BRANDON MORGAN: Denison Big Red volleyball earned their third straight victory tonight as they took down Mount Vernon Nazarene, 3-1. We caught up with Emma Woerner, Julia Miller and head coach Carter Cassell. CARTER CASSELL: It’s always exciting to get into your home gym in front of your home fans and I know our players were really fired up to to play in front of the home crowd. JULIA MILLER: I think we were really excited about it being our home opener and playing on our home court and played with consistent energy throughout the whole match. CARTER CASSELL: We always talked about we’re a better team when we play excited and we play like we’re having fun. We were just able to you know in each set pull off a few points and win some of those longer rallies and I think that’s due to our energy and our focus. EMMA WOERNER: We came into this match expecting to be facing a really strong opponent. I think we did a really great job of overcoming those obstacles and taking it one point at a time. CARTER CASSELL: We were passing well, and we were able to free up some one-on-one situations with our hitters, and they were able to put the ball away. EMMA WOERNER: Distributing the ball a lot would keep us unpredictable and the other team wouldn’t be able to anticipate what was happening so we really try to get some variation in there. CARTER CASSELL: And on defense you know Kristen, she’s all over the place. She’s a player who’s going to give a 100 percent effort every day, so she picked up a lot of balls for us. But it’s just defense is a team effort, and we kind of just played as a collective unit tonight. EMMA WOERNER: I think it’s really important that we stay scrappy and on our toes and I think we did a really great job of that today. JULIA MILLER: Having that strong start is really like good energy for us. EMMA WOERNER: We know what we can do so it’s really exciting to see where this will take us. CARTER CASSELL: We’re definitely excited with the effort, but we’re looking forward to how we can grow as a team. BRANDON MORGAN: The Big Red will be back in action as they face the Otterbein Cardinals, September 8th at 8 p.m. Brandon Morgan, DSN.