[APPLAUSE] You guys are very nice. Yes. Very nice people. Hello, Mr. EGOT. How are you? Mr. EGOT. Hello! Do you know what an EGOT is? So he’s won all of the awards
that you can possibly win– Emmy, Grammy, Tony, Oscar. Now what are you going to do? I’m done. I quit. [LAUGHTER] No. I mean, really? There’s– Nothing else to live for. Yeah. That’s really a shame. [LAUGHTER] So your wife recently
co-hosted on the show. I thought she did a great job. And you’ve never
invited me to co-host. I’ve known you a lot longer
than my wife has, Ellen. I’m– I’m ask– Are you saying she’s
funnier than me? No. I’m asking you– y’all are
equally funny and cool. I’m asking you right now. Do you want to co-host one day? Of course. I would love to. All right. [CHEERING] We’ll do it. But she is funny. She is funnier and
cooler than me. She is– no. But she– she sends out tweets
like, I like to send John nudes and say, sorry, wrong person. [LAUGHTER] That’s good. That’s good. Hey, I’m alive. It’s fine. You don’t have to
answer your phone. I wouldn’t want you to worry. [LAUGHTER] Oh, I always have
a note in my pocket that says John did it
just in case I’m murdered. [LAUGHTER] I didn’t do it, though. Because I don’t
want him to remarry. [LAUGHTER] So great. She’s hilarious. Does she– does she
run these by you? Or she just surprises you? She runs some tweets
by me, but she never runs the ones when she’s
talking about me by me. [LAUGHTER] She just look– she sits–
we’re, like, next to each other on the couch, and she’ll had
this devilish look on her face like she’s, you know, conniving
some kind of devious plan. And then the tweet
will go out, and I just look at her like, [CHUCKLING]. Yeah. That’s funny. That’s funny. Uh huh. Uh huh. They are funny, though? They are funny. How does she have
time to do that? She’s a mother of two. She’s very busy, and–
because now you have Miles. Is that his name? Miles. Yeah. Oh. He’s our nine-month-old– Oh, he’s– –boy. –adorable. I mean, first of
all, they both are. [AWWW] He looks exactly like you. He– it’s funny because he looks
more like me as an adult than– [LAUGHTER] –he looks like me as a baby. Like, he’s me. Yeah, he really is. He looks– and how
do they get along? Are they– is she– They get along pretty well. When Luna gets jealous, she
doesn’t take it out on Miles. She just wants our
attention more. So she’ll just, like,
make more noise. And when I’m holding Miles,
she’ll say, daddy, hold me. Hold me, too! Hold me, too! And then she laughs because
she thinks it’s so funny. She’s like, you’re
holding two babies! [LAUGHTER] She’s a little Chrissy. She is, though. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.