Ice hockey one of the world’s most
popular sports this sports is usually played indoors so what happens when you
put ice hockey onto a football pitch let’s find out hi guys welcome to another episode of
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tried to get a ryanair flight to Cologne Germany now getting from colognes
Airport to Cologne itself is fairly easy I actually managed to get into town see
the Cathedral and was met with an army of hockey fans this hockey fans that
have arrived from all over Germany and all over Europe and they’re all trying
to get to the game at the same time this is the cue to actually try and get onto
the train and I actually had to wait for three or four trains before I could
actually squeeze onto one of them sadly this is what it’s actually like on a
German train on match days there’s plenty of people that are arrived here
at the Rhine energy study on there’s some Romans here for some reason I’m not
entirely sure why they’re here but there’s plenty of people here and
believe it or not this is actually two and a half hours before the actual game
starts the stadium fills up and it’s pretty surreal because that’s actually a
hockey rink so yeah the dudes kind of
wolf game at the moment which is which is going to see something
too awesome action about a couple of hours early for the
game mainly because traffic was well you know the trains were a little bit
painful being outdoors watching hockey Burt as usual I’m such slap-bang in the
middle of all the way fans I have a tendency to buy a ticket in the wrong
area of the stadium as I support the corner higher the colored shocks and
these are all Dusseldorf fans this is how cologne decides to start the game I
mean look at that display on that stand thousands of people waving those banners
that’s amazing whilst Kalou starts the game like this
the Dusseldorf fans do this which is actually kind of cool
now whilst I’m trying to film the düsseldorf fans this happens oh yeah
they scored within the first 45 seconds listen to how well these fans actually
are so what you don’t see in the video is
that they’re actually playing in strong winds and rain and the conditions are
tough so chances are rare and this is probably the best of a bad bunch and
then they go and score another one – no – the archenemy at this point in
time cologne they definitely look dead and buried
so they better do something quick otherwise this is going to turn into a
bloodbath but as night fell and the temperatures dropped the play improved
the fact that it also stopped raining definitely helped as all the skaters
skated a lot quicker the passes became a bit more accurate and cologne definitely
need to do something to get themselves into the game again and then this
happens they score finally they actually score third period they actually get a
foothold in the game and they need to score bloody quick and not let
düsseldorf back into the game oh wait hang on this looks like trouble
oh come on boys that was close that was almost a goal and that pretty
much would have been dead and buried if they left that dole in but as time
expires and there’s ninety seconds left on the clock they really really need to
do something to pull it out of the bag and then this happens goal cologne oh my
goodness they’ve actually tied the game with less than 90 seconds on the clock
listen to the crowd yeah we definitely approve of that one
so it’s over time let’s resurface the ice and let’s see
what happens next now the next goal wins and cologne
should have really won the game here they took their chances and
unfortunately they missed Dusseldorf took their chances and unfortunately
they score game over your shadow me as wanted you can’t win them all
unfortunately but it’s been an amazing atmosphere you have to admit this is a
pretty surreal watching an ice hockey game outdoors you get to meet plenty of
fans all of whom are very very lovely and overall I highly recommend that you
do this once in your life if you ever get a chance to do so either here in
Germany or over in the US ok knit I’m sold what do I do
well you’ve got to keep an eye out for tickets they usually play this either
every year or every two years and you can purchase the tickets from the home
team’s website tickets actually not too bad I paid about 40 euros for mine and
that was actually quite a decent seats in the corner if you are going to be
buying stuff like food and souvenirs be prepared to be stuck in a crowd pretty
much like this and believe not that over there is the queue just use the toilet
is there anything else I need to know yes wrap up warm because you’re outside
and you’re outside for a long periods of time it’s freezing so wear plenty of
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hopefully we’ll see you in the next episode so I better do some recording
now before the game starts it actually is an ice hockey
it obviously isn’t Rachel Ninh Ly – – @NinhLyUK