You’re so concerned about sexual predators being in bathrooms but you’re not concerned about sexual predators being on a f*cking basketball team What up my big beautiful BBs it’s Meghan Tonjes you’re watching People Keep Talking the show where I talk about news and trends throughout the week If you’re watching this I’m on a plane right now heading to Boston to go to NerdCon so maybe I want to see some of you there for all the rest of you who aren’t in Boston in the middle of goddamn winter you get to see me here and guess what you probably missed a People Keep Talking this week why don’t you check out this playlist? At least 24 arrests were made during a protest in Anaheim. Hundreds of people went to the street after this video surfaced of an off-duty cop getting in this back-and-forth with 13 year old and then casually as you do just discharging his weapon just you know casual. I guess there’s an investigation being launched and this guy is on administrative paid administrative leave as they do. What this thirteen-year-old is saying is that this man consistently has issues with people– kids walking across his yard and started swearing at some girl walked who walked across his yard and this kid stood up for her. I guess in this scuffle this kid also was saying that he was gonna sue him and there’s was confusion on whether he was saying he was gonna sue him or shoot him all I know is I see this off-duty dude just holding this kid by like his neck and just dragging him around, I don’t know what if he’s waiting for cops– I assume he’s waiting for cops to show up but while he’s like pulling this kid over he has a weapon out and he just just shoots just lets a little bullets fly and girl what are the f*ck you doing? Everytime I see someone who has a weapon who is improperly using it or who’s using it to de-escalate a situation I’m just like: Bitch what? Where? Who? How? We’re really going to get in fights because Susie over here walked across your grass? Girl, what you’re off duty and you can’t even handle your shit I can’t even imagine what you’re like on duty. It’s like a very unsafe unfortunate scary as f*ck situation and thank God for cellphones I mean listen there have been plenty of things caught on camera that no one paid any kind of price for even though it was so clear that they were guilty so I mean I say that with like not even a grain of salt the whole bucket of f*cking salt. F*ck your grass for forever You guys, astronomers discovered seven earth-sized planets orbiting a nerve– a nerve? Hmm? a nearby star 40 light years away. I thought it said 40 million light-years away and I was like girl what episode of Star Trek did I just walk into? warp zone five, bitch obviously people are freaking out because they’re like oh my god is this something that eventually could sustain life could there be other life is this a place where human beings eventually could go because lord knows we’ve f*cked up earth and we’re not getting our deposit back and they’re calling this little system Trappist one these planets are real pretty; like Earth is such a pretty planet but you know number 9 over here bitch I don’t f*cks with space i don’t really care about any of that it’s not for me. I just want to go to a planet that has a bunch of Michigan like lakes and all the things that live in the lake are super nice and have no teeth and on this planet there are no taxes or season 4 of Buffy why not two days in a row let’s talk shit about Buffy. If anything perfect segue to the fact that I do have a Buffy podcast, a rewatch podcast so if you want to watch Buffy me & and my roommate do it every week We’re on season 1 almost at the end of season 1 you should go watch it.
Jackie Evancho who sang the national anthem at Trump’s inauguration wants to have a meeting to talk about transgender rights; if you didn’t know this is one of the biggest thing of the news right now. Trumps education Justice Department notified the US supreme court that the administration is ordering the nation’s public schools to disregard memos the Obama administration issued during the past two years regarding transgender students rights. That’s according to the Washington Post. I guess Jackie has a transgender sister and she was very disappointed obviously with obviously this decision and wants to have a meeting a girl I– Trump has always let us know who he is and what he was going to do and for this to be the first time you like oh shit he might go after transgender rights. That’s something you probably should have thought of when you get your ass up there and singing the national anthem. I will say this however: People are going into the bathroom to go to the bathroom. When I go to the YouTube space when I go to Google, they have bathrooms that everyone can go in at the same time I feel perfectly fine and perfectly safe because I’m adult enough to understand that when someone’s going to bathroom they’re there to go to the bathroom. If I’m worried about things like being assaulted or being raped my fears about going to the bathroom are nothing compared to my fears of meeting up with someone on a date. Inviting anyone ever to my house. Please when you’re talking about assault and rape look at the actual numbers in the actual statistics and realize that the majority of people that do those things are close to the f*cking victim not some a random person in a bathroom at 12 and a f*cking Panera Bread. Like please stop! And this little fear you have of being attacked by someone who’s just “pretending” to be a female and “pretending” to be whatever so they can just like come in and like take your kids go talk to someone because YOU suffer from delusions. You’re so concerned about sexual predators being in bathrooms but you’re not going to about sexual predators being on the f*cking basketball team. God forbid someone just has to pee without being harassed or hurt or killed. But if Timmy can’t go to college because he raped someone behind a dumpster ooh that’s just too much that’s just he’s so young. People make mistakes. F**k you! Please don’t get me started on this today because I will Oh my god. Open your eyes and really commit to not being trash in 2017 It will be the dopest. And listen I saw this photoset on the militant Baker’s Instagram of Laverne Cox where she says “They’re about whether trans people have the right to exist in public space. If we can’t access public bathrooms we can’t go to school we can’t work we can’t go to healthcare facilities and so public accommodations are always key to civil rights.” Cressida Dick will be the first woman to lead Scotland Yard. Yaaas bitch! Ms. Dick, 56, was named the first female police commissioner and the forces’ 188 year history according to New York Times. She looks like she takes no one’s shit; this is a woman not be f*cked with I can’t believe it’s– I’m… actually I can’t believe it’s been a 188 years I absolutely can believe. And I bet that there are going to so many people that are upset that are scrambling to find reasons as to why they would be upset you know they’re covering the fact that they just don’t want a woman in charge of things and I’m just like I’m so pleased by it, I’m giddy Kellyanne Conway has labeled herself “post-feminist” I wish I was post Kellyanne Conway. There is this giraffe in the New York Zoo who is about to give birth and during this YouTube stream there were activists reporting the video as having nudity and sexual content and so the stream got interrupted. However the stream got fixed and I guess things are going well and so this is just a little goofy a little guffaw, you know? Just a little little naked giraffe for your for your morning drive. I don’t even know how I feel about giraffes if we’re being super honest– this is the best quote by the way of someone who was in the live stream named Jordan, ‘this is a perfect example of why we cannot have nice things’ I don’t know that watching a giraffe give birth is like my definition of nice things but you know we’re all just living and learning Also heads up if you’re Indiana. Someone won a $435 million powerball ticket and they’re waiting for it to get claimed which I will say if you are in Indiana you know that the Midwest, I’m from the Midwest you know okay Michigan not quite Indiana but that much money is a lot to spend you know all in one place all one person and I’m just saying your good friend Meghan Tonjes has seven thousand dollars left in student loans and you know I would just like I could use a cool like a three million like that’s nothing Three million? That’s nothing and then I’ll never bother you again and I’ll send Christmas cards the rest of your life. You guys also there’s a new segment on this channel which is BB of the day, today’s BB of the day goes to Anna msLazaro08 on twitter. Anna said I love when people quote the podcast because I just feel like it’s my finest work and it’s my truest self so shout-out to you Anna or Ah-na, yeah those are the only 2 pronunciations that I got I appreciate you not only supporting the videos the supporting podcast and even quoting it back to me I there’s nothing I love more than when people say my words back to me usually sounds a lot better coming from somewhere else to be fair. If you want to be a future BB of the day this is the easiest way to do that. Just keep commenting just keep tweeting just keep making stuff. 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