we play football the husband he played
Simon is not play he play corner so it made me want to tell them how to do the
same thing he did he’s like my twin I look up to him a lot he’s
been deployed before he went to Kuwait first he came home dan went back to
North Korea got to put again I try to keep you touch as much as I can get
Skype like type of stuff I try to keep in touch with make sure he’s okay that’s
the first thing he asks I was even going has everything going on it everything is
virtual work everything that you do this plans
after graduation are to join the United States Air Force because Airport fight
Jordan’s brother that started I was a product to seem like I seen it
well that was his first game ever coming to but I just surprised I was really
happy this motivated me to go hard and it’s
win the game I couldn’t move in front of him he came
out he’s like it was a good moment and stuff it was
I’m glad this is his first year here in our school as a senior so he came from
another school so it was just him for him to be able to experience that here
in our school with stuff and this can everybody you know pull together and
make this happen for him just speaks volumes for our community our football
community in our school made me feel good I look at how my teammate is my
brother’s I look at him as a father figure you can tell me your life just
I’m do best to be here this is how we are here’s how we do things in our
program these guys are more than just robots or just players for me I care
about every one of them in their future so what happens in their life