My time at Portland State has meant a lot
to me because it was a time for me to come back home and get a chance to play
in front of my family and just be closer to my family and help my little brother
a lot with school. Graduation means to me that it’s just an accomplishment and a goal
that I set out for myself. I finally get to accomplish it and walk across the
stage. When I walk across the stage today the only thing on my mind is just I did
it and I know my family’s proud of me. What’s next for me is to pursue my
masters and use my one year eligibility to play football. My favorite memory as an athlete here would definitely be when we beat Weaver and I hit the game-winning
shot it was a really far shot and Damian Lillard was in the front row and I kind
of did the Dame Time in front of him. My advice to you, don’t take the time for
granted. It goes by fast so try to enjoy every moment and just have fun.