and save save dear friends from the Hoops Channel
alright with you good back here what is happening is the following André Rima
channel RIMATION invited a guys who like scooter to come
here he has something hidden there and he’s saying it’s a novelty
that he brought here to show to guys so everybody anxious let’s go
see what he has there and here look, I’m going to get mine
for seeing hello production all two cameras here guys watching
audience so we can see which one is going be and that’s it André RIMATION will do
a preview there before opening goes a lot grande is exclusive the first in brazil
and will change the direction of the scooter in Brazil will change the direction of the scooter in Brazil
concept of the brazilian scooter that people are used to a certain limit
it will increase, understand, we will start having to use more protections to
riding a scooter will have to think about other types of technology for
fix scooter many things are going change after that tends to the question that
do not want to shut up will come written rummaging I can’t talk about it hahaha b
and this one is not yet we already have a guy who is to patent
a monster, right? a possible nigger to join the
engine lead that felipe you already are in this together too will the
two are already together in this neither know let’s find this out now how is it
that you need what a little friend so you can compete with him and
do he wanted to run feeling more very alone maybe there is one more here
so the shape is a scooter or at format they’ll see beauty I want
see also so come on andré come on show of the ball talk guys from the channel I
I’m here with what’s up
say scooter guys and today I’m going present a new toy for everyone
unique world in brazil that will change quite the concept of scooter here in
Brazil, right, we will think about new technologies from that because that is
the first one is coming like this here in Brazil including some
new technologies inside it there I I want to present to everyone in the
Brazil and and then wait there wait there it’s time ah
no you didn’t do it there we have a counter in Brazil
inch wesley came real open has real abs in that step again three times
and inches the cool tire we have abs brake I’m really going to call you here
and let’s talk about engine battery engine arrives 6.705 is the engine only two
engines only gives we have the minnie panel motors here 6600 6700 there and battery we have
here this part here is the whole battery of the balcony lights here we have 48 hah
ad i will call you know how many
votes hours battery I haven’t done it yet, nor autonomy with
autonomy ltda 200km of autonomy brought at full speed
at 150 km per hour how much do you you see how far I got you try
not yet done yet well well let me stay get a
track I can’t find the hulk I liked to see the king then
we will have here the competition of high level is this really decreases the
height or her answer is that’s good guys that’s it as you can see
andré lima brought a scooter and well different ones here a quite power
with plenty of autonomy with abs brake a really adjustable suspension
super powerful so we are arriving in a scooter category here
in Brazil and have electric vehicles that have really very very very
performance so people go there gives a play will give a test and we
will follow all this who knows until test also speaks master andré rei bro
congratulations old congratulations on your so much is so congratulations on your will always
in fact you have no idea account story I had to be able to bring that
this one brought him but transfer there come on has brought it with the intention
to use and enjoy you are a tie guy of good unity
and three for people to meet without brought because you want to start bringing
and selling what is the idea becomes the key of what we have in mind of what is
scooter than vehicle technology electrical what can it be done
much more than we were already wondering right now we had
scooter with high performance but have not yet become popular
know that kind of technology now it will become more visible the quality
her with that line’s scooter any a one-on-one arrives 5 hours is the thing
more normal that has a scooter ultron do 100km per hour cool now
I will ask you two things I wanted know your opinion and even how you
are thinking about dealing with that? talking about 150 km an hour no scooter
how do you think responsibility of that and how do you think the question
regulatory documentation for have the protection part on the street
it’s a lot but we won’t have just one helmet that we will have more
that walking with protective clothing is ok is a sports equipment that I
I got sports equipment but optically for everyday life will also
necessary beyond the helmet in chest in the back regarding regulation
we are waiting, right, which will be the response from the competent bodies to
do in English about that where I brought it is very easy
respect has a lot of bike path from where he came in Argentina too but this
model I wanted was not there so I needed until the end to do this one
it took quite a lot of work work bringing a lot of history that I will
count on the channel and mess with a photo reporting of everything else that arrives to
end whoever wants to now have access to one of these looks for you exactly
I find an account of the models of major globe and you dealer the
others in brazil have nothing new and with technical assistance in a hurry to
reproduction at this level for that kind of equipment and I’m already preparing a
training for me to take care of that too congratulations andré sucess my little brother
all the best for you old there rodrigo go for a walk now
hello alright very much I ended up looking at the and take the highway there what’s up what’s up
what’s up what’s up
what’s up to cause this year not his potency
but just like exactly too much and
what’s up hi what’s up gabriel scooter what was it
what did you think of the ferrari dos scooters is the ferrari of the continents
but I’ve heard you speak this year over another and now and when you saw the
next ferrari stronger beauty so justified what you thought of
best expensive differentiated suspension is the panel he turns on the lights even has
battery voltage voltage in the light and 150 km per hour if you want you have the
sun I arrive gave me a stop for answer guys gave to see that he
stopped to answer 50 so it became a promise we will want
that you one day mark us here from non-video channel where are you going
so kilometers an hour is promise is promise has a gabriel from gabriel
scooter is making a promise and look who’s in front of this crowd here
that he will not leave behind only in front of woman
and in front of each other then you have to go there but for now sunday now i will have
to record this with him so I’m going to take the chip well thanks to what’s up
what’s up it’s good guys I’m here hollow manoel grandson
again on the canal rua manoel do canal for writing and he came here too
to see this novelty from andré lima o that that you found guy soon an ex is the
king of scooters there we will have fun quite now because there was no one
to be able to push no to be able play run with the monster there now
yes the respect one is going to be fun now start playing there
testing speeds now we starts to create yet another laboratory
to evolve further in your direct ball show so we accompanied the
beginning of the video manuel was talking that he was missing a friend
partner for the monster that is the scooter of him arrived this guy now arrived now
sometimes and now it gives to the monster and the boy will need modifications in the
be able to follow if they don’t follow what he is talking he is not that he said
that does not give he said will need modifications ie we can expect that
comes news for sure this is what it is cool guys won’t be left behind
then came stronger guy he gives the train last video we recorded the
folks if the whole graphene battery is already it’s already in my hand and we’re
in group what group of scooter that the people circulate things he sent the
pictures of the graphene batteries and I don’t I see his time to ride and come here
talk like this ah right from the author alex is because the thing is the monster was worth manoel
The good so take a walk with him now
is what’s up
you are crazy as in the small space to take care that you are nothing but
count right you also see a six pack going white is the abs
roberto de his was all the time that has to enable and disable that
cool so you’re saying there is also this is an option that can be enabled or
disabled and what’s up
good then only at that time to maneuver that I thought it’s trigger sensitivity
it could be a little bit smaller with guys so there andré doing ok
showing to be showing for folks how do you fold the other ex that
is a 60kg scooter but it also it can be foldable and it can also be
transportable in an easier way not the way it comes mounted and then
you fold it so the batteries are removable
and I’m going to make videos opening up him to transport how is it
is that I’m going to make it very far after all before you needed to put it on a scooter
in my trunk to travel now you go with him, right
and it will load that very fast six seven hours just has that caveat
would have six seven hours for 200km of autonomy is beautiful too good guys
so that’s it is the other on-x or on the other likes as you prefer so
we are talking about a scooter that has 150 km of maximum speed 200km of
duck autonomy this is not a scooter unfortunately this is autonomy and
motorcycle speed or even more than many bikes that we have out there in
market so this is very important understand that this moment of
micromobility has to come with the alignment within the culture of
people understand that this is no longer of a toy or a transport there
small and also for a question of ipi so have to walk
equipped for the sake of respect for the transit has to understand that you are
another vehicle and that also interacts with
what way do that beauty and what’s up
what’s up hi our good guys so i’m staying
here and I marked it to honor this launch this novelty of our
friend andré rieu stir or andré rima of the channel and stir and it really is a
very cool novelty i loved giving a touring is an experience really
unusual why are you talking about a micromobility equipment one
electric scooter but that delivers a lot way beyond that so once again I
thank you all for the audience and I ask you to leave the cut there send your
comments and subscribe to the channel to who is not registered beauty was worth and