He’s wearing a KD huh! Training with 7 RedRivers team I want to thank you guys for coming,
right? All good? Now let’s get this hat off. Everyone is on shoes tied? The idea is make a duo with a player of the same position for the exercices. I do not know if you ever trained boxing before, but this move works like a jab. Then it must come fast, the opponent should not wait for it, so you can make the move. Look the space that i create. This is a first step for you to train alone afterwards. If you got the ball, you don’t need anything just a small space and want to do it. You practice this workout twice a week will help you lot and will not last for 15 minutes, you know. Good, keep it, keep it! That’s it #SHIFT But always finshling with the same move, let’s coordinate it. If you do what I am going to show you often, you will improve a lot you will see that your basketball will improve a lot. Because basketball it’s not just dribbling. Running on the right way, look at the distance that I got. My steps have gained distance. When I pushed my hip my steps went beyond. Now let’s play one on one after the workout. Will be fun! Because they all tired. Today we came here with the 7 Red Rivers team This is James and what you think about today? Even being a short training because Bala has a game in 1 hour We had a great time. We trained a lot to improve our skills, and Doctor Hoops helped us with it Bala is a real running athlete So they show us lots of good advice and tips. We are a young amateur team in development so the more information the better for us. Today was more a lot of tips than an official training we was teaching then what we know. Now we have to leave because Bala has a game soon. I’m going to kill today! “What is it?” (Tadashi speaks) Mass, protein and creatine. You mean, supplements? Yes, gym supplements kind of. But it’s almost finishing so If anyone wants to help me with a new pot, it would be cool. Eggs LABA
AMATEUR LEAGUE OF A.B.C cities Hardcore breaded chicken, come see me “Good assist Bala!” F*ck! He missed it. “Second intentional foul” It was for the same player?
– Yes. So he is out!? Yes, now just shower and pizza for him. How much you dropped? 13? 15? I don’t know man. You count it? 13 to 15, some was for 2 or 3 points i couldn’t see. That’s it! Also a no-look assistance from the back. Yea! Good game,
that’s how we do this s*@#! – Subtitles soon –