>>Hola giugizers and welcome to the 7th instalment of my 21 days Christmas serie We reached the end of the first week and I still haven’t shared a tutorial for a DIY wreath which is unacceptable The Christmas wreath is an absolute must have and this year I thought I’d share an unsual one in fact I created a wreath using embroidery hoops I love to use peculiar supplies on my Christmas wreaths because they will surely be different from all the other ones and this year I tried to share with you some unique and less classic projects If you like this idea too keep watching my tutorial and here is what you’ll need for this project two embroidery hoops in different sizes, some hot glue, some themed decorations, some fake berries, scissors, some ribbon and some iron wire. First of all let’s open the hoops and let’s separate the 2 sections as we will need only the outside section of the bigger one and the inside section of the smaller one. Let’s place the 2 hoops in order to have a connection point in the center and let’s secure them together using some iron wire, like so. Once we created a solid base let’s start decorating it by hot glueing and shaping the fake berries branches like so. Once we’ll be satisfied with the result let’s add the other decorations too I went for a deer that I placed in the middle then I created a bow by folding the ribbon and securing it in the middle with some iron wire, like so. Then I hot glued it over the connection between the fake berries branches As last thing I added some pine cones and acorns on the bow and below the deer Then I decided to glue on some more ribbon, like so. Et voilà, the wreath is done! Here is our embroidery hoops wreath ready to be hanged on the door or offered as a gift I remind you that as usual on my blog you will find more pictures of the finished project together with the supplies list with links to buy them online in case you couldn’t find them in the stores near you and the link to my blogpost is in the downbar as usual, so don’t miss it If you liked this video please give it a thumbs up so that I’ll know leave some comments because I love to read them share it, favourite it and if you haven’t yet subscribe in order not to miss any of the other projects. That’s it for today, the wreath and I are signing off and I’ll see you tomorrow with a new video from the serie, ciao!