(L) Hey, what’s up everybody welcome back
these are the Rummy Bears, I’m Rummy Bear Loren (S) I’m Rummy Bear Sarah, (L) and continuing on part three of
our Dark Souls playthrough today we’re doing a different drink than the 99
watermelons I’ve switched to 360 Cola and it’s just a Cola flavored vodka
(S) um, we’re sticking with the same drinking challenge from our previous Dark Souls
playthroughs so every time he dies he has to take a shot. Right so our death
counter is up to one so far from the unfortunate incident we had in the last
episode. I don’t anticipate dying that much during this this episode but I’m
gonna go ahead and take a shot just to start off things with and I’ll give
Sarah a bit of a fair chance of me taking another shot I get a little more
tipsy if I get a little more tipsy during this episode so… (takes a shot) That is weird…that is weird as a weird flavor maybe if it is carbonated it would taste
better but just let the cola the you know the cola flavored like vodkas I’ve
had to start weird (S) kind of like a watered-down flat Cola taste
with alcohol (L) you just imagine flat Coca Cola and then yeah right…so last time we
talked to Solarie and he gave us the white soapstone, which is an online play
item only you can leave a summon sign and then be someone to another world as
a phantom but if you make yourself human and I hollow yourself you can see other
characters usually before boss battles or just sometimes around the world
you’ll see them and then you can summon people back in so that’s the only
advantage of turning yourself human if you’re not doing online play so I might
do that just to just to see if we can encounter anybody you know before a boss
fight or something okay. just love the scenery so much
it’s got a couple dudes up here so I knew that dragon was gonna appear but I
didn’t think that he was would completely kill me yeah so that dragon
that like attacks you earlier kind of flies over and then breathes down on the
bridge but that’s the only way to get across that area so that’s death number
two and another shot for me yeah oh boy all right so you don’t have any more humanity I’m
just gonna have to kind of run through that area again oh we’re over here I think we might as
well do a little more exploring and we’re enough to make the drinking child
do that right something it’ll make like a good 20 minute episode or something I
got a good 5 minute episode because that yeah that’s all it’s gonna be back down that check if this door was
locked last time remember okay that door is locked until I get notice the guy on
the left there just healed these guys trying to get should I uh go after this black knight
right now or should I wait till I’m a little more drunk do it do it what sir
let’s do it Josh go ahead alarums into this open area that I
cleared out sticking out a little room to fight him there is what saying like maybe he
disappeared and went back right – that would have been too easy I also remember like once I started to
sort of get the hang through or the hang that word to hang up playing this thing
okay that’s playing the game and then I managed to get to this area and being
able to fight these guys what’s kind of the second big hump I had to learn all
this and it took me forever to figure out about 3/4 of the way down federal behind him Oh close but not quite when I said yes now he’s dead
see oh yes okay I think that’s somewhat of a rare drop the Black Knight shield
besides actually all right so compared to the heater
she’ll that’s better physical better fire lightning and stability has worse
magic defense but it has the same amount of physical damage or physical only
downside is it needs 16 strength the world effectively which I don’t have
oh shit but I mean it’s one level away so I think I have enough Souls – yeah
see how slow that shield swing is so if I just go level up right now it should
be fine actually do that later and then next time I get to a bonfire I’m gonna
do the level up that’s to Anna for now this is when I might take another shot just have to get past that dragon on the
bridge those guys out there shooting in yeah
Sean I like see there on that leg right there Oh in the knee
I used to be an adventurer like yourself I used to be a hollow like yourself and
then I took an arrow to the knee all right just gotta get past these guys yeah well yeah all the yeah so I get all
their souls that the dragon is until and Here I am back at my original
bonfire I love my strength we’ll have four of four levels right now so my sword scales with see on strength and dexterity so I put
points in a strength or dexterity it should be should be about the same
either way doing a strength one out of my house and
I wanted my Durance I carry more you were hoping I was gonna take a shot
there with a little bit all right so going from here now go
across this bridge and we’re just under the bridge or that dragon was if I had
enough time and I’ll probably do this off-camera but I’ll get enough money to
buy a bunch of arrows and then I’ll buy Oh cut bow and then we’re gonna come
revisit this dragon later I’m not gonna do it right now but will come will come
revisit this dragon later and show you guys something interesting there that’s
not worth much but I still don’t want it to drop off the edge of the cliff kind of sneaked along this edge here show the rats in here avoid getting poisons I really don’t
want to get poisoned off the top of my head though I can’t
remember if you get poison if it’s an immediate death I know if you get cursed
you’d is definitely an immediate death and I think if it’s poison and it’s just
slowly drains your health but I remember having a tough this time with those rats warthog up here hello completely mess no good at judging
distance see if we can get the Warthog without
doesn’t directly fight a minute just for fun that alluring skullet
picked up I’ve never used those items I’m not sure what it causes certain
animals to do so I’m not sure if the word honk will go directly toward the
skull or or what let’s find out I’m kind of hoping that when I throw this skull
that he’s gonna run into the fire and then just kill himself
that’s good that’s my own method for always killing this thing as I’ll just
have him run into the fire and then I’ll kill himself but I’ve never tried to use
like one of these to see what happens oh that was that was an epic failure I
don’t like it oh yeah I don’t want to accidentally
throw it and then run all like accidentally drop off the cliff come on
he is right inside of it try throw another one and then here’s a little
close okay is it yeah he’s running a fire
attack himself yes too much health for that but not to worry I have another
method of of dealing with that guy anyway shake the booty around yeah oh yeah I’ll get screwed if you
could Chester today I’m gonna finish finish him off the rest by myself the last time I had you died in the fire
is like special like it’s not it maybe it’s a special drop or something I
thought so it’s like a special warthog helmet that has like horns on it yeah
well the first the first time I did the playthrough he did drop it so I’m gonna
have to check on that and see if it is a constant drop or not because that’s uh a
real nuisance if it’s not these guys are Guinea but the gang up on
your life do enough damage to take you down individually just pick them off carrying him around on my or a mystery
key which I forget what that a mom I don’t know if it’ll tell me what it
amongst basic prison so purpose of the key is unknown
it’s a mystery as it were a couple more of these drugs fight there’s I thought there’s another item
around here somewhere I don’t think it’s a good large so
decent it’s not a boss battle but just leading
to an area above where we came into that that portion and if I’m good enough I’m not tipsy
enough yet we’ll get the backstab on this night I don’t know why crack a
little that was that was kind of stupid and I’m just gonna grab that does kill
me suck it kind of surprised you didn’t
drop anything though not worth dying for today that’s that’s
for damn sure although I am getting a little thirsty
so maybe I’ll just take another shot anyway getting lucky is there because
I’m kind of thirsty anyway so maybe I’ll just yeah maybe I’ll just take a shot really on the jump there’s some reason
that’s like my it seems like my target launch is not work like if one of the
other guys gets closer to me what damn it thirsty anyways uh I
thought I could go right through those guys and then they blocked me off that’s
kind of stupid but it is Dark Souls so all right but at least we knocked down
the ladder so I don’t have to go around the long way this time and we’re gonna
have to fight the warthog again I did pick up I didn’t check out that new
shield to see you know what it stands for uh no I just a normal night chill so night shield has better magic damage
but much worse fire and a bit less lightning and stability anyway so let’s
take with black nature but night shields a rare drop so I would assume that it
has better up to uh three guests now if I can keep it under five for the next
couple hours last thing I have to do I think I’m just gonna kind of make a
run for it yes like I’ll kill the people that end
up following does I don’t have to worry about them but I was trying to say I
think there’s something wrong how I’m walking on because this guy’s closer to
me what I want my me yeah like switch between the targets
what shit should be doing so I’m something that’s it’s letting me
switch between once in a while but not on demand as I would want it to where I
can just switch back and forth constantly so some things sometimes a
little screwy right now I don’t want the guy way the heck back there Sam here I was trying to walk the guy on
the Left closer to me and it wasn’t let me switch to him and automatically lock
to the guy on the right it’s a bit of knowing I can get used to it but it is
gonna be probably much more problematic during emboss fights or something like
that right through pick up my old souls I just keep running through these guys I know he’s gonna lose interest eventually it’s just me and him now so I might as
well fight maybe I’ll get a drop remember I’m lucky but I like that sound that I’m hearing another lovely bonfire me they go that
way we go downstairs wanna wrap you know that this area is blocked off
for a while and there’s no danger of me running out here so I’m not gonna worry
about it but let’s see what he has to say
it’s sig word hmm or siegmeyer never remember which is which hmm hmm I didn’t
have a awesome turtle sure this yeah I was absorbed in thought I am the big
Meyer of catarina z denying my mistake like up against a wall or a gate I
should say the thing just won’t budge no matter how long I wait siegmeyer still closed still closed
mmm that’s always that’s all they’ve got for
us right now I’ll just go back the other way go find out this lovely sound kind of
wish you could just take the torch off the wall and take it around oh great
like Dark Souls be more like Skyrim and I’m Skyrim be more like duck Souls well
Black Snow must be a new arrival I’m andrée at least our brand store if
they require smithing then speak to me that’s sweet so now we can have some
items so we can repair our stuff reinforce the weapons make them stronger
and we learn to seeing you then be careful out there
thanks Andre what a pal point back in beckons kind of a useless
let’s switch that out with ‘hurrah’ all right well I’m gonna call it for
this episode so I think we’re up to three deaths right now not too many
shots right I know maybe next time well we’ll try to get you more yeah yeah
it’s probably not too interesting as of yet but you know we’re getting there
we’re getting into the juicy parts once they get a little more you know variety
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appreciate you everybody see on the next video see you guys later thanks for
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