Hi friends, my name is Colby sharp And I’m really excited to tell you about a 2020 young adult graphic novel called Dragon Hoops by Gene Yang. This book is amazing. It is the story of a high school basketball team in California Gene Yang who is a New York Times bestselling creator. He is national ambassador former national ambassador for young people’s literature. He’s an amazing creator in this book. Holy smokes, like this is actually a crazy thing this is the school that Gene teaches at. He was trying to find a story and he couldn’t think of like you what his next book was gonna be about. Then like somehow he became interested in this basketball team. And he didn’t even like sports. On the basketball team at his school was gonna have like could I had like this really great year and they’ve been to the state finals many times. But they always fall short and so he follows them for an entire season and it’s not just a book about basketball It’s also a book about all of these different players and their backstories and their lives and what makes them who they are and how they got to this point and it’s also really interesting and also really interesting thing in it is Jean is a character and it’s like instead of just being the one who follows a team and tells a story his story is a part of it like him trying to balance being a father and a Husband and a teacher and a comics creator. It’s so interesting. How he’s struggling with who to keep in the story and who to take out of the story and What happens if they aren’t successful at the end? Can you have a sports book when the team doesn’t win the championship? Kids are gonna love this. I know it would have been the my favorite book as a high schooler If it was published back when I was in high school. But I’m glad that it is going to be that book for so many kids. I know it’s a young adult Graphic novel but I think middle schoolers are going to devour this book. I think it belongs in every middle school. I think that some upper elementary students are gonna be ready for this. I think that it’s a book that is going to get a lot of kids really excited about reading. They’re gonna go to this because it’s a basketball book and they’re gonna find so much more. If your kids are looking for great books to read. If they love comics. If they love great stories. If they love basketball. If they just love beautiful stories Dragon Hoops is a book for them. Thank you so much for tuning in and have an awesometastic day. Happy happy reading.