Our first guest was the
captain of his football team in high school. And during a school
assembly he surprised some of his classmates when
he publicly came out as gay. Take a look. Hiding from who I was put a
tremendous amount of stress on me at such a young age. And only got worse
as the years went by. I wanted so badly
to be straight. There were countless
nights where I would cry myself to sleep
begging to wake up straight, asking why it had to be me. Why can’t I just be
normal, I would say. It had been tearing me
up inside for too long. So one day at a friend’s house,
towards the end of the summer I came to the decision
that I would come out. I told a few of my
closest friends. I can’t even explain the
weight that has been lifted off my shoulders after that. For the first time in
my life I could finally be true to myself. I came to the
conclusion that I really didn’t care what
people thought anymore. I owed it to myself to be me. So great. So now a year later Jake is
playing division one football at Indiana State University. From St. Louis, Missouri
please welcome Jake Bain. Can I first just say,
before I came out I used to watch your
show like, all the time. And it just means so much to
me to actually be here now and be on your show. And you’ve done so much for
the entire LGBT community. And just humanity as a whole. So it means so much for me
to be on the show with you. Thank you so much. [APPLAUSE] Well, first of all let
me say, I admire you. I’m proud of you. I know how hard it is
for anyone to come out, especially a football
player in a small town. And you looked very, very
nervous doing that speech. Yeah. How long had you been
thinking about it? Honestly probably
three or four years. I was really nervous at first. We had just won the
state championship my sophomore year of football. And right after
that everything– I was just like, at an all
time high at that point. And I was getting so much
attention for athletics. But at the same time
in the back of my head. I had started to start
questioning my sexuality. And what it was
that I truly wanted. So I was really
nervous at first. And then my school was super
supportive and everything. That’s great. But I knew that it could be
different once I came out and I was actually out
there in the public. So I was nervous at first. But I was definitely embraced
and loved by everybody. Right, that’s great. Because it’s a really
conflicting thing to feel really proud of
yourself and good at something. And then in the
back of your mind have shame and
carry shame around. So you’re living this kind of
private secret conflicted life. And it’s not healthy, you know. So that’s so great you did that. All right, so the
school was supportive? Yes, yes. I went to a pretty small high
school in St. Louis, Missouri. But it was a very
accepting community. Everybody from the
students, to the faculty, to even the staff and
the custodial workers all just embraced me with
so much love and support. And I never found
anybody there who disliked me because I was gay. So now you’re playing
for Indiana State. Yep. And how’s that going? I mean you must’ve been worried
about your career in football. Right. I had a lot of
nerves coming out. Because there aren’t
very many out, openly gay football
players, so– Or any. Or any. I couldn’t count
them on one hand. So once I got to Indiana State
it was like all of those nerves were set aside really fast. Because even before I committed
there I talked to the coach about my sexuality
and that I wanted to be openly gay
at Indiana State. And he assured me from
the very beginning that I was going to be accepted
by the community at Indiana State. And that my teammates were
going to treat me just like anybody else on the team. So that just meant so much to
me to hear that from the older guys right away. Well, and that means that
other people hearing that now. And if everybody would have the
courage to do what you did then we wouldn’t have
that homophobia. We wouldn’t have that fear. Exactly. And so you’re going to
inspire other people just like I inspired you. And gave you the
hopes and dreams. Because life can be beautiful. Like, life doesn’t
have to be hard. It can be everything
you want it to be. And you have a boyfriend. Hunter is in the audience. You’ve been with him– Yes. Hi, hunter. Hello. I’m so excited to be here. And Hunter is with
his mom there, hi. So that’s fantastic. And to have the support of your
parents, that’s everything. It really is. So you’ve been with
Hunter for two years? Yes. I met him at a party and we
kind of connected pretty fast. I kind of always had
like a sneaky feeling that he may be gay, so– We weren’t both out at the time. But we just kind of connected. And we talk all the time now. I mean, even more we’re
not with each other. Because he goes to UNC. So it’s about a 10 hour drive
or like a two hour flight. Oh, wow. It gets hard. But he got to come to
Indiana State a few times over the football season. So it’s been great. Oh, that’s so great. You’ve got to be so
proud of him, too. Oh, I’m so proud. Yeah. That’s amazing. This is crazy. All right, well so
the NCAA regulations say you can’t accept gifts. Because you’re an athlete or
some stupid thing like that. So Hunter is going to get a six
night stay at the John Michel Cousteau resort in Fiji. And so maybe he’ll
bring you, I don’t know. What? Oh my god! There’s guided snorkeling, rain
forests, round trip airfare from Fiji Airways. Thank you so much. We’ll be right back. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
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