Hey crafters! Today we are going to be
making crochet beaded earrings. So I had a request assign a couple videos back
from Pinky Green and she wanted to know if I could put together an easy tutorial
to make to crochet a pair of hoop earrings and add beads and so I thought
you learn to try this for a while but I finally got around to doing it because I
was inspired by the requests so and as always if you have requests and videos
you’d like to see comment below and hopefully I will be able to do them I
love the great ideas you guys have so I’m doing this tutorial kind of two-part
I have another video that I’m going to upload at the same time as I upload this
one where instead of using national materials to make the earring I do a
tutorial with like a hula hoop and rope and stuff so it’s kind of a bigger scale
tutorial because if you look at this guy it’s kind of small so you know there’s a
lot of detail involved so I’m doing two tutorials one where you can see what the
actual supplies you need another one righteous through with a hula hoop and
pool noodles and stuff so you can hopefully see the details better so
before we begin you’re going to need to gather your supplies I’m using this
crochet thread this is red hearts classic crochet head and it says 10
sizes plenty of how thick it is so this is a little thicker for a crochet thread
but that’s kind of a good thing because we don’t want to do this to detail
because it’s supposed to be an easy tutorial so I hope that this is easy and
that you’re able to follow along so this is what I use and my color here is
peacock I thought this was a pretty color I also picked up some key seed
beads these are cousin brand and on the front you might see something that says
like a number and then slash a zero so this is plotting you how big the beads
are at the beads that I’m using are six over zero and the reason I recommend
this size is the way you can thread it onto this crochet thread answer that way
it’s big enough so it’s not hard so does the first two things you’ll need you
will also need a crochet hook if you look on the packaging it tells us we
need a size 7 crochet hook so you know crochet hooks there
labeled by alphabet letters but once you get smaller than an A you start using
numbers and so the smaller the number it’s actually closer to a so that means
it’s bigger so this is a seven so this is a little bigger than this one here
that’s a tenth so you’re going to size seven crochet hook y’all so since we’re
making earrings are going to need something to crochet on this is a hoop
earring that I found the brand is blue moon beads and it does the packaging
didn’t say but when I measured this hoop it looks like it was about a 30
millimeter diameter so if I’m pretty sure this is so I would recommend this
it that way the sizing and everything works out okay and then opportunity to
review swimming of two ears and then you will need two earring hooks these can
you know you’re keeping off line or if you don’t have pierced ears but you
still want to make these you can get a pair of crafting clip-on earrings
they’ll look something kind of like this and you’ll have a little spot where you
can hook it line I forgot beam and then because you’re going to be attaching
these two parts you might want a pair of middle nose pliers because then you can
kind of bend the wire open to be able to insert it on here you’re going to want a
pair of scissors and a pen we’re going to thread the beads onto the crochet
thread you may also want to use a needle and a needle threader so you can get the
beads onto the thread so to start we’re going to go ahead and thread eight seed
beads onto our crochet thread I’m going to thread the seed beads onto the
crochet thread off-screen just to save a little bit of time on this tutorial so I
can focus on the actual tutorial itself so let’s get started so here we are I’ve
threaded a bunch of beads onto my crochet thread we only need eight so one
two three four five six seven eight we’re not going to worry about load so
we just want me to on the thread and we’re not going to use them for a while
at first so we can just slide all the bees further up the thread you can kind
of see that this thread is a little curling that’s because I was messing
around with it and experiment with it to make sure my printer works well that’s
why it looks a little bit like that so to start the pattern says which I have
the pattern up on my blog by the way and I’ll link to that below also
but to start the pattern says we need to make us we need to crochet around the
earring hoop 24 single crochet stitches so let’s show how to do that before you
start crocheting you want to thread this through here so you can see that I’ve
come up to the middle and then complete us but not go trouble here
look knot and we’re using our size seven crochet hook and insert the hook and
make it that size so you can see that we kind of have the yarn going through here
and we’re going to start to single crochet around now because we’re working
in a circle we think I’ve had this turn whatever way we want we’re going to join
our circle or twenty-four together we’re going to slip stitch up at the top once
we come all the way around but while watching crocheting it doesn’t
really matter what way it’s facing so to do a single crochet normally what you do
is you yarn over insert the hook yarn over and pull through two so the yarn
over part that’s not too hard so we come from the back in your over but we don’t
really insert the hook so we’re kind of if we’re thinking about it it’d be like
we’re inserting here and this would be our spot and we don’t over but that’s
really confusing to do if we do it that way so let me show you an easier way to
do it so you yarn over then come to the front and catch the yarn okay so you can kind of see that there
I’ll stretch it out bigger so you can see it so we’ve got a slipknot we
started with our first yarn over in our second yarn over so now we’re going to
take this second yarn over catch it and pull it through to complete our single
crochet stitch and as you can see it’s pretty small so this can be tricky to do
at first because of the detail but it just takes practice and go slowly so to
do our yarn over we’re going to come from the back over to the front then
bring our hook in here and catch this tail piece right here for a second yarn
over and then we’re going to pull this second yarn over through both loops let
me do that again we’ll try to keep my fingers out of the way better so you’re
it over come to the front catch it and so it’s gotten to hook now
and then pull that yarn over through both loops and there we have we’ve
already got three single crochet in here if you look from the top and you’re
trying to count it can be a little bit tricky to count what you want to look
for is you can see these little v-shape so one two three and that’s the top of a
single crochet so that’s how we count now as we if you look at this guy right
here you can see that we’re working to the middle but right now we’re kind of
worked on the outside that’s okay once we get done with this row we’ll bring it
to the centers like that but for now we work just to keep it easy we’re going to
keep working around just this outer edge so let me do one more to do our fourth
one so you’re over from the back come to the front yarn over pull it up this way
then I pull that yarn over through the other loops and there we go so right now
we have four single crochet let me finish up the extra 20 and then I’ll
show you what to do next so here we are I have done 24 single crochet around and
you may notice yours might be a little bit bunched up and might be stretched
out more but either way that’s okay because we’re going to be able to
stretch this to come all the way around so we’re going to let this kind of turn
inward somewhat and you can see how when I let it do that so that way the fees
are on the sighs how it kind of fits around here
better so I’m going to come to this we’ll turn it back outside just a little
bit to make this next part easier what I need to do is I need a slip stitch in
the very first single crochet so that’s going to be this spot right here you can
kind of see that first V I’m stretching it a little bit bigger so hopefully it’s
easy to see so if you look right there that’s our very first crochet stitch so
to do a slip stitch we’re going to insert the hook in that spot and then
yarn over and pull so everything on the hook so by now it’s probably turning
inwards so you can kind of see where we’re at and you’ve kind of got these
ribbing around the edge in our crochet stitches sitting on the outside turns
inward so now is the part where we’re going to start incorporating the beads
the way the pattern works is we’re going to do a total of eight double crochet
going around and that means we’re going to skip some of our single crochet
spaces below but also in the double crochet this is where we’re going to
incorporate our beads so our first double crochet you know how when you
work in rows how you first come up the side and sometimes you like that first
chain three kind of your first double crochet that’s what we’re going to do
we’re going to chain three but the catches when you to incorporate a bead
so to do this I’m going to take a bead you know that’s got me tipping to the
left and I’m going to slide it all the way up the yarn so it’s kind of right up
here against the hook and I’m going to yarn over to complete a chain like I
normally would but the what the difference is on all the other stitches
we’ve done so far we’ve kept the beads to the left and we’ve grabbed yarn to
the right of the bead so that would be a chain like that but we don’t want to do
that we want to incorporate the bead so we are going to slide the bead all the
way up against here then yarn over so we’re grabbing our to the left of the
bead and then we’ll pull through as our first chain so you can kind of see that
it’s going to sit on there like that and now we’re just going to do two
are chained like normal so change that’s our second change and this is our third
chain so this is going to count as our first double crochet so now we’re going
to do double crochet stitches in the spots around here and we’re going to
incorporate the the beads similar to how we did here what I just lost what a
money to do those but because we did 24 single crochet but we’re only doing
eight double crochet in the center we need to skip some spots so I’m going to
count we’re in right here so I’m going to count one two three and this is where
I’m going to work a double crochet so to do the double crochet and include the
bead I’m going to first yarn over like normal make up the spot again 1 2 3 and
then insert the hook so so far just like normal
now normally what you would do is you would yarn over pull through one yarn
over pull through two yarn over pull through two but we want to include our
next bead in this box so we’re going to just slide a feed all the way up here
against the hook and we’re going to grab yarn from the left of the bead when we
hear it over so you can see I’ve got two if you’ve not over here but it’s right
up against here I’m going to yarn over and pull through one and then I’m going
to complete the stitch just like normal by yarn over pull your and over pull
through two yarn over pull through two and it might be a little awkward at
first cause you get the bead in there and it’s so small but you can see we’ve
got our pattern forming and you can see how the beads kind of instead of sitting
on the front like it is at the chain it’s kind of falling into that spot
there let’s look at it from the other side and kind of see another look at it
and you may be wondering well let’s the double crochet look like that but the
chain one sits on top what about that we’re going to fix that when we get to
the end we’re going to twist it so that way it’s just in the side but now we’re
going to repeat this process going around we need to do eight more dos
could be six more double crochet so yarn over we’re going to count one two three
insert hook there and then before we yarn over I’m
going to make sure we slide a bead up against the crochet hook then yarn over
pull through one yarn over yarn over pull through two yarn over pull through
two and you may notice that even I’m having some problems because it’s so
detailed and that’s totally fine and now you’re just going to repeat this process
around until you have eight double crochet and we’re going to count our
change three as a double crochet so I’ll show one more yarn over count one two
three inside the hook slide the bead all the way up against the look grab to the
left of the bead yarn over and pull through one yarn over pull through two
yarn over pull through two and you can see we’ve kind of got this webbing
forming like we have on the sky so let me finish up working around and I’ll
show you how we finish it off so here we are I have finished my eight double
crochets you can tell that I’ve got eight beads on here and now all that’s
left to do is to slip stitch to this chain you’ll notice that there’s some
spaces right here that we’re not going to work in and that’s how it’s supposed
to be so as I said at the beginning the chaining a kind of see that it’s sitting
kind of on the front but all the other ones are kind of to the side filling in
that gap so if we want to do is we want to twist the chain before we insert our
hook so to do this simply just kind of pull the B to the back and then find a
spot of to echo that’s not my hands blocking anything so pluck the back and
then find a spot on the back of the chain close to the top up here to insert
your hook so I’m going in right there you can kind of see how if you want to
test your spot insert your hooks and see how when I insert my hook there it keeps
the chain twisted with that to the side that’s why no this is a good spot so if
you didn’t there’s not it’s too hard to you know say that this is the exact spot
you need to go in just because it’s so small but the idea is you want to twist
this and then find a spot on the very back and insert your hook there and I’ll
kind of pull the B to the side so you found a good spot where it kind of
turns a chain like that yarn over pull through everything to complete your
Slipknot and there you go now you’ve crocheted all the way around so it’s
love to do is you want to fasten it all so to do that just simply you’re an over
pull of big loops through and then we’ll cut this pull us out of here and we’ll
tighten this up and there you go we haven’t dealt with the NPI you may also
notice that some of the spots around here have bigger spaces and others so to
get a more even finished look you want to make sure you do your single crochet
even I had a couple spots right here you can kind of see how there’s more of the
wireframe shine I did Mike double crochet are my single crochet a little
looser but here I was doing them tighter so she can keep consistent tension it
will provide a more uniform what going around and also you can kind of stretch
it and adjust it to value it looks even and also it’s a cute design because it
doesn’t have to look perfect perfect for it to be super cute so the last thing
that you want to do is you want to read these own things you can use a smaller
crochet hook that’s how I weave in the end on your first one except it didn’t
work too well because I cut it too short and you can see it and poking out here
so it’s kind of fuzzy so but if you do have a needle you can use I would
recommend using that okay so here I am back again they’ve got this threaded so
I’m going to go ahead and kind of stitch along up through here just kind of come
up one of the post and then I will pull this through and if you think it’s long
enough that you can cut anything I will stay then I would just got it there
which is what I’m going to do and then we’ll do the same for our beginning tail
piece I’ll go ahead but this time I’m going to weave it along through the edge
here give me a moment do that okay I’ve got the spread edge so I’m going to just
come along the edge here you might need to bunch it up because
this is a curve that isn’t as a curve but the needle is obviously straight so
you kind of leave it through there and fill up the road and they kind of get it
adjusted before you cut it so we don’t have to worry about a funny little
Kaelin sticking out and then we just cut it right there now the last thing you
want to do is we want to go ahead and attach the earring cock so you can use
an earring hook like this or if you’re using a clip on earring you can use
words like this there’ll be a spot there but for today I’m going to use this guy
now sometimes they have these little like balls and Springs here and that
just helps hold things and better so you may need to slide them up the hook a
little bit to get them out of your way but you’re just going to take the needle
nose pliers and you’re going to kind of grab here and just kind of bend or you
can insert it and kind of Bend you can also see if you can see that just kind
of pull so you can see how to open up a little bit and then you can decide which
side you want to be the front of your earring and which side you want to be
the back on this one you can might be able to see right here it’s got a spot
where if you wanted to hang something down I don’t really want on the front
but so I’m going to put that to the back but I like this side I think all the
beads are showing pretty well but you might looking to go oh I like the way
the beads are showing on the back better so it doesn’t really matter unless you
have something like this and if you don’t want that to be on the front just
plan ahead before you start of which way you need up to do facing so you’re going
to start like this and it’s okay it’s a little falling Springs fall off because
you can put a buckle in I just put it on here and then you’re going to kind of
grab on the front and just kind of gently pinch it closed we go a little
tighter with that so after that coming off and I’ll put these back on and there you go you have your very own
easy crochet earring around the hoop with beads added and so there you have
it now you know how to make an easy pair of crochet hoop earrings I hope that as
tutorial is helpful and I hope that it was kind of what you were looking for a
pinky dream and as always if anybody has more suggestions for videos comment
below and I think I’m going to actually try and do a couple more earring
tutorials if you guys like these because I’ve got a bunch of supplies now and
what’s also great about these ears it sounds fun and cute but you can easily
mix them up even if you use the same pattern just using different um
different crochet thread colors and different bead colors you can make a
pair to go with every outfit you have if you want or if you wanted to make just
one pair then that’s okay too I hope this tutorial was helpful and you go out
there and make yourself a pair of earrings and until next time happy happy