In this video, I want to talk about DhGate. If you are not familiar, DhGate is similar
marketplace like Aliexpress and Alibaba, but with one major difference. Here you can find a ton of replicas and fake
products. So If you looking for brand names, an NBA
jersey, sneakers and something similar… but you don’t want to spend a ton of money
then you can consider Dhgate like a valuable option. Before 2 months ago I did two quick reviews
on 2 products from DHgate, first product was Chelsea jersey, and second was the Boston
Celtics jersey. Well, I received nice feedback on those 2
videos, and I felt I need to make another video to show you guys potential problems
you may find using DHGate. First, when you purchasing an item, you need
to make sure that you actually buying from manufacture vendor, and from resellers. This is important because if you buying from
a reseller you will pay more, and quality may be not consistent. They usually get their products from different
vendors and the quality may be different. My second tip is, always check pictures in
feedback. Dhgate like aliexpress have the nice option
and users can leave their pictures in feedback, and make sure that you always check them. Sometimes pictures are like 1000 of words
and they can tell you exactly what you will receive. Now I want to talk about for the dark side
of DHgate. If buying products from a reputable marketplace
like eBay, Amazons, Aliexpress… you know how good customer support and buyer protection
they have. Well buying anything from DHgate is a risk. The site will work excellent for you and you
will be very satisfied, but if somethimes you ran into a problem, then you will find
on the hard way how bad customer support is. First buyers are kind of rude. I have more than 200 orders on DHgate, and
few times I run into a problem. First time I run into a problem was because
I didn’t receive my item. I opened a dispute and asked for a refund. Then I waited sometime and I get the message
that the seller agrees to pay a partial refund. When I check the refund amount, it was 0.01
us dollars or one freaking cent. Of course, I rejected that, send them a message
about how unprofessional that behavior is, but again I received the same one cent offer. And this is not a single case, every single
time I opened a request with other sellers, I received the same 1 cent offer. They are working with some template and they
hope you are unfamiliar with their system or stupid enough, and you will accept a 1
cent offer. DHgate customer support didn’t help that much. They solve one case in my favor, but not and
the others, even when I provided all evidence they asked that is not my fault. Like for example when I ordered XL jersey
and received Medium size. I send them pictures, they even made me use
the metric device so they can see that dimensions are wrong and at the end best I manage to
get was a DHgate coupon. So in the end, do I recommend dhgate? Yes, you can use, but be careful and always
keep in mind that when you dealing with the shady product you will dealing and with shady
sellers too.