– This week on ‘Couch
Tomatoes,’ we’re talking Netflix’s ‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.’ And giving you our fresh picks on what to watch. Hello friends, I’m Naz Perez and welcome back to ‘Couch Tomatoes,’ the new show where we tell
you what to watch and why in a nonaggressive way, of course. Sponsored by Freschetta Pizza. So today on the show we are diving deep into ‘El
Camino: Breaking Bad Movie,’ and I can’t think of anyone better to break it all down with me than my friend and TV
writer Erin Mallory Long. – Thank you, I’m so excited. – [Naz Perez] And chemistry
teacher turned comedian, Mark Ellis. – Thank you. The kids wouldn’t listen to me. Started cooking some meth for a few years. That didn’t pan out, so I hit the stage. – What a coincidence, jeez. – I’m just here to talk
about the car El Camino. I grew up in Virginia. There’s a lot of El Caminos.
– That’s why you’re here. – All right guys, so here’s the deal. Each episode we’ll cover
trending stories in TV, then we’ll do a deep dive into one show we deem binge-worthy, or really anything on
television, like this film. And then we’ll leave
you with our fresh picks which are basically shows on TV that we think you guys should watch. So, let’s jump right into
this week’s top stories. Story number one. A third installment in the acclaimed ‘Band of
Brothers’ limited series will be heading to Apple
TV+ instead of HBO, wow. The new series called ‘Masters of Air’ will be the first in-house
development for Apple and comes at a reported
cost of over $200 million. – Yeah, I think $200 million is more than World War
Two cost back in the day. So we’re recreating it. But you’re right, you had me at air force. Because ‘Band of Brothers’
we got to see the army, then with ‘The Pacific’ we got the marines. And to see an air force
unit go against Germany. To see the dog fighting up close is what I’m hoping we’re gonna
get to see. So this is like, between ‘Top Gun Maverick’
next year and this, there’s gonna be a lot of
great aerial combat to watch. – That’s true!
– I know! Who doesn’t like aerial combat? – It’s the best. – All right guys, second story
is Jennifer Aniston is putting those ‘Friends’ reboot rumors to rest. Erin, contain yourself. In a new interview with Variety, Aniston revealed that even though there’s been an interest
in a ‘Friends’ movie, the producers of the sitcom won’t allow it – I get it. Kind of. I mean, I love Friends so much, I will watch anything that
they produce of ‘Friends.’ But also at the same time as a fan, I’m not clambering for that. I don’t need a movie of it. I feel like the 10 seasons, 10 seasons, are enough. – [Naz] Yeah. – Don’t we remember in like 2002, and 2003 when we were like, “Can we just get to the finish line? (Naz laughs) “Can Ross and Rachel get together “and have the monkey walk down the aisle “and give them the ring? “Let’s get this thing done.” And now I’m at my favorite
coffee shop two weeks ago and they’re celebrating
‘Friends” 25th anniversary. – I know.
– It’s everywhere. – It’s all over the, when did we start celebrating the 25th? Did we have a 25th anniversary for ‘Cheers’? – No! We’re very nostalgic now. We just live in a very nostalgic timeline. – It’s so true, it’s like
we’re living in the past. We’re not even living
in the present anymore. It is a shame, I did want
a remix to Smelly Cat, but there we are guys. Alright, and finally, Amazon has released a trailer
for its hit Emmy winner ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ which returns in December
for season three. Erin, we have talked about this so much. This show just wants
to be a musical so bad. – It’s screaming to be a musical. And in the trailer we have Sutton Foster singing over everything. And I’m like, “Just be a musical, it’s OK buddy. “I love you! “Like, I’ll love you as a
musical too, it’s fine.” – I was so stoked to see
Sterling K. Brown in it. – Me too.
– But sad that I did not see Zachary
Levi in the trailer. – I am just excited to watch this show because what I love about it is that it really feels
like it gets the time right, as far as what standup comics were doing, what kind of shows they were doing. And so now she’s going on the road, she’s opening for a huge music act. And this is what it’s like to
be a comic that is featuring. Where you want to get to the next level. You know you’re not the headliner, so you’re trying to get as much knowledge, you’re trying to learn
all the different cities, all the different routes, who can be booking you in the future. That’s what I love about ‘Mrs. Maisel’ is the authenticity to
standup back in the day. – All right friends, those are our week’s top stories. But before we dive deep into ‘El Camino,’ Erin and I actually took a quick moment to discuss how we choose
what to watch and why because there are so many
good options out there. Check it out. Erin, is is hard for you to
pick a show to watch these days? I feel like every day
there’s a new show coming out and I’m constantly adding
shows to my watch list. – Oh, totally. I’m always scrolling social
media and it’s between what the critics want
you to watch and fans. It’s so much stuff. – It’s overwhelming. Everyday I’m like, what
are my coworkers watching? What are my friends watching? Sometimes I think, what’s
my future husband watching? I just wish it came easier
to me, like eating does. ‘Cause when it comes to eating, my go-to is Freschetta. ‘Cause when I’m eating Freschetta, I never have to limit myself
to one kind or one slice. – Also, I really like to
pair my pizza toppings with what I’m watching. – Ooh.
– So it’s a Hawaiian pizza if I’m in the mood for an action comedy. – That’s fun.
– And then it’s the brick oven five cheese if I want something a little more serious. – Oh my God, full disclosure, I eat the brick oven five
cheese when I’m home alone so I can eat the entire thing by myself. That’s how delicious it is. – Totally. I’m here for that as well. Can we eat? – Oh my God, I was hoping you’d ask! Let’s do it. It is time to talk ‘El
Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.’ Written and directed by Vince Gilligan. It picks up right where the
series ended six years ago. Crazy. And the film is currently Certified Fresh with a a 94% on the tomato meter at the time of this recording. And it’s really just what everyone has been talking
about over the weekend. Also, just know this is your official spoiler alert. So if you haven’t seen
‘Breaking Bad’ or ‘El Camino,’ do not @ us. But I am so excited to talk about ‘El Camino: A Breaking
Bad Movie’ with you guys. Do you think that fans got
the closure they deserved and do you think Jesse got
the ending that he needed? – I think Jesse got the
ending that he needed but I also think that he got an ending that I had already filled in for him. At the end of ‘Breaking Bad’
he has this great moment and he’s driving away in
the car, in the El Camino, and he’s so, you realize that he is free. He’s escaped. – Right. – So I sort of filled in
as a viewer, as a fan, what the movie told us happened. So it’s fun to go and watch him and watch him go through all that and watch him get to Alaska, but I also sort of, I sort of wanted the movie to
be two years in the future, he’s just set up in Alaska living there, to see what his new life is. Because for me, I got closure from Jesse’s
character from the series. – Really?
– I think that’s the trick with this movie is that because, we are such big ‘Breaking Bad’ fans that you’re going to create
these narratives in your head. You’re gonna write your own fan fiction before this movie comes out. So I do think it was important
to actually watch Jesse matriculate from his
situation in Albuquerque to get to Alaska. And there is some nice
surprises within that narrative, but overall, yeah. I think we assumed he
was gonna get somewhere, and so what this movie did is, yes it satisfied my
appetite for ‘Breaking Bad’ but now I want more. And I wanna see that
movie two years from now, what is Jesse up to in Alaska? Is he also working in a Cinnabon? (Naz laughs)
– Exactly. – Like Saul.
– Exactly. – We always want more. We are never satisfied. I’ve gotta say, I actually
was totally satisfied, and I’m with you, Mark. I just think Jesse had
been through so much. He was the character that
I related to the most. He’s the one that had a soul. When he was throwing the
blood money out the window in the final season. Giving it to random people. I feel like he never got
his redemption story, unlike the other main characters, who either all died, or we kinda knew what
was gonna happen to them months later, you know? Like, all right, this kid’s gonna be fine. He’s gonna have a lot of money. That never happened for Jesse. And for Vince to just write
this for us so beautifully and call it ‘El Camino,’ not just after the car, but “El Camino” actually
means journey and path. So I actually really liked
seeing his path to Alaska. And just how he got a chance
to properly say goodbye to all these people that he
never really got a chance to properly say goodbye to. You know, like Mike and Walt. Just hearing Walt tell him you would have amounted to something, I was so happy to see all
these characters come back. Who were you guys happy to see come back? – I was happy to see
everyone, pretty much. I was just like, oh this is nice. I mean, it’s nice, it’s fun. It’s what Mark was saying, it’s fun as a fan to see
more stuff in the world. You’re just like, oh great
I love these characters. What are you guys doing? This is wonderful. Even the flashbacks that are terrible, Jesse’s going through
such horrible things. It’s just like, oh, this is so fun. These are my friends
and I like seeing them. It’s fun to see all those people. I think it’s, it was weird to see Walter because at the end of the series you end and he is a super villain. He has just become like, this crazy super villain. And it’s like, we don’t have that aspect in this movie at all, obviously. Because he’s dead. And then to go back and
see this very tender moment was sort of like, oh yeah. They were buddies. – They do love each other.
– Yeah! They were friends at one point! – And he’s bald again! Good job Bryan Cranston. – His head’s a little misshapen in this but hey, we’ll forgive that. – Just a little!
– What was really nice for me was we got to see one last great Robert Forster performance.
– [Naz And Erin] Yes. – [Mark] Because seeing him it’s like, and he literally passed away
the day the movie came out. – Which is crazy. From brain cancer, so sad. – So wild. – But he was great. And really the star of this movie to me, as great as Aaron Paul
was, was Vince Gilligan. – Oh, okay. – It was Vince Gilligan because the filmmaking style, that’s what I miss. You don’t see that in television, or film for that matter, so there’s just certain
shots that you know is just Vince Gilligan has had this shot forever. The shot of Jesse trying to find the money in every room in the house. That was so cool to me. That’s what I miss from Breaking Bad. – I know. And it reminds us why
we love ‘Breaking Bad,’ because of the way it looked, and how there was nothing else on television like it at the time. I agree with you. But when you said star of the film, I thought you were
gonna say Jesse Plemons, because Todd, guys! Todd singing Dr Hook,
“Sharing the Night Together,” to me, I watched it like three times. He is so good at just playing
such a good sociopath. I think it’s because his
eyes are all black and beady, he looks like a shark almost. – And he had this little
moment of humanity, which I didn’t know Todd had in him. – Right. – Humanity? Which moment? – When Jesse, he’s being tortured, and because Jesse had given
the gun back to him earlier, he’s just thinking, “Man, I feel bad for this kid. “Can we cut this?” It’s like, wow even Todd is a person! – I saw him do that in
the final season two, when he brought him Ben & Jerry’s. When he brought him ice cream.
– Little bit, yeah. – So you would always see that. But yeah, how he would
talk about the housekeeper was just so creepy. And then he’s like, “Oh no, excellent house keeper.” It was just so funny. I want more Dr Hook, definitely. More Dr Hook. But that’s also what Vince is so good at, is putting the best music and that stuff. – [Erin] Yeah, that’s true. – But I want to ask you guys, on other TV series, like ‘Sopranos’ and ‘Game of Thrones,’ the final season of ‘Breaking
Bad’ is critically acclaimed. In fact, ‘Breaking Bad’ seasons
two, three, four, and five all 100% on the Tomatometer. So one would argue that
it was definitely a risk to go back to this
story and this plot line and just touch something
that’s so perfect. So, do you guys think this
movie needed to be made? Or should Jesse’s fate
kinda been left open ended? – I don’t think it needed to be made. But I’m not mad that it was made. Like (Erin laughs) you know, I enjoy watching it. I enjoy that thing, that world. The finale of ‘Breaking Bad’ is perfect. – Unreal. – Like, it’s just perfect. And it’s that moment, it’s that moment of Jesse driving away. I felt that was perfect closure for him. You feel that this is what’s
gonna happen with him. You feel his emotion. I didn’t think it was
necessary to make this movie but I’m not mad about it. – Yeah, this wasn’t a need. This wasn’t water for me, but it was a really nice soda. Like, I don’t, I don’t need this to survive.
– nice cold soda. – But oh God, is it refreshing. And I think the reason why we got this and why it was less of a risk was that we have ‘Better Call Saul’ too, so we’d been back to this world before, and the fans have proven that we’re gonna accept
different characters that maybe have ancillary
ties to ‘Breaking Bad.’ We have one character that’s a gateway into a different story. And so that’s why I don’t
think that this is gonna be the last ‘Breaking Bad’ movie. I love that we call it ‘El
Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.’ We could have tons of ‘Breaking Bad’ movies, and I think the fans would be up for it. – Yeah, well let the rumors fly! Yeah, I’m really happy
that this movie got made for all the reasons I said before. I really wanted to see
Jesse’s story kind of finish. But I didn’t feel like the movie needed to be two hours long. My dad called me and I was telling him we were doing the show today and he’s like, “Well,
what’s the movie about? “What happens?” And I was like, “Not much
happens in the movie! “But it’s beautiful!” And I love that Vince kinda
went back to New Mexico and we got to see all that scenery again. And in fact we actually
sat down with Aaron Paul and talked to him about what it was like shooting back in New Mexico and keeping this movie a secret. It’s great, check it out. – To be honest, when we were going to set from base camp to set, they did have us wear
these big sort of like Star Wars kind of cloaks just covering our entire bodies which felt hilarious. But, on the day to day, on the weekends, I just kind of went out and people would come up to me and ask for photos or
autographs or whatever and ask why I was there and I would just lie to them. And it was fine, no one really second-guessed it. – Immediately went on eBay and tried to find a
Star Wars looking cloak worn by Aaron Paul but I found nothing guys. Also, who’s in New Mexico and doesn’t think that Aaron Paul is doing a ‘Breaking Bad’ thing? – I assume people must have been like, “Er, you’re lying buddy.” They must have thought
something was going on. – There’s just gonna be one
Albuquerque clothing store that sells cloaks and their business is booming. The kids are really
getting back into cloaks, it’s gonna be a good summer. – The Albuquerque cloak factory. What you guys got? We got cloaks and we got
hazmat suits and that is, and vacuums, and that is all we have. No, but I am so happy
that they made this film. And Netflix dropped this
trailer out of nowhere, guys. Which is kinda insane. None of us were expecting it. But ‘Breaking Bad’ obviously
isn’t the only show to now get its own film. We’ve seen this recently. ‘Deadwood,’ ‘Downtown Abbey.’ So I’m curious to know from you guys whether any other longstanding series that you guys would love to see continued through a movie or TV event like this. – I don’t know if this counts because technically it came from a movie, but I really love ‘Buffy
the Vampire Slayer.’ And I really want a ‘Buffy
the Vampire Slayer’ movie with Sarah Michelle Gellar in the lead, like see what’s going on with Buffy. I just recently watched all of ‘Angel,’ I’m like, in that world. I’m like, let’s have a Buffy movie again. – I feel like a lot of fans
would love to see that. – Yeah, that’s what I want. – Can we just retcon
the last season of ‘Lost’ and then make a movie instead? – [Erin] Just pretend
like that never happened? – [Naz] I agree with that. – We had a Hulk movie come out and people were like, “Ah, we really liked that Hulk movie,” so then we just remade
it three years later. Can we do the same thing with ‘Lost’? – Why not? – That’s so funny. I would love to see ‘Fresh
Prince of Bel-Air’ get a movie. – That’s good. – I just want to see Carlton and Henry who moved to New York. Or Carlton went to Princeton,
come back together. They should do a Thanksgiving special where they all come back
together. So the butler’s there. And unlike Aaron Paul, who looked actually a
lot older in this movie but I think it made
sense for his character, Will Smith looks the exact same. – ‘Gemini Man’ (all talk over each other) – We can just de-age him again. – Yeah, just de-age him and then we can also get
a ‘Family Matters’ movie that’s gonna be all about Carl Winslow, then that’s gonna tie
us back into ‘Die Hard 6’ when that comes out. (women agree) – Comments are flying off right now. All right guys, let’s tell the people at home what our Fresh Picks are. So these are shows, any show on TV, that you just think
people should be binging. Erin, what’s your pick? – Mine is ‘Dead To Me’ on Netflix. – [Naz] So good. – [Erin] I just, I loved it so much. I’ve never watch something so quickly. I just couldn’t get enough of it and I just had to keep watching it. And Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini who I’ve always loved, and then James Marsden. I was like, “Yeah bro, come on.” – I know. Also someone who hasn’t
been de-aged, right? He looks great.
– He looks great. – Tall glass of water that man is. – Everyone looks great. I was like, “Let’s watch it.” And they just started
filming the second season and I can’t wait to see what happens. – Season one ended on the
best cliffhanger ever. – So good. – Agreed. Mark, what do you think? – I think we’re on season
five of ‘Peaky Blinders’ now, which I haven’t seen anything of, but now I’m gonna, that’s my binge movie that I’m gonna take the
next month and watch. For something that I have been
following every week on HBO, ’24/7 College Football.’ They’re at a different campus, and it’s like the college
version of ‘Hard Knocks.’ I think this week is Washington State. Their head coach is Mike Leach, he’s literally an insane human being who thinks he’s a pirate on the sideline. He’s gonna get a peg leg installed, that’s how much he loves it. This is gonna be a fun episode to watch. – Wow. I love seeing real characters like that. I love reality.
– Yeah. – He’s a total nutcase
but a football genius. – Okay, I’ll definitely
have to check that out. So I like to go on a wormholes, and after seeing ‘El Camino: Breaking Bad’ I went into a Krysten Ritter wormhole. – Ah, yes! – And I remembered that ‘Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23’ was one of the first things
I ever watched on Netflix. If you guys have never seen it, I highly recommend it. I went back and started watching it. She just plays this
crazy roommate so well. And James Van Der Beek’s in it and he plays a funny
exaggerated version of himself. I love it. Absolutely love it.
– I do too. Oh my God. – All right guys, well that is our show. Erin, Mark, thank you so much for coming. Please come back, I love
having you guys around. – I literally stay here
when I’m not (laughing) – Mark is just decoration. – We live here now. – You’re the prettiest
succulent I’ve ever seen. Before we go though guys, I have some very exciting news. So Rotten Tomatoes has a new book out called ‘Rotten Movies We Love.’ This book is out now. It’s so good, it celebrates 101 movies on
the green end of the spectrum that simply cannot be missed and are sure to start some debates. So it’s a great coffee table book. Did you guys know that
‘Hocus Pocus’ is rotten? Also ‘Space Jam’ is rotten? Deeply offended.
– Whoa. – ‘Space Balls’ so I’m gonna go home and write a review and see if I can get to the red. (laughing) – We all know the percentages can change. So, for more info on the book, and ‘El Camino,’ head over to rottontomatoes.com. Also please comment below and let us know what you
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some more Dr Hook songs now. (everyone laughs) Bye guys. (upbeat music)