John, chairman of Hinckley Rugby Club, you have got a link with didi rugby here, why did you get involved with them?
“Well Vicky’s an old player of mine I used to coach her many years ago and
I’ve followed her since she was 15 really I have been involved in her life since she
was 15 so it made a natural progression when she came and said that she had started up didi rugby – and we got involved. I have tried to help her out as much as I can. It’s
a brilliant initiative and we’ve had some massive success from it.
We actually had, I think it was 40 new children into the Under-6 age group
last year. That the biggest we have ever had by miles. It was fantastic not only were the 40 kids there were 40 kids that have done a lot
of stuff as well There was a massive difference. So it’s a
really good initiative, great for kids, makes them really active and
ultimately, that’s what we’re all about – making people active.” And what about Vicky? Is she the right person to be behind a business like this? “Absolutely. She is driven, dedicated and articulate. She’s got great vision, understands what she needs and
just applies it into the business.” For clubs like yourself who
clearly want to be a part of a community here, days like this must be absolutely
fantastic to see? Hundreds of kids and parents enjoying what you’ve got and running around having fun! “I thought that was because the sun was out! There has been 200 kids here I think, we were told, and
it’s just great to see that the name is spreading and long may that remain.”