK. Those are all my
questions for now. You have to overcome– [APPLAUSE] You have to overcome
gag reflexes. When I brush my teeth and it
goes too far on my tongue I [COUGH] like– [LAUGHTER] Arnetta Lawrence, where are you? [MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] Hi! Nice to meet you. How are you? I’m good. How are you? Good. All right, where do you live? Merrillville, Indiana. All right. And what do you do? I’m a medical assistant. A medical assistant, all right. And what kind of
medical assistant? I work with patients. Oh, I see. [LAUGHTER] That cleared it up. OK, so, all right, what
do you– what do you do? I carry things. You carry things? Yeah, for my friends. OK, carry things
for your friends? When we go out. OK. And you’re going to
show us what you carry? I can. Yeah. I need a table. A table? All right, let’s get a table. All right. All right. Oh, OK, well, I have the
spray for the girl who needs a little freshening up. Uh-huh. Oh, OK. Got the deodorant,
too, somewhere in here. Maybe a little tart. Oh, here’s that cap for this. All right. And the one who don’t want
to carry the purse anymore. Here it is. They want you to
carry the purse. Right. And then the girl who can’t
stay in her heels all night. I have her flats, her shoes. Some different shoes. And sometimes, you know,
I get a little hungry. Uh-huh. Oops, tater tots. I love those tater tots. [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] You want one? Thank you, though. All right. I have got a makeup bag, too. You know, I have to– The makeup bag. Yes. Uh-huh. And then I have the flat
iron, keep these curls. [LAUGHTER] And then I have the
brush for the girl with the straight hair. All right. And then we don’t pay
for nothing in the club. So we got your– [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] Come here. OK, what did you start with? When someone said carry
something for me, what was it. It’s always the bottle. It starts with the bottle. I starts with the bottle. All right, for
sharing your talents, you’re all getting a
65 inch TCL Roku TV. And we’ll be back!