Today we are in Madrid – Gazprom Football invited us As you can see, we are on a football pitch and this russian legend we we challenge today The 1st challenge with the legend Andrej Arshavin We will do a crossbar challenge Who will manage to hit the crossbar twice first We will shoot one by one – the winner is, who hits the crossbar 2 times! Let’s go! First shot Is the ball bad? Let’s go Will we only have two shots? This is just the beginning I was lucky with my first shot 1:0 – i had a good first shot Will i hit one? Isn’t there a good ball of mine today? What is our score? You have one shot left I will this one for sure The ball is flat.. You will have one more try Okay, one more shot Will i get a draw? Nooo First Challenge – 2:1 I’ve won this challenge luckily We had some close shots He still has all the chances. The 2nd challenges is about skill The 2nd Challenge:5 Shot Challenge Combining different category’s We have a penalty, free kick, 1v1, 2-touch & a volley shot Who scores more goals, wins this challenge (we have 2 rounds) You will score more in this challenge? You don’t have any time pressure What’s next? Only power! With a good pass, you will score! Let’s see The pass was bad Only power! This one i hadn’t score last time? I need a good pass, then i will score Can the german play a good assist? Don’t think so I need a good pass now! Here I will try – i will close my eyes Nice shot, copied mine Will i score a clear round – all 5 goals? You will score with a good assist When you bring your own goalkeeper with you, how can you loose this challenge? Your pass was perfect I’m really afraid – his penaltys were perfect in the last challenge Jan – are you ready to show your skills? Penaltys are perfect for goalkeepers Good luck! Let’s start When i don’t score, i’m Tottenham, when i’m scoring, i’m Arsenal You still got any chances Middle I will score now! I guess it’s too late. I turned on the turbo too late. I will try upper 90 This shouldn’t be counted as a goal.. Last shot – but i lost already Who can score the better goal? Good save! I don’t think Andrey took this challenge too serious? Just say to your community, that you can win against a pensioner These were our challenges vs Andrej Arshavin This guy is a legend, if you don’t know him, check his instagram (description) Hope you enjoyed this video – thanks to Gazprom who made this possible! I’m serious for the next 30 seconds Andrej was a role model for me as a kid This is an honor for me to challenge him in this video I hope, he enjoyed the challenges Thanks for watching See you next time! Now you can win this signed football by Andrej Arshavin 1. Rate this video
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